Bonus booklet with the dentist – bonus program for your health

Bonus booklet with the dentist – bonus program for your health

Still too few insured use the bonus booklet for the dentist. This can be important, because this can save some costs if you go to the dentist on a regular basis.

Use bonus booklet voluntarily

Unfortunately, many legal insured still fail to get a bonus book from the dentist. The regular visit to the dentist is even rewarded by the magazine. Here all visits are registered, which can then make itself noticeable in dentures.

Although the younger generation often does not have major problems with oral hygiene, it often changes as they get older. Therefore, early visit to the dentist is important, even if you do not notice today. For a beautiful smile into old age, a visit to the dentist should be worth it. Of course, this is not fun for most people, but it helps to avoid long-term pain and problems. If there is a reward from the bonus book, then perhaps the visit could be a little more fun.

However, this includes that the visit takes place regularly. Prevention is still better here than losing your teeth prematurely. This does not mean that you have to go to the doctor every two weeks, but once a year, adults over the age of 18 should go there. For children, the visit to the dentist must take place twice a year. This applies to children from the age of 6, until they are 18 years old.

Use the bonus booklet from the dentist something?

The answer is yes. Because the longer you can prove the regular visit, the higher the additional extra subsidy from the health insurance. For example, those who can prove their visit to the dentist for more than five years will receive an additional 20% extra for crowns, bridges or complete dentures as a reward. A patient who has been keeping the notebook for ten years or more will receive 30% extra from the health insurance company.

If you do not have a bonus booklet, you should immediately have one issued by your dentist. It is also no problem to have this completed retrospectively. Based on the patient record, all your regular visits to the dentist can be understood.

In case of loss, a new bonus booklet can be issued by the dentist at any time. The regular examinations made so far can be re-registered. Thus, even after a loss, the bonus book does not cause the bonus to be lost.

Procedure in practice

If a dental crown, bridge or denture allowance is required, the health insurance pays a fixed 50% subsidy. This can be increased as described above by 20 or 30 percent. But attention: That does not mean, that you get back 70 or 80 percent of the bill. Because the extra co-payment refers only to the basic subsidy and not to the entire cost. In practice this means that you have one maximum grant of 65% of the treatment costs. You can further increase this subsidy with a dental supplement insurance.

To apply for the extra grant, you will need to submit the health care and cost plan completed by your dentist to your health insurance with a copy of your completed bonus booklet. You will then receive the confirmation after the examination and can have your necessary treatment done.

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