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What’s what?

Therapeutic women massage (TFM) is a holistic massage and takes care of body, mind and soul the woman at every stage of her life.

Elements appear from healing work, lymphatic drainage, reflexology work, acupressure, detoxification, relaxation and hormone balance.

TFM promotes health and well-being, gives healing impulses, stimulates the body’s self-healing powers.

It can help with menstrual problems, the desire to have children, hormonal imbalance, menopause

and can also be used during pregnancy.

Creative healing for the musculoskeletal system

This massage technique, like that of the therapeutic female massage, comes from the English doctor Dr. Stephenson and was expanded by the gynecologist Dr. Gowri Motha.

It can be used for a wide variety of complaints and restrictions on the musculoskeletal system.

It can also have a relieving and pain-relieving effect on problems with the entire spine, headache, TMJ problems, MS, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, whiplash, coccyx pain, sciatica, joint pain of the large and small joints, carpal tunnel syndrome, ganglion and many more.


With this massage technique it is assumed that the whole body with its organs is projected on the foot.

Reflexology is one of the complementary methods, it does not suppress symptoms, but regulates and arranges within the framework of the regenerative possibilities of the individual.

It supports the self-healing powers.

Bach flower advice

Bach flower therapy helps on the mental level, can solve fears, helps with grief and worries,

strengthens people, can remove blockages.

Often there is a first step towards change, e.g. B. in addiction, anorexia.

The well-known rescue drops help in acute situations e.g. exams

This therapy is based on 38 natural flower essences and is very easy to use.

Moxibustion or healing with warmth

In traditional Chinese medicine, harmonization and balance form the basis of life energy and human health.

This healing form uses heat in conjunction with a special medicinal plant, the mugwort or Artemesia vulgaris.

Pressed mugwort is lit and brought close to selected acupuncture points, the tissue is comfortably heated.

Moxibustion can help with many disorders on a physical and mental level e.g. for exhaustion, indigestion, pain, after debilitating illnesses or if you want to get back on your feet quickly after a flu.

Bowel cleansing / bowel symbiosis

Countless microorganisms, bacteria that are responsible for one, sit in the intestine healthy Digestion, the intake of vital vitamins and trace elements and the functionality of many other processes in our entire body.

This "good bacteria" form if they a healthy Have a balance, a defensive front against invading foreign germs and pathogens.

80% of our immune cells are also in the intestine, making up a large part of the immune system.

Harmful effects on our intestinal flora can have:

– Taking medication e.g. Antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, cortisone, pain relievers, etc..

– increased consumption due to intestinal diseases e.g. Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, etc..

The intestinal treatment is based on the individual clinical picture and consists of various coordinated measures in which, among other things, reproductive intestinal bacteria are added.

Depending on the severity of the disorder, an intestinal rehabilitation takes 6 to 12 months.

The medi-taping method is a supportive measure and fits into my therapeutic treatment concepts.

It is free of medication and side effects and is based on the properties of the elastic tape material and special investment techniques.

Laughter yoga focuses on laughing for no reason, you don’t need humor, jokes or a comedian.

The exercises are a combination of clapping, stretching, breathing and pantomime. They make us laugh, which makes laughter yoga have many positive effects on the whole body and well-being. The heart, circulation and breathing are stimulated, the blood supply to all abdominal organs is promoted, stress hormones are broken down, happiness hormones are formed and the immune system is strengthened.

Laughter yoga is suitable for ages 3 to 100, for everyone who likes to laugh and for anyone who has forgotten how to do it. Give it a try: in small groups at your home, in companies, kindergartens, schools, in my practice


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