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breast reduction

A reduction of the breasts gives an incredible quality of life. Too big breasts can be a huge burden. We understand this and will help you to feel well and free again.

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All details on breast reduction at a glance

3-4 hours

general anesthesia

1 night in the clinic

from 8,500 €
(Financing Available)

6 weeks special bra

after 2-3 days socially acceptable

Suture removal not required

working after 1-2 weeks

Sports after 2-4 weeks

Healing time approx. 3 months

Final result after 6-12 months

permanently, implants do not need to be replaced

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Finally feel free and carefree

Back pain, postural deformity, tension and skin inflammation in the lower breast crease are common consequences of breasts that are too large. While other women desire an enlargement of the breast, for many other women a breast that is too big has long become torture. Almost daily, we experience how much new quality of life can lead to breast reduction and how it makes physical and psychological problems disappear.

Table of Contents

Video on the course of treatment

Dr. Dr. Andreas Dorow explains in this video the exact procedure of the operation. For your safety and well-being, we inform you comprehensively about every step.

Experts for breast surgery

Our specialist team consists of proven specialists. With every breast surgery you give new quality of life. We master a variety of techniques that allow us to achieve optimum results in a wide range of initial situations. Whether you have extremely large breasts, asymmetrical breasts, large nipples, very sagging breasts, or you need a pre-surgical correction procedure, Dorow Clinic doctors will help you to fulfill your desire. Many years of experience and the mastery of various modern and gentle processes make it possible to help you competently in the most diverse situations.

What happens with a reduction of the breast?

In this video Dr. Dr. Andreas Dorow, how exactly the plastic-surgical operation works. Methods and examples are shown in detail on our Youtube channel Beauty Knowledge.

Details on the reduction surgery

Breast reduction removes excess tissue and simultaneously tightens the breast. We remove excess skin, glandular tissue and fatty tissue. Subsequently, the breast is reshaped by internal sutures and the skin incisions are closed again.

Depending on the size of the breast and amount of skin excess, cuts of different lengths are required. Possible is a cut around the nipple (periareolar), an additional straight cut from the nipple downwards (I-cut) and an additional horizontal cut in the lower breastfold (T-cut).

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We make your dream come true

Too big a breast can seriously affect your self-esteem and physical well-being. Whether looking in the mirror, trying on new clothes, in bikinis, doing sports or in everyday life – we understand that too big a bosom, in addition to physical discomfort, also creates dissatisfaction with the body.

An open consultation, a detailed education and an attentive care is therefore particularly important to us. Dare to ask us all your questions, we are happy to help.

Personal recommendation from our senior physician in Waldshut

When deciding on a breast reduction, it is important that all details are discussed with the patient. From their idea of ​​size and shape to the position of the scars, all other issues such as costs, time and funding should be discussed together. Since an OP is always associated with follow-up appointments, uncomplicated accessibility plays an important role. With a short distance to metropolitan areas such as Zurich, Basel or Schaffhausen, we are the ideal clinic for breast reduction patients from the cantons of Aargau, Zurich, Lucerne and St. Gallen. I am pleased to explain all the details in a personal conversation. Your Christian Fürstenwerth

“Courage is at the beginning of action, happiness in the end.”

What are the scars after breast surgery??

Every surgical procedure leaves traces. See in this video what scars are created when the breasts are reduced and how the scar pattern fades over time. You can find more videos on our channel on Youtube: Beauty Knowledge.

How long does the result last??

A breast reduction brings a lasting result. Especially the newer surgical techniques, such as the method according to Hall-Findlay, achieve significantly better lancet results for the breast form than the earlier methods. Especially the dimensional stability plays an important role. Earlier surgical approaches often led to a lower bottoming out over time. This can no longer happen with the modern methods used by us.

patients votes

Compliment! I have understood and understood you very well. Also with the result I am very satisfied so far and that already after 5 weeks. A highlight for me was also that I had no nausea after the anesthesia and quickly in very good condition was back on my feet. A big compliment to you and your whole team, which is very competent, helpful and friendly. In your clinic you can only feel good.

Anonymous D.N. 45 years from Switzerland on 19.07.2019

I have long had the desire for one breast reduction and became aware of the Dorow Clinic through a friend. The clinic is close to me and that’s why I got an appointment for a consultation. Instead of having to take the long way to a clinic in Freiburg, I found the right doctor for my breast reduction in the Dorow Clinic. Dr. Holdenried looked very nice, competent and uncomplicated. Just like the helpers. All processes were quick and uncomplicated. I like the result very much. Finally I have a nice little breast, as I have always wished me! Everything was well organized and worked well

Anonymous M.Z. unknown years from Geißlingen (D) on 15.04.2019

A very pleasant and competent clinic. Above all, it is a very nice cooperation between boss and staff. Dealing with me and each other was just great. I felt safe and the atmosphere was pleasant. By the Breast Reduction surgery I have less back pain and can move more easily.

Anonymous M.N. 51 years from Lörrach (D) on 10.04.2019

After much thought, my friend recommended the Dorow Clinic. At Dr. Dorow I felt really good. It’s amazing that from now on I have no back and neck pain anymore. I also like that smaller breasts also much better.

Anonymous C.S. 32 years from Basel (CH) on 11.01.2019

What does the breast look like after a reduction??

An operation can be very harmonious and natural results. The results with today’s methods are very natural and long-term stable. Once the correct surgical technique has been selected, accurate planning and removal of excess tissue during the procedure has been carried out accurately, excellent long-term results can be achieved. A variety of other factors such as planning, anesthesia, performing the procedure, post-operative care and follow-up care determine the safety of the operation and the quality of the outcome. You decide how much tissue to remove and what breast size you want.

Before / After pictures for more confidence

Due to German legislation, we are unfortunately not allowed to show before and after pictures of the results on our website. Many patients find it helpful to look at the photos of other patients who have already undergone breast surgery in our consultation. Visit us for a consultation at the Dorow Clinic. We can show you many before-and-after photos and explain exactly which method is best for you.

Physical lightheartedness

Large, well-formed breasts have long been considered a beauty ideal. But too big breasts are no blessing for the woman. A very large and heavy breast can not only be an aesthetic, but also a physical problem.

Too big breasts are often the cause of tension in the neck and shoulder area, headaches or back pain, incisive bra straps and skin problems in the lower breast crease. Many affected women also suffer from restricted mobility and postural disorders. Also, the feeling of being constantly stared at can permanently burden one’s psyche and self-esteem.

Is a breast reduction expensive?

In the Dorow Clinic we inform you in advance about the total expenses of an operation. Watch this video for a summary of Dr. Ing. Dr. Andreas Dorow.

Your specialist for breast reduction

Christian Fürstenwerth

Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

  • Senior Consultant of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Waldshut
  • specializing in breast surgeries and wrinkle injections
  • Expert in toning and breast augmentation
  • responsible for breast reduction patients from Zurich

Dr. Michael Hiller

Specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

  • Senior Physician for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Lörrach
  • Expert in breast surgery and body shaping
  • Swiss specialist in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (FMH)
  • responsible for breast reduction surgery from Basel and Baar (train)

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Worth knowing about the treatment

surgical technique

Breast surgeries are usually performed under general anesthesia by our experienced surgeons. The excess mammary tissue is reduced to the desired volume and the nipple is placed together with the gland upwards. Subsequently, the treating surgeon adjusts the skin coat to the new breast size to achieve the ideal shape of the breast.

Growth phases of the breast

Too big breasts are almost always genetically determined. In some women, the breasts become too big through further growth in the course of life, in other women, the breasts are already too large in adolescence or young adulthood. Unfortunately, women who are not affected often have little understanding of this problem. They do not understand what daily stresses are caused by the big and heavy breasts. Back pain, shoulder tension, severe bra straps and skin inflammation under the breasts are just a few of the physical problems that speak against a completely good sense of life. Doing sports becomes more and more difficult and no fun anymore. Many affected women also suffer from constant prying eyes on their big breasts.

Helps lose weight when breasts are too big?

Contrary to certain advice, e.g. The health insurance helps weight loss, unfortunately, in the rarest cases, because large breasts are genetically determined and almost always remain too strong even with heavy weight loss. Of course, this does not mean that overweight, if it exists, should not be tackled with sport and balanced nutrition. Even if an originally very big breast is getting smaller due to extreme weight loss, it actually only gets emptier and a breast lift is often necessary anyway.

Losing weight is anything but easy for many people and some people can not easily lose weight despite having a healthy diet and sufficient exercise. Especially if the sport is very difficult due to the big breasts.

Can I even afford treatment at the Dorow Clinic??

Do not worry. We offer exceptional service and excellent quality at fair prices. You will not only find our prices and the total costs on our website, but you will also receive a transparent cost estimate before each treatment. Talk to us – we will inform you about the financing possibilities.

Is that possible without cuts?

As already mentioned, sole weight loss is only rarely the solution for breasts that are too large. Since most of the time not only the “content” of the breasts is too large, but also the skin coat, cuts of the skin are also required to adapt the envelope to the smaller content. However, the scars are usually barely visible and no longer disturb patients after the healing period.

For breasts that are already taut and if the desired reduction is only moderate, even breast liposuction alone can give very good results. For very elastic skin there is a good retraction of the skin and thus to a self-tightening of the breast. In such a case, no visible scars are created.

Modern and safe surgical methods

Reducing the breast removes excess breast tissue and tightens the skin. It is the goal on the one hand to achieve a beautiful, harmonious and long-term stable shape and on the other hand to achieve a lot of security for the remaining breast tissue, especially for the nipple. Older surgical methods for breast reduction (eg Mc Kissok, Pitangy, Robbins) have a relatively high risk for circulatory disorders and nipple sensations, especially in very large or very long breasts, do not always achieve beautiful optical results and do not always guarantee the optimal long-term stability. In newer methods, such as the method according to Hall Findlay, the blood circulation of the nipple is very safe and at the same time is achieved by a rotation of the central glandular portion of a very good shape and excellent long-term stability.

Which is the best operation method?

As mentioned above, in most cases we use the Hall-Findlay operation method. Ms. Hall Findlay is a plastic surgeon from Canada specializing in breast surgery. She has authored several standard works on breast surgery and has developed and modified many innovative surgical techniques over many years. With as the first Dr. Nuri Alamuti and dr. Dietmar Scholz from Wiesbaden, who are both well-known in Germany for breast enlargement, have taken over the surgical technique from Mrs. Hall-Findlay. Particular advantages of the highly structured method are its safety and the visually very beautiful and lasting results.

You always have to tighten?

With a reduction, a breast lift is always performed. Cases in which pure liposuction without surgical skin tightening is sufficient are rare (for example, in the case of corrections after breast reduction or after reduction after already performed, insufficient reduction). Too big breasts are almost always too long, the nipples are too far down and often the breasts are too wide. Therefore, a reduction of the chest (skin) is required. Therefore, the modern surgical techniques always represent a combination of breast reduction and breast lift. The extent of the reduction and the tightening can be adjusted individually.

Nipple margin, I or T cut?

Depending on the extent of the reduction and the amount of excess skin, different skin incisions will be required. Basically, it is our experience that it makes no sense to compromise on the shape, just to avoid scarcely visible scars in the lower breast crease. If the breast is to be shortened only a little, then usually a so-called I-cut is sufficient, that means a scar around the nipple and vertically downwards. However, if the breast is very long, an additional horizontal incision in the lower breast crease is almost always required. In some cases, a J-shaped cut may be useful.

nipple reduction

In patients with the desire for smaller breasts is almost always the desire for a reduction of the nipple (the areola). Often there is a diameter of the areola of more than six inches. The ideal diameter is between 38 and 45 millimeters. As a rule, we decide together with the patient on a size of 40 or 42 millimeters.

It is important that the proportions are harmonious after the breast reduction and the nipple size fits the new breast shape. In some cases (e.g., very soft skin), it may be useful to place a nonabsorbable suture around the nipple so that the size of the nipple is permanently stabilized and can not expand over time.

The right size after a breast reduction

Of course, it is very important that the doctor and patient talk in great detail about the desired result and, of course, about the desired size of the breast before surgery. Two factors are very important here: the desire of the patient, how much the breasts should be reduced and the anatomical conditions. In our clinic, the variation width of the removed breast tissue is between 100g and 2kg per side. This shows what different wishes, but also what completely different requirements can be given by certain anatomical conditions in the reduction.

Is a reduction even with extremely large breasts?

Extremely large breasts are a challenge for the surgeon, because performing the procedure is a bit more expensive. Previously, the nipples were often completely removed and then sewn on the new breast again. Nowadays, this practice is as good as no longer practiced. Even reductions with a distance of two kilograms of breast tissue per side can be performed safely without free nipple transplantation. Patients with extremely heavy breasts (Mammamegalie) benefit very much from breast reduction, since the physical discomfort of such patients is usually immense.

A smaller breast through liposuction

Breast reduction through liposuction is a method that we also use in the Dorow Clinic. In certain cases, this method, which produces virtually no visible outer scars, can be very useful. For women who have a relatively tight breast and only want a moderate reduction without scars, this method is ideal. General anesthesia is not absolutely necessary in this operation because it can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. This method may also be useful for patients who already had a surgical breast reduction but wish to further reduce their volume. In particular, if it is no longer possible to find out with which surgical method the breast reduction was performed at that time, liposuction may be the safest choice.

To reduce heavy hanging breasts

In most cases, the breast is tightened in addition to the actual reduction. This means that the breast is also shortened. In particular, the length of the breast and thus the position of the nipple is very disturbing in many patients. The ideal position of the nipple is approximately at the level of the lower breast crease. In large hanging breasts, the distance from the nipple to the lower breast crease is often too long and thus does not look harmonious. The distance should be about 10 cm. Before a breast reduction, all these parameters are accurately determined and the new shape of the breast is planned exactly by the surgeon.

How does liposuction affect the breast shape??

In some women, in addition to large breasts also much excess tissue at the side of the breast. This tissue can be gently and permanently removed by additional liposuction. Thus, the surgical result can be significantly improved in such cases, since the new breast is formed by the additional liposuction much narrower and more beautiful. At the Dorow Clinic, we are very proud that we can offer a very wide range of surgical methods, allowing us to respond to a wide variety of situations individually. The starting situations and the wishes of the patients also vary greatly in breast reduction, which requires an individual approach.

Breast reduction in unequal breasts

Correction after a breast reduction?

One of our priorities is correction surgery. Frequently, we are looking for patients who have had their breasts reduced in another clinic and are dissatisfied with the result. Unpleasant shapes, too large scars, asymmetries or sagging of the breasts are the predominant complaints. In almost all cases, we can help these patients very well and significantly improve the situation. Our wide repertoire of correction techniques such as scar enhancement, liposuction, self-fat tissue repair and a variety of shape corrections help us provide a safe and visually beautiful solution for those patients who are often desperate.


The intensive and detailed consultation is one of the most important points in an operation. It consists of three important steps:

  • Your request: We want to know your wish exactly. It is very important that we take the time to understand exactly what your needs are and what your desired result in terms of shape and size is.
  • The investigation: We take a close look at your situation and physical conditions during the examination in order to be able to advise you specifically on the possibilities and the expected result.
  • Advice: We explain how we assess the situation and what special features should be respected.
  • The treatment proposal: We recommend a treatment method that takes into account your wishes and requirements.
  • ask: We answer all your questions about the procedure, costs, risks, results, behavior after the surgery, etc.


At the beginning of the operation, under anesthesia, we inject a saline solution into the breast tissue containing local anesthetic and adrenaline (tumescent solution). This allows us to achieve significantly less bleeding during surgery because the adrenalin in the solution narrows the blood vessels in the breast tissue. Thus, the blood loss during surgery is reduced to a minimum. In addition, we can operate much more gentle and safer, because the view of the tissue is not blocked by bleeding. The tumescent solution also works against bacteria, which gives us very good protection against infections. After surgery, the pain is also significantly reduced by this method. A positive side effect is also a reduced surgery time. This also reduces the overall burden on your body.

Agreement and care

During the operation several cuts have to be made. They run around the nipple, from the nipple vertically down and across the skin fold directly under the breast. With intensive scar care, for example with silicone gel or moisturizing creams, the scars become narrow and inconspicuous.

Before breast reduction, each patient is advised and examined in detail by our experienced doctors. In addition to the physical conditions, it is important for us to know your very own wishes and expectations. Only then can an optimal result be achieved for you, which gives you more security and lightness again.

Before the operation

Before breast surgery, we always recommend our patients to have a routine breast exam at the gynecologist. Whether a mammogram is necessary or an ultrasound examination is sufficient, decides your gynecologist. If you have no previous medical conditions, no further medical examination by another physician is necessary before the procedure. Should there be a need for further investigation during the consultation, we will point this out to you. It is important that you do not take blood-thinning medication such as Aspirin, ASA or Marcumar within the two weeks prior to the procedure. On the day of the intervention itself you must arrive sober, i. You must not eat for six hours before the procedure and only consume some clear fluid.

Risks in breast reduction

Of course, breast reduction is an intervention that can cause complications. Complications may include rebleeding shortly after the procedure, which may require a small second procedure for hemostasis. These are very rare and occur within the first 24 hours after surgery. Therefore, in the Dorow Clinic, we recommend that our patients spend the first night in our clinic so that they can intervene immediately after a bleeding event. Inflammation can delay wound healing, leading to infections or circulatory disorders. In such cases scarring is often less good. In general, a chest reduction is a very safe procedure, which our specialists perform very frequently and very safely.

The surgery planning

Planning a breast reduction is a very important step in making the surgery very accurate and with a perfect result. The decision for the surgical method is usually already in the consultation. The exact planning and measurement takes place directly before the OP. The breast is precisely measured and all important landmarks and lines are marked. The new position of the nipple and the exact cut is determined, because for a beautiful shape, everything has to be thought of. In order for the later result to meet your needs and suit you well, it is very important that the surgeon specializes in these surgeries and has experience.

Breast changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding

Especially after pregnancies and breastfeeding, very marked changes to the breast often occur. The pregnancy hormones soften the tissue and lighten the skin and connective tissue more easily. The swelling of the breast by the enlargement of the glandular body overstretches the skin and especially with prolonged breastfeeding, this overstretching persists so long that the skin coat is permanently overstretched. In some patients, even after weaning, the enlarged mammary glands do not reform and the breast remains permanently enlarged. This can be particularly stressful if the breast was already very large before.

The op

On the day of surgery, we and the anesthetist will discuss the procedure with you again. Afterwards we mark certain marks with you, so that we have an exact orientation with the OP.

After a gentle induction of anesthesia, the skin in the surgical area is disinfected several times, then the area is covered with sterile cloths. Now the actual procedure begins. The excess breast tissue and the excess skin are removed. Subsequently, the breast is formed with inner seams. The seam is done completely with self-dissolving threads in several layers. Then the compression bra is put on for protection.

After the procedure, wake up gently and be cared for by our friendly nurses and provided with everything you need.

Tightening or reduction?

For some women the aspect of the breast is too big and the skin coat is still tight and not too big. In these patients, a pure breast reduction is often sufficient to restore a beautiful and firm breast. In women whose breast volume is not reduced, but the skin coat is relaxed, a tightening without reduction is sufficient (this is the case when the breast supported in the bra is large enough, but it no longer looks beautiful without support and too much hangs). If the breast is severely slack and in addition to too big, then a combination of tightening and shrinking is often the best choice.

Safety and protection against thrombosis

One of the major risks associated with prolonged anesthesia surgery, such as breast reduction, is thrombosis and pulmonary embolism caused by clots of blood in the leg veins, because the blood is not sufficiently moved during anesthesia. For your safety we apply a special vein pump during and after the anesthesia, which keeps the blood in the legs moving through a cuff that is filled intermittently with air. Recent studies have shown that this significantly reduces the risk of leg vein thrombosis in a natural way. If you have any particular risk factors for thrombosis, such as a congenital blood clotting disorder, we may take additional measures to protect you and your health.

scar care

Already during the treatment itself, we ensure that the scars heal as perfectly as possible with a corresponding careful and exact suture technique and the best suture material. In the further course we cover the scars with special patches and clean them regularly. Panthenol-containing ointment has proven useful for removing the crusts and for early scar care. If the scars are stable and there are no more crusts, we will provide you with a special scar gel, which leads to a particularly good scar healing on silicone gel basis. The rest is done by your body: over the next 12 months the scars fade and become finer. If the scars are not quite optimal after one year, they can be further improved with methods such as a medical needling.

The anesthesia

We perform the breast surgery for reduction in general anesthesia. Today’s very gentle methods of anesthesia are very safe and significantly less stressful than previous methods. Our anesthesia is all performed as TIVA (Total Intravenous Narcosis). No anesthetic gas is used, which was responsible for many side effects of the old forms of anesthesia. To protect the airways, we almost exclusively use so-called laryngeal masks, which cause much less irritation than the conventional breathing tubes (tubes). General anesthesia (intubation anesthesia) has become extremely safe nowadays, so that even in small children anesthesia for dental treatments are used without hesitation.

The result

In our experience, patients can already see a very large increase in quality of life the day after breast reduction. The weight reduction is made e.g. quickly noticeable in an upright gait. Soon you will get used to your new breasts and you will almost forget what it was like before. Our patients tell us that after a few weeks they fully perceive their new breasts as their own and feel very comfortable with them. The final result can be judged after about one year. Until then, the breast will continue to develop. Look forward to fulfilling your long-standing desire for a smaller and beautifully shaped breast.

The overnight stay in our clinic

The first night after you spend in our clinic for your safety. We do not recommend outpatient breast surgery because the first night is still a bit difficult and you can better recover in our care. They are cared for all the time intensively and lovingly by our experienced care team. We make sure that you have as little pain as possible, can sleep comfortably and feel completely well. The next morning, the small drains are removed and we explain in detail what to look out for, what you are allowed to do at home and what not. You will receive the mobile phone numbers from our doctors so that you always have a contact person if you have any questions or complaints. For the next day or the day after, a first follow-up appointment will be arranged.

Carefree in sports and swimming pool

After surgery, the newly gained quality of life is evident in many areas. Our patients report that they can move much more freely and much prefer to do sports. For many women too big breasts is a major barrier to doing sports. Even the visit to the swimming pool is much more pleasant with the new chest. Of course, the shopping of clothes with the new breast shape and breast size is much more pleasant, since the dress size no longer has to be taken into account on the big breast.

Physical complaints such as back pain, shoulder and neck tension and skin inflammation often disappear completely.

Hardly any restrictions after the operation

Breast reductions are not particularly painful procedures. Immediately after the procedure there is hardly any pain. Most patients report only a slight withdrawal lasting about two weeks. Due to the low pain after a mammary reduction, our patients are hardly limited even after the operation. Limitations of movement of the arms, as they are known after breast augmentations do not occur at reductions. Nevertheless, it makes sense that you take about a week off and do not overwork, so as not to impair wound healing.

Costs and prices

Safe and serious breast reduction is associated with a corresponding effort. Therefore, a carefully performed breast reduction by an experienced specialist also has its price.

This includes the costs of the anesthesia, the surgical material, the staff, the overnight stay in the clinic, the special bra and the aftercare. The Dorow Clinic is known for meticulous and high quality breast reduction with excellent results. The price for a breast reduction in our clinic is including all utilities at € 8,500. Our prices are fixed prices (“all-inclusive”). This gives you financial planning security and can make your decision for the procedure relaxed.

The aftercare

We adapt the follow-up appointments flexibly for you, so that the follow-up care is as intensive and careful as possible, but you do not have to drive too often to us. As a rule, we arrange follow-up appointments after about two days, after ten days, after three weeks, after three months and after nine months, more frequently if required, or less frequently if desired. We are available on request and if needed at any time for you.

We’ll explain exactly when you can shower again (usually after two days), work and play sports, and give you care products for the scars. You will receive from us a special silicone gel, which further optimizes scar healing. This should be used twice daily from the third week for six months.

Financing the treatment

At Dorow Clinic, it goes without saying that you can also fund your breast surgery / breast reduction. After a short check, similar to a Schufa request, we can quickly release the possibility of installment payments. Before the surgery, we insist on a down payment of 20 percent of the treatment price for our security.

The installment can be made flexible in principle. Installments of up to six months are even interest-free in the Dorow Clinic. For longer installments, up to 72 months, our partner, the Medical Care Capital (MCC), charges usual interest. Please contact us during the consultation just to the financing, we advise you.

The healing time

After about two weeks you hardly feel any pain. Sometimes individual regions are still sensitive due to the irritation of small cutaneous nerves. You can usually work again after one to two weeks at the latest. Endurance sports after about four weeks and weight training and swimming after three months again without any restrictions.

You should wear the special bra for a total of six weeks. Then you can replace it with a comfortable sports bra. From six weeks after surgery you may wear a normal bra for individual occasions.

Experiences with operating theaters abroad?

The disadvantages of an operation abroad are manifold: the distance and the travel expenses are only two of them. Every day we see the problems of time-pressed surgery, obsolete surgical techniques, inferior materials, risky methods of anesthesia, and lack of aftercare.

“If I had known that there are such great differences and that aftercare is so important, I would have preferred to have the surgery performed in Germany,” patients are often annoyed after a failed breast surgery abroad.

Where is Dorow Clinic??

The Dorow Clinic in Waldshut-Tiengen, Lörrach and Jestetten is located on the border between Germany and Switzerland. In the combination of dentistry and cosmetic surgery, it is the largest dental and beauty clinic in southern Baden. All locations are by car and train from all over Baden-Württemberg and from all over Switzerland, v.a. from Baden, Zurich, Basel, Lucerne, Bern and Aarau very easy to reach. Six specialized plastic surgeons, eight experienced dentists and a total of over 170 employees are there for you – with extended opening hours from 7 am to 9 pm and our own telephone emergency service around the clock.

Personal recommendation of Dr. med. Dorow

If you are dissatisfied with your breast shape or size, then a reduction by breast surgery is an absolutely legitimate desire.

Find out in detail about the different techniques and methods and get detailed advice – in case of doubt also with several doctors. It is important that the intervention is planned individually and that all parameters are taken into account precisely for analysis and surgical planning. These include your individual situation with position of the nipples, chest shape, breast shape, position of the cervical crease, tissue thickness and many other values.

It is also very important that the surgeon hears you well and understands your wishes exactly and adapts the planning to your wishes.

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