Brecherspitz (m) hike – fantastic mountain on the Spitzingsee

Brecherspitz (1,683 m) – fantastic view pyram >

The Brecherspitz is also part of the summit collection of an Upper Bavarian hiking friend. The Brecherspitz (also called Spitzing) is located in the northern Mangfallgebirge between Schliersee and Spitzingsee and with its height of 1,683 meters, it is a splendid view summit, which we warmly recommend to you.
There are two popular routes for the ascent. Either “hinterrum” over the Spitzingsattel and the Upper Firstalm or from Neuhaus.
We prefer the way over Neuhaus because the one on the one hand and the small and lovingly managed Ankelalm Passing by and the other offers the opportunity to make a small tightrope walk around the “kettle” of Brecherspitzerhebung.

The ascent to Brecherspitz

In glorious sunshine and summertime highs, we start our tour at the train station in Fischhausen / Neuhaus, where our today’s destination of Brecherspitz is clearly signposted.

We follow the signs over the Josefsthal (only a bit through the village and later on your cozy forest road) through the forest straight ahead.

After about 20 minutes walk we reach a fork in the road, where we have the opportunity to reach the Ankel-Alm to Brecherspitz or over the Spitzingsattel. We decide on the first and shorter variant and turn slightly to the right. The forest road is a bit narrow and screwed partly on generous hairpin bends always uphill.

After some time we come out of the shady forest and reach alpine meadows and the Ankel-Alm. Already here the mountain panorama is just fantastic. Mountains as far as the eye can see. gloriously!

A few meters after the pasture, turn left on a mountain trail, past grazing animals always uphill. The effort is worthwhile even on a hot day like today. Because from now on we can enjoy the view of the beautiful Schliersee and it gets even better!

Only a few meters to the top of Brecherspitz is reached and now we have a magnificent panoramic view. From Schliersee via Aiplspitz (O) and Rotwand to Spitzingsee (SO). From there, the view extends even to the Blaubergen and the Karwendel (SW) on to the Tegernsee (NW) and the Tegernsee mountains. madness!

The descent from Brecherspitz with tightrope walk

After a short deserved rest, a narrow ridge leads from the summit over to the Freudenreichkapelle. The wonderful view is preserved almost all the time.

Arrived at the chapel one last time to enjoy the panorama and send a prayer in the sky, because from now on Surefootedness and a head for heights demanded. As already indicated by the black mark. The descent to the Ehard Alm is steep, rocky and slippery (if necessary, pack away sticks and use hands :-)).

From the Ankel-Alm, which is only a few steps away from the Ehard-Alm, we go back down the already well-known forest path into the valley.

Alternatively you can the Brecherspitz also southwest leave via the Freudenreich saddle and over the Freudenreichalm (also delicious!) through the Dürnbachtal back to Neuhaus run

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