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These schools specialize in the highly gifted. Above all, high-performing students feel comfortable here.

place Surname concept
01662 Meissen State high school Sankt Afra * Excellence and excellence promotion, grades 7 to 12
06628 Bad Kosen Pforta State School * Excellence and excellence promotion, grades 9 to 12
17192 Torgelow am See Private boarding school at Torgelow Castle private high-performance high school, grades 5 to 12
56410 Montabaur Landesmusikgymnasium Rheinland-Pfalz Top promotion of musically gifted students, grades 5 to 13
65366 Geisenheim Boarding school Schloss Hansenberg * Upper secondary school, grades 11 to 13
67663 Kaiserslautern State Heinrich Heine High School Elite school of sports, grades 5 to 13
69245 Bammental Private Kurpfalz boarding school (complementary school) Promotion of underachievers, grades 7 to 13
73525 Schwäbisch Gmuend State grammar school for the highly gifted * Excellence and excellence promotion, grades 7 to 12
88682 Salem Castle school Salem private high-performance high school, grades 5 to 13

* Selected by the Karg Foundation as the best grammar schools in terms of support for the highly gifted. The selection focuses on good, tried and tested practice.

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because between talent and giftedness, curious and more conscious should be questioned. The tool of mental activity lies with the m. Perception based and perception in turn has to do with consciousness and inner knowledge how information from the environment is processed with the help of our senses / sensory organs. The question that arises here is which attention should be given special attention to the ability of auditory, synaesthenic and dyslexic perception in the consciousness of a student concerned, because this often refers to high sensitivity? How important is the EQ compared to the IQ in the perception and thought process? There are hardly any special grants for these talents in German schools or they are unaffordable in private schools

1/15/09, 10:08 PM | dikkiedosie | 1 answer

The less gifted unfortunately have the say over the child development of the highly gifted. These children are supposed to grumble uninterestingly easy with social conflicts that are too idle for them! These children do not need the gifted to survive, they are far too clever for that. We, the less gifted, should see that we need the highly gifted!

02/20/10, 09:36 | xy

But you can not only promote high abbots, you also have to focus on the millions of normal talents. With enough practice, even a non-gifted person can do the same.

1/9/09, 7:41 AM | Ulrike

Who will help the gifted child, who sometimes skips two classes and has his high school diploma at 15? Which university is prepared for this? Promotion of talent is important, but if the high schools that want to support particularly gifted and highly gifted children continue to put 32 students in the class, there is no room for individual support.

1/5/09, 4:53 PM | Heinz

At least that’s not what the highly gifted look like. For the most part, they are not nerds and not the brazen, but rather the unadjusted, outsiders, breastfeeding, shy or even the class clowns, the naughty and beaters. Because of the frustration and anger at the lack of understanding of the "normal" Environment favors both reactions: resignation and aggression.

Whether you have an IQ of 130 or higher is often due to the money and the ambition of the parents. My granddaughter certainly only has IQ 50 with common sense, looks very good, is charming, not conceited and popular everywhere. In her profession she has brought it up to the top. Also worth something.

1/5/09, 12:53 PM | baagma

The information that the Ministry of Education of North Rhine-Westphalia does not know the schools that deal with the promotion of gifted people is probably not correct. At least, what the As far as GS is concerned, certain GS are highly gifted in Essen. Location??. Different schools GS & GY have also received the state’s seal of approval, which both ?? depending on the concept ?? For special support and promotional measures at school, the editors note: Yes, this information is actually correct. The Ministry of Culture NRW does not survey which schools offer a funding concept for the highly gifted. At our request it was confirmed once again today: There are neither specially marked "gifted locations", nor a seal of approval for the promotion of gifted people. They mean the seal of approval "Individual support", which is awarded to schools that independently develop very different support concepts for their students. However, this does not mean that, as in other federal states, there are experts in the promotion of the highly gifted at these schools. So far, five schools with the seal of quality ?? Individual support ?? have been awarded awarded: the Kant elementary school, the Bertha Krupp secondary school, the Leibniz high school, the Alfred Krupp high school and the Frida Levy comprehensive school.

05.01.09, 12:46 | SunDowner

What becomes of a gifted child depends on the support from parents and teachers. I am also very gifted (IQ 138) and always had bad grades at school. I was bored there. Later I completed my studies in computer science in 3.5 years, that was ?? my ?? Tempo. High talent must also be recognized in good time.

05.01.09, 12:00 | wolfgang

"300,000 schoolchildren are thus highly gifted in Germany" – I won’t let the bear tie me up! My observation from teaching practice is that too many children don’t even onto Include high school. IQ over 130 – extremely rare!


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