Book South Africa Travel, iwanowski – s

Book South Africa Travel, iwanowski - s

Your trip to South Africa with Ivanowskis

South Africa is as different as a country can possibly be. Whether you want to explore the original wilderness of the North East individually, or get to know and appreciate the cultural diversity of Cape Town, the Rainbow Nation is just waiting to be discovered by you!

Ivanowski’s Travel puts together travel deals that perfectly fit your needs. Camping fans, for example, can explore the country thanks to the good infrastructure with the camper. If you are more interested in a guided tour through the country, you will also find attractive offers here. Also an indiv >

Whether you prefer cheap B’n’B accommodation in Cape Town, plan a romantic getaway in a near-natural lodge or travel to South Africa with a rental car, travel advisors from Iwanowski’s Travel can arrange a personalized quote for you. You have traveled extensively in South Africa many times and sometimes lived there for years. As a result, only the most beautiful accommodations are offered. These all have a personal and private management style, so you feel at home outside of home.

More extensive information about South Africa, Cape Town and the many attractions of the country can be found in the different South Africa travel guides from Iwanowski’s Reisen, which you can order free of charge within Germany.

Safaris in South Africa are something very special and must not be missing on any trip. Be sure to take the chance to observe the “Big Five” lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard in the wild.

South Africa self-drive tours by rental car, for example, take you through the magnificent Kruger National Park. In addition, in other national parks such as the Addo Elephant Park or the Pilanesberg National Park such safaris are “on your own” possible.

Many of the South Africa lodges you will find here are also in private game reserves, the Game Reserves. Under the experienced eye of a guide, you will get into open SUVs and encounter the animals of South Africa up close. The guide gives you additional information about the animals and knows exactly where to find them. In order to make your South Africa safari an unforgettable experience, the staff of Iwanowski’s Reisen will advise you perfectly.

If we have to freeze in Germany, it will be warmer in South Africa: the spring of the southern hemisphere country begins around the middle of September and lasts until the beginning of December. This is also the best time to travel to South Africa as the plants are blooming and the bushes are not that dense at this time. So the “Big Five” can still be seen during your safari.

The summer in South Africa is not only very hot (average temperatures of over 25 degrees with tropical nights), but also very popular. This is because around the Christmas season, the South Africans have holidays and ask themselves many hotels and lodges. The vegetation is especially dense at this time. If you want to experience the South African summer, think of a timely reservation. The same is true for March to May – at this time you will experience an autumnal South Africa, which is a popular destination especially for the Easter holidays.

From May to September, the South African winter finally lasts. At these times, more rainfall and a rather changeable weather in the Cape region can be expected. In the whole country then also lower temperatures prevail (about 15 ° C). At the same time you will also find the best deals for your trip to South Africa and in the north of the country great wildlife viewing is possible.

Quick Overview:

  • December / January / February (summer): hot inland, dense vegetation in the Kruger National Park
  • March / April / May (autumn): good travel time throughout the country
  • June / July / August (winter): the inland highlands are sunny during the day and cold at night; in the Cape it is rainy and cool, sometimes stormy; Good time for wildlife watching as the vegetation is sparse
  • September / October / November (spring): good travel time throughout the country

Climate chart Cape Town

January February March April May June July August September October November December
Max. Temp. (° C) 26 27 25 22 20 18 18 18 19 21 23 25
Min. Temp. (° C) 16 16 14 12 9 8th 7 8th 9 11 13 14
Sunshine hours / day 12 10 9 8th 6 6 6 7 8th 9 10 11
Water temp. (° C) 18 19 19 18 17 16 15 14 15 16 17 18
Rainydays 2 3 4 7 9 10 11 11 7 6 3 2

The ideal travel time for a stay in Cape Town and the Cape Region as well as for the Garden Route of South Africa is between mid-September and April. At this time it is spring to late summer in South Africa. If the holiday in the Cape region is to be integrated into a South Africa round trip, the South African spring and fall are especially recommended, as it can get very hot inland during the African summer.

From mid-December to mid-January is also high season in South Africa: holidays in all schools, many destinations and beaches are crowded, the prices are high and the accommodations for weeks booked in advance. The two weeks at Easter are not recommended in this regard.

For the Garden Route, the best travel times are on the one hand, the time between mid-September and early December, because the plants are blooming and bearable temperatures prevail throughout. On the other hand, the time between mid-January and mid-March, as it is warm (inland but hot) and it rains relatively little.

The winter months (mid-May to early September) are ideal if you want to travel individually and spontaneously, because in the low season pre-bookings are not absolutely necessary and the prices are also cheaper. For sun seekers, this time is of course nothing, it is rather cool and often rains.

Here you will find selected South Africa travel from our diverse range:

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