Brighten teeth with natural ingredients

Brighten teeth with natural ingredients

Brighten teeth with natural remedies

White teeth make a smile shine much better. Read here which natural remedies can help you.

Even before you can solve a problem, you should always take a look at the causes. Ideally, they can then be avoided directly. So what makes teeth darker over time and what external influences lead to unsightly discoloration? In fact, there are three areas involved: nutrition, oral hygiene and genes. While we simply have to accept the genes, we can influence the other two areas. But what if the child has fallen into the well and discolored the teeth? Here we want to introduce different possibilities for brightening.

The advertising industry promises the best results with various chemical processes. Reduction bleaching, oxidation bleaching, bite splints, gels and many more, some adventurous methods promise a smile like from Hollywood. However, these chemical methods all have risks for the teeth and gums that can not be underestimated. If you choose one of these variants, you should not do it on your own, but consult a specialist. But there are also home remedies that are not harmful to your teeth or body. The effect is less strong, but are quite promising for slight discoloration.

What are the options?

  1. Crisp foods: Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, cucumbers, broccoli, celery or carrots help to gently remove the harmful dental plaque. And if dental plaque can spread undisturbed, it eventually comes to discoloration.
  2. Rinse mouth with water after eating: The point is also aimed at prevention and helps prevent the formation of deposits and thus discoloration. If there is no possibility to brush your teeth after eating, you should at least rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
  3. Foods with natural bleaching ingredients: Some fruits contain bleaching ingredients that can make your teeth lighter. Strawberries, lemons and raisins can be quite effective here. It should not be exaggerated here, because the acids contained can damage the enamel permanently.
  4. Optimal oral hygiene: The teeth should be brushed at least twice a day, each for about 3 minutes. The regular use of dental floss is also beneficial when it comes to stifling discoloration in the proverbial germ.

Home-made home remedies of baking soda, lemon juice, salt and the like should be avoided, however. Although they can provide a temporary brightening after the application, but also damage the teeth tremendously. In the medium term, this leads to reduced enamel and exposed dentin, which in turn is yellowish. Not only does it achieve the opposite, it also damages your own health.

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