Book recommendations 2019, ♡

Book recommendations 2019

Book recommendations 2019

I have read a bit again and today a few book recommendations for you. As always, a very colorful mix, because I also have no fixed direction, which I like to read. Books must captivate or inspire me. Before Christmas, I had already presented several books, today I write about which titles I have read in recent weeks.

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Real criminal cases

I do not know if you’re following the case of “Rebecca Reusch” in the press right now, but I’m pretty taken with that. Maybe because I have a daughter who is also 15 years old. As a layman, I’ve often asked myself in this case, how actually such a homicide commission works. And I came across a bestseller of Ingo Thiel, who a few years ago was chief investigator of Soko Mirco. Mirco did not come home one evening, his green bicycle was found along the way. Thiel describes this case from an investigator’s point of view, gives insights into police work and somehow it has reassured me to read this book, because it shows just how little we have lay people and what funds our police are available today when a child disappears. Thiel is very down to earth and somehow totally personable, if you read his words and thoughts. I devoured his book in just one day, because the real criminal cases have totally tied me up. Click here for SOKO in use by Ingo Thiel (Amazon-Partnerlink).

Cooking for everyone

Now we are cooking more and more vegetarian, our big daughter came to us with this request, and since it only meat at most once a week, I feel actually better. Of course, it can also be imagination, but somehow I think less meat is really good for me. My colleague Steffi from the blog Gaumenfreundin has now published a book that is somehow super. No, it’s not a vegetarian cookbook, but I’ve just discovered many simple vegetarian dishes in it. In ONE-POT dishes for the family Steffi reveals quick recipes, for morning, noon, evening, which are fixed from toddler to adult and super delicious. One pot stands for “everything from a pot, a pan or a tin”. Minimal effort with maximum enjoyment. Click here for ONE-POT dishes for the family of Steffi Sinzenich (Amazon-Partnerlink).

Declaration of love for life

If you’ve been following my blog for some time, you also know the story of Ines and Simon (I interviewed Ines here). I really devoured her book “Rock the Sky, My Hero”. I enjoyed reading this book. That may sound weird now, because Ines has lost her husband and father of her children to cancer. What good did her words, side by side, the most beautiful declaration of love I’ve ever read. There is so much love in it – to Simon, to her children, to life.

When Ines writes about getting to know each other, the hours of rocking in the rain.

When she recounts her anxious helplessness or silent loneliness.

When she sits by his bed and remembers every crease, she does not know how long she can see her.

If she remembers that he always wanted to be the protector – and she now protects him.

This book animates, even if I cried a lot. Click here for Rock the Sky, my hero by Ines Gillmeister (Amazon-Partnerlink).

With delicious humor

I’m not traveling as often in the evening as I was a couple of years ago, but sometimes, I’ll wind up getting out of the couch – so to speak. And I’ve never looked back! So too recently when I read Nicole Staudinger’s reading of her new book, “I’ll eat when others eat.” Prelude: Nicole just has a delicious sense of humor – a bit ambiguous in this context, but somehow it fits. We all know, each of us, how it goes with losing weight: less calories, more exercise. Actually, very simple. Are we holding on to it? Nope! Nicole reports mercilessly about her weight-loss attempts, purchases such as the Abflex (which is likely to be a word for teleshopping zappers), and, of course, how she lost 30 kilos.

So to say it with her words: If hunger is not the problem then food is not the answer. Worth reading with laughter: I’ll accept it when others eat! “By Nicole Staudinger (Amazon-Partnerlink)

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