Boncred experiences – independently researched for her

Boncred experiences - independently researched for her

Boncred experiences

Many people who are looking for a loan without Schufa turn to a credit intermediary. Boncred experiences are very popular.

Especially with difficult financings, as you should already know who to get involved. The well-founded fear of landing with a dubious provider, accompanies the loan search through intermediaries.

Boncred experiences – we researched for you

We understand very well that you are interested in Boncred experiences. Even common sense recommends that you make a loan application, research.

Too many negative reports are on the Internet, in the newspapers and on TV show the practices of certain loan brokers. Nobody should afford the luxury of being careless.

Therefore, we have searched for you on the net in search of Boncred experiences, which we have evaluated. A short explanation of how we worked:

We used posts in relevant forums, official media releases and reviews on customer rating platforms. It was important to us to research independent Boncred experiences.

Experiences to which the provider has no direct influence. Thus customer voices which draw a picture as objective as possible.

For example, experiences that Boncred publishes on his own page did not flow into our rating. Here, the facilitator has the editorial sovereignty, which is why we can not say what is true and what creative design is.

Basic Findings – Boncred works reputable

In principle, the Boncred experiences are quite positive. The sources unanimously report that the intermediary headquartered in Wangen, works seriously.

This means that, for example, there are no dubious practices, such as advance payment or intrusive home visits. Restrictions we found only in the sense that Boncred often urges to complete a residual debt insurance.

The should serve as additional security to the loan. This was always accompanied by the addition that such a step “has a positive effect on the commitment”.

One person, who wanted to borrow 3500 Euro, says that this additional policy costs 37 Euros. If the information is correct, the behavior of the intermediary is at least objectionable.

We have therefore called the credit bank, which allocates 3500 euros without Schufa. Whether someone has an RSV or not, Sigma Kreditbank is not interested.

Other Boncred experiences indicate that the broker is a friend of even offering other financial products related to credit. For example, pension insurance.

However, these would have had no influence on the acceptance or rejection of the loan. Rather, the intermediary was probably above all concerned with being able to do another business.

How are the interest rates??

One of the questions that will interest anyone who asks about Boncred’s experience is: what are the interest rates? First, it should be noted that the intermediary has evidently changed his business practice in this regard.

Reports from the year 2008 describe that at that time still a direct brokerage fee was payable. Experience from the year 2018 to report that the commission is included in the interest rate.

Accordingly expensive then loans without Schufa evidently also from. Anyone who took out a loan from the intermediary reported that more than eleven percent APR was due.

Interest rates were sometimes as high as 16 percent, although this was not foreign credit. These drastic differences are likely to be due to the different credit ratings of individual applicants.

Even people who need a loan without Schufa can finally earn better or worse.


For the loan application with Boncred you need

  • Proof of income for a permanent job
  • To be submitted are the last pay slips and a copy of the employment contract
  • Typically also the bank statements
  • Self-employed and freelancers can also get a loan
  • These must submit the latest income tax returns (at least the last 2) and a current BWA or EÜR
  • When in doubt, a guarantor can help to significantly increase the chances of a loan

Boncred experience on the payout period

Anyone looking for a loan from an intermediary like Boncred is often in a hurry. In many situations, applicants are desperately waiting for their money.

Correspondingly, interested parties often ask how fast the payment will be. Here, the reports differ greatly.

The descriptions we found on the internet agree. There is a consensus that it is by no means quick.

The fastest payoffs we could find reports were two to three weeks. Unfortunately, some past borrowers also said that it can take much longer.

For example, there was talk of seven to eight weeks. To be fair, however, is to mention that the borrowers themselves were not entirely innocent.

They had forgotten to submit documents or did not legitimize themselves through the Postident procedure. Some of Boncred’s e-mails also ended up in the spam folder unnoticed.

So these are avoidable delays, if you know. But you should not expect a lightning loan.

Alternatives to Boncred – apply for credit without Schufa directly

You can also look here for a loan without Schufa. Simply download the original application form.

It enables you to act on your own. However, if there is an alternative “in spite of Schufa or a regular loan, use the online application.

After you submit your data, it evaluates the system. You will immediately receive an acceptance or a rejection.

Afterwards you only have to teach the required documents. Also, print and sign the loan agreement.

We have 20 German banks in the system, from which the money comes. As soon as all documents are available, the lender initiates the payment.

In contrast to the found Boncred experiences this takes on average two to three days. Then you have the money in the account.

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