Boat trips in prague on the moldova: 5 good offers

Boat tours Prague

A large proportion of city tourists in Prague make a boat trip on the Vltava. This is now so popular that often dozens of ships are traveling at the same time. The boat trips on the Vltava in Prague differ greatly. There are good and bad deals, expensive and cheap boat tours. On-site in Prague boat trips on the road are offered. One is addressed as a tourist even if you do not want to book a boat trip on the Vltava.

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The offers of tours by boat on the Vltava River in Prague in large and confusing. That’s why we’ve selected 5 good boat tours for you below, which you can book online. These are popular tours that have received very good ratings from participants. Also, the suggested boat trips in Prague are not overpriced. The tours all start at boat launchers near the center of Prague and are easy and quick to reach by public transport.

Prague is a rather cheap city. Even the boat trips are not too expensive, especially since most of the most popular tours including lunch or dinner are offered.

Suggestion 1: Prague City Walk: On foot, by bus and by boat

This is a great city tour in Prague. One sees among other things the old town on foot, it goes up to the castle and one makes a boat trip (1 hour) on the Vltava. Meeting point is on the central Wenceslas Square, also hotel pick-up is possible. Duration of the entire tour about 6.5 hours. You can see almost everything important in Prague. Very popular tour, one of the most booked sightseeing tours in Prague, always good reviews and reviews from participants. >>> More information and booking

Suggestion 2: 3-hour boat trip in the evening with a big buffet and live music

3 hours by boat on the Vltava river with a very good dinner, great music and much more. The view of Prague from the river Vltava is especially beautiful because of the many lights after dark. >>> More information and booking

Suggestion 3: 3-hour boat tour in the evening with jazz music and menu

Similar to proposal 2, but with jazz music (live) and the food (3-course menu) served at the square (3 courses). >>> More information and booking

Suggestion 4: 2-hour boat tour with lunch

If you have no time or desire in the evening, you can book this boat tour with lunch (good buffet). >>> More information and booking

Suggestion 5: Short and inexpensive boat trip on the Vltava in Prague

Short boat tour with the highlights of Prague (duration 45 minutes). Very frequent departures (every hour or more often). You can see many important sights in Prague from the boat. Informative and well done. Inexpensive without food. Departure near central Charles Bridge. >>> More information and booking

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