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  • Balearic Islands
  • Palma de Mallorca from 87 €
  • Ibiza off 474 €

  • Canaries
  • Gran Canaria / Las Palmas off 130 €
  • La Palma / Santa Cruz from 147 €
  • Fuerteventura / Pto. Rosario off 148 €

  • Greek islands
  • Athens off 201 €
  • Corfu / Kerkyra 280 €
  • Rhodes off 308 €

  • Indian Ocean
  • Seychelles / Mahe 721 €
  • Mauritius 722 €
  • Maldives / Male 736 €

  • Dom. republic
  • Samana off 584 €
  • Punta Cana off 697 €
  • Santo Domingo off 857 €

Book cheap flights – on popular routes and from the right airports

A flight does not only create a favored resort, but also the most diverse airports on earth. In Germany, there are many major airports such as Frankfurt Airport or Düsseldorf Airport, but cheap flights also start from smaller airports. When comparing flights, it is appropriate to take a look at various airports in order to tap a really cheap flight. There are also fixed routes, such as Berlin-Cologne and Hamburg-Munich, which should be considered when booking flights. Even if only a large airport, such as Munich Airport, comes into question and brings with it an arrival by car or train – a flight comparison helps to find a plane that is nevertheless cheaper to get there than from the nearby airfield. As many as three or even four different airports must be entered into the screen for the search, for example, when searching for a round trip fork flights. Even that is not complicated with a flight comparison on 12-Travel. The most attractive thing about it: A visit to the airport can also be a pleasure. The “Franz Josef Strauss” – airport in Bavaria’s capital is one of the greatest airports in the world – that is the cheap flying even for free with it.

Flying cheap with cheap airlines

They have been trendy for years – the cheap flights or flights at a low purchase price. Due to privatization and liberalization of airspace, the so-called low-cost airlines, which now offer cheap flights to numerous popular destinations, have emerged. So air travelers can save their travel budget. The low-cost flight enjoys a huge popularity especially with families and city travelers, who spend the saved travel budget preferably on a dream holiday. If you can do without all-inclusive services such as food and drinks, you can travel with a cheap flight Barcelona or other European and worldwide destinations. Even within Germany there is the possibility to fly cheap, flights to Frankfurt, for example, are also often offered by low cost airlines. The motive to buy a cheap flight on a cheap airline can be quite different. Whether for a business appointment, the summer vacation, a weekend trip or to attend special events, such as festivals. Discovering just the right flights is quick and easy, even on low-cost flights with 12-Travel!

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