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The 10 best men’s underpants at a glance.

Shopping underwear in the department store is a horror for you? Then choose a large pack of boxer shorts from our table. The more synthetic or spandex the underpants contain, the more robust they are and go through many washes. But who sensitive skin, you should pay attention to 100% cotton.

A high quality fit does not wrinkle under the suit pants and you always cut a good figure in your job or everyday life without a wear test.

The quality management for our test and comparison procedure is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Boxer shorts comparison
Illustration * Compare winner
Price-performance winner
Model * Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts Snocks boxer shorts Calvin Klein Underwear – 3 Pack – COTTON STRETCH JACK & JONES boxer shorts Lower East Men’s American Boxers 6-Pack Amara Retro Boxer Shorts 8 Pack Head Basic Boxer 4-pack Dstroyed boxer shorts BOSS men’s boxer shorts Merish boxer shorts
at Amazon *
240 reviews 1485 reviews 2,193 reviews 505 reviews 1,361 reviews 61 reviews 708 reviews 1144 reviews 429 reviews 1,247 reviews
Price per piece
approx.9.32 €
approx.5.83 €
approx. € 9.30
about € 5.59
approx.4.49 €
about 3.25 €
about 4.16 €
approx.2.86 €
approx. € 11.66
approx.2.86 €
material 100% cotton 95% cotton, 5% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane 100% cotton 95% cotton, 5% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane 95% cotton, 5% elastane
fit fits perfectly in the right places without narrowing slim fit, but still comfortable fits perfectly in the right places without narrowing slim fit, but still comfortable thanks to the waistband, it is stable to wear with a generous fit Leg cut on the thigh, comfortable to wear comfortable, elastic waistband slim fit, but still comfortable slim fit, but still comfortable slim fit, but still comfortable
particularities made entirely of cotton extra long trouser leg wide waistband with company logo very suitable for sports stylish checks, front intervention 8 different designs with a retro look fits perfectly in the right places without narrowing high breathability Noble design with elastic waistband
  • 100 percent cotton content
  • particularly good build quality
  • particularly high breathability
  • elastic waistband
  • very great freedom of movement
  • without constricting elastic band
  • stable seams
  • no discoloration or twisting of the federal government
  • ergonomic comfort
  • very great freedom of movement
  • Elastic waistband sits firmly without pressing
  • > dimensionally and color stable, even after repeated washing
  • does not change color when washed
  • good fit and cut
  • available in a practical 4-pack
  • The boxer shorts still fit well after repeated washing
  • with elastic waistband
  • elastic but not too thin fabric
  • stable seams
  • does not change color when washed
  • particularly high flexibility of the waistband
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Tommy Hilfiger boxers Questions and answers about Snocks boxer shorts Questions and answers about Calvin Klein Underwear – 3-pack – COTTON STRETCH Questions and answers about JACK & JONES boxer shorts Questions and Answers about Lower East Men’s American Boxers 6-Pack Questions and answers about Amara Retro boxer shorts 8-pack Questions and answers about Head Basic Boxer 4-pack Questions and answers about Dstroyed boxer shorts Questions and answers about BOSS men’s boxers Questions and answers about Merish boxers
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  • Boxer shorts are short, additional pants made of cotton or microfiber, which are worn as underpants.
  • Men’s boxer shorts dominate the world of lingerie, although there are also designs for women.
  • They are available with or without intervention.
  • Almost all models have an elastic band on the upper waistband. On the leg cutout, on the other hand, there are variants with rubber cuffs and those without. Depending on whether you want it to be as airy as possible or to have everything under control

In fact, the origin of the underwear classic goes back to a brainstorm by Jacob Golomb, who wanted to give boxers of the 1920s better footwork by using an elastic elastic band. Combined with a bestseller of the 30s, the slip, you had, voila, the boxer shorts. The garment combines the longer, comfortable cut of a pair of shorts with the tightness of the panties, and was finally popularized through a Levis advertisement of the 80s, in which an English photo model wore a white model and looked pretty hot. The young people between us think of David Beckham in Calvin Klein, an advertisement that causes sweats in men and women alike. However, from different establish. Do you look just as casual if you understand six-packs more as a snack in front of the television than as a trained body accessory? Our 2019/2020 boxer comparison has the answers for you.

1. What the best boxer shorts have to do?

The perfect companion for Sunday mornings

In addition to color fastness and long durability of the material, the fit has become the most important purchase criterion in the editorial team’s comparison of boxers. Some love it comfortably and the other quite tight, but everyone wants their sensitive body regions to be packed as well as possible. Otherwise, you may run the risk of being harmed by too much freedom. The intervention that gives access to these regions is also a matter of taste. But surveys show that many men prefer this feature. Brand loyalty like Calvin Klein or Boss can be found particularly in middle-aged men, while teenagers and seniors seem to be rather indifferent to the sight of their bed mates in the early morning. Other categories in the most Boxer shorts tests are comfort, value for money and style. Many shorts can be purchased in practical packs of 2 to 8. The boxer shorts comparison winner of your choice fulfills as many of these criteria as possible, so that you too can find the best boxer shorts. Our buying guide will show you what to look for when buying your boxer shorts.

2. What types of boxers are there??

2.1. The wide

This classic comes in a sporty, casual cut in black, white, red or patterned. These underpants are perfect for at home or under loose-fitting pants. However, we do not recommend these shorts for doing sports or under tight pants, because they can form unsightly bulges of fabric and are not tight enough to "maintain posture" when performing at their best. An interesting article by Stiftung Warentest already exists on the subject of sports underwear.

2.2. The tightness

What is the side intervention in boxer shorts for??
  • There are no limits to your imagination. This nifty extra can make many everyday situations easier for you.
  • The original basic idea was simply to make it easier for modern men to urinate faster (for example in the wild).

This fit is often confused with the so-called "pants" (where the leg cut is much shorter) and is also known as a retro boxer. Very popular with women, the tight shorts, such as cycling shorts, are only behind the other models without intervention in men.

2.3. With intervention

Boxer shorts with engagement are available in all possible fits and colors. Mostly this can be opened with three or four buttons. Sometimes the intervention is simply caused by multi-layer sewn "tabs" in the shorts. Whether monochrome, patterned or classic, your personal boxer shorts comparison winner should neither narrow nor slide down.

Comfort and aestheticsThe common man’s best boxer shorts are those in which he can still feel like a whole man after getting up, at work and at a candlelight dinner with his loved one.

3. Care and cleaning tips

Men’s underpants tests prove that the sporty look is extremely popular

Men’s underwear tests make it clear: Cotton models can usually be washed at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle. For microfiber or please pay attention to the care labels. Normally, however, it is advisable, especially for these fabrics close to the body, to wash with a detergent at 40 to 60 degrees, if possible. This is very important due to the high volume of body fluids, as the Stiftung Warentest has already determined, especially for sports underwear. It is up to you whether you iron your underwear as hot as possible or not. From a hygienic point of view, this makes no difference, since germs or the like have already been removed during the washing cycle.

4. A covenant for life? – What you should pay particular attention to when buying

Practical functionality is an important concept for both young men and best-agers. These articles also did very well in the 2019/2020 boxer comparison, as they meet several criteria and are not too specific. Nevertheless, we always recommend to pay close attention to the fit of the upper elastic waistband, which should be tight but not pinch. By the way, popular boxer shorts tests showed that many men of all ages prefer a sporty underwear design and uncomplicated care at 60 degrees.

5. Known manufacturers of men’s underwear

Manufacturer Summary
Calvin Klein A classic of the modern laundry industry. Testimonials such as David Beckham, Lara Stone and Co. ensure that the manufacturer never loses its timelessly cool image.
Hugo Boss The label stands for sporty chic, tradition and quality without being too intrusive.
Schiesser The material of this manufacturer is characterized by its high cotton content and therefore offers a pleasantly soft wearing comfort.
Lower East American brand, which is known for its classic check style.

6. Questions and answers about boxers

6.1. There are also boxer shorts for women?

The boundaries of the definitions in the underwear universe are blurred. You can find women’s boxers at large laundry manufacturers, but they usually mean cotton panties. There are also pajamas for women, made of satin, for example, which are reminiscent of boxer shorts.

6.2. What type of panties do women like??

As the previous, delightful video shows us impressively, sex appeal is first and foremost a question of inner attitude. Nonetheless, there are preferences and tendencies in the shape and look of the underwear that cause women to forget about their acute migraine attack or, on the contrary, to make it worse.
Surveys like this one on the gentlemen’s blog showed that the plain white brand shorts are still very erotic for the opposite sex. Likewise, wide, single-color or subtly patterned boxers seem seemingly attractive and casual. What causes less enthusiasm for the strong sex are tight thong briefs with high leg openings.

6.3. Why do you often see the boxer shorts peeping out of your pants??

Boxer shorts are often sold in packs with several items.

So-called sagging is extremely popular in hip-hop culture. This means very wide pants (baggy pants) to be worn so low that you can see the waistband of the underpants. If you are interested in getting across like a cool rapper, we do not recommend Snoopy boxer shorts. In the boxer comparison you will surely find an elegant alternative.


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