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Braids, also called Rasta heads, are numerous small braids to which the hair is braided – usually with the involvement of artificial or human hair.
Here, the braids can be braided in different thickness, which has an influence on the durability of the hairstyle.

In general, braids can be worn for about 3 to 4 months.

However, this depends on various factors, including your hair type plays a role. Thin braids also last longer than thick ones due to the tighter braiding. The use of synthetic hair also extends the durability of the hairstyle.

However, if you are prone to headaches you should avoid braids. The fact that the braids are braided very tightly on the scalp, they can promote headaches especially at the beginning. Even with pathological hair loss, no braids should be worn.

Basically, braids are suitable for every hair type.

Cost factors for braids

On average, the costs for braids are between 100, – and 400, – €.

The prices vary depending on the desired length and whether in addition to own hair and other hair for the braids should be used. Synthetic hair is cheaper than thermo fiber hair. However, the most expensive is real hair, but this promises the most natural look.

Braiding thin braids is far more costly than thicker, resulting in a longer working time, which can easily affect the cost again.
Overall, a working time of 6 to 9 hours is not uncommon.

In general, there are two ways to make Braids: First, in a so-called Afroshop or a hairdresser. Especially with a hairdresser but can quickly synonymous from 300, – up to 600, – Euro for your new hairstyle.

Different types of braids

There are different ways to wear braids:

The classic braids or Rastazöpfe are braided as braids. In this case, either only own hair, but often also synthetic, thermofiber or human hair is used to create a denser result. To seal the hair tips, colorless nail polish, a lighter or hot water can be used. After about 3 to 4 months, the braids are reattached.

So-called cornrows are braided directly along the scalp. Here artistic patterns are possible. They can also be combined well with Rasta pots.

Open braids are a form of braids that is often used for hair extensions. These include the Invisible Braids, which are braided so finely that they are hardly perceived as braids.

Similar to the Rasta pens strands of artificial or human hair are intertwined with the own hair, and that is something beyond the Eigenhaarlänge addition. This is to prevent the hair from becoming matted. Subsequently, the hair is not completely braided, but left open.

As a result, open braids offer a gentle alternative to hair extensions, as the braids can also be laminated well.

The right care for your braids

By itself, braids are not a big burden on hair, especially when compared to dreadlocks.

For the care of braids, it is important to avoid friction, otherwise the hair can become matted. Especially when sleeping, you should pay attention. It is therefore recommended to braid the hair before sleeping to a large braid. Under certain circumstances, it makes sense to pull a silk tights over the hairstyle.

The hair should not be washed more than once a week. For shampooing a mild shampoo should be used, which is best foamed first in the hand, then to spread it carefully and without rubbing on the scalp and hair.

In addition, you should not forget that the pigtails many places on the head are exposed and exposed to the sun, which are not used to. Here you should therefore pay attention to appropriate sunscreen.

By the way: Do not be surprised if you lose a lot of hair when opening the braids. This is because every person loses hair every day, but they remain in the braids due to the tight braiding. As a result, the failed hair of several months, which is completely normal.

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