Brighton’s little sister: 7 tips for worthing in england

Worthing in England: 7 Tips for Brighton’s Little Sister

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Worthing in England is far less known than neighboring Brighton, but no less interesting. The British Seas >

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Seaside resort Worthing – England by the sea, but in quiet

The fact that I chose Worthing as my summer destination in England was actually more or less due to a coincidence. I was looking for a 10-kilometer running race that would meet the following conditions: a beautiful running track, possibly along the sea, flat (to set a new best time) and a small town around which it would be worth a few days to spend. Bingo: every June the Worthing 10k takes place and I just managed to get one of the last starting positions. With my accommodation I was lucky: a small apartment, which was within walking distance only two minutes from the beach. And the beach, let me tell you, is one of the main attractions in Worthing, so a lot more does not happen here. At least when compared to the famous, fashionable neighbor Brighton. Just because Worthing is smaller, quieter and maybe less exciting than Brighton, it’s the perfect place for a summer vacation in England.

Worthing and the charm of yesteryear

Much of what constitutes Brighton is in vain in Worthing: while Brighton is an Eldorado for party people and a foodie paradise, Worthing is a leisurely approach. On the long beach promenade, in the pubs and tea rooms older people make up a large part of the public. Many of them have always lived here and stayed true to Worthing. In Worthing you can breathe the flair of bygone times in every corner, even if you sometimes need some imagination: many of the historic buildings fell victim to a modernization craze in the late 20th century, including beautiful Victorian mansions. One of these architectural sins is still prominently to be seen primarily by the sea: a gigantic parking garage. Fortunately, there are many beautiful things to look for, whether it’s pretty, colorful houses, well-kept parks, art in public spaces and, of course, the sea and the associated promenade. The “Worthing Evolution” master plan, launched in 2006, is making Worthing more attractive to tourists, residents and business owners. Worthing is still in deep sleep, and is kissed slowly and leisurely. Nonetheless, or perhaps because of that, right now is the best time to spend your summer vacation there. So that you were there before they all came.

7 tips for your perfect summer vacation in Worthing

In Worthing you can do everything you would expect from an English seaside resort. And much more. Worthing surprised me in many ways – and rewarded me with a steady sun and blue sky. No wonder the city is called “Sunny Worthing”: Worthing is in the top 3 of the sunniest places in the UK with nearby Bognor Regis and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight. With the following 7 tips you have guaranteed a good time in Worthing – even if it should rain.

Worthing Tip 1: Sunset at the pier

The pier is of course worth seeing at any time of the day or night. A typical English pier, a little smaller than the pier in Brigthon, but at least as pretty. Completely classic is also the mini-gambling den and the small amusement park around it. Every now and then the one or other bachelor party takes place, but all in all, it is quite civil. Overcrowded, the Worthing Pier is almost never, only in the evening, at sunrise, it is a bit crowded. There, especially at the restaurant on the front part of the pier, the sunsets meet. With a nice drink in hand or an ice cream you can contemplatively observe a very spectacular sunset over the sea.

Worthing Tip 2: Walk or cycle along the beach to Brighton

Why are you supposed to go to Brighton, where Worthing is concerned? Quite simply because the path leads you along the sea almost all the time. Only for a short detour you will be led away from the promenade at Shoreham and have to drive along a street. The bike or running route from Worthing to Brighton is beautiful and takes you past the Widewater Lagoon in Lancing, where you can see plenty of seabirds. At Shoreham you will be guided through the small town with its medieval church before you pass the industrial port. Then it’s back to the beach promenade, where soon Hove extends, where you can already see the characteristic old pier ruin. When you arrive in Brighton at the marina, you can refresh yourself with a drink in one of the many cafes.

Worthing Tip 3: Afternoon Tea in Worthing

A great advantage of a city where there is a larger community of older people: the tradition of afternoon tea is cherished and nurtured. In Worthing you are spoiled for choice in the selection of tearooms. My recommendations for a Tea Time in Worthing are the Palm Court Pavillion at Beach House Park, The Happy Teapot opposite the local library, or if you like ocean views for your afternoon tea, The Dome Vintage Tearoom. Not only for an afternoon tea, but also for great cakes worth a visit to the Orchard Café, there are also one or the other vegan option.

Worthing Tip 4: Sunday roast in the traditional pub

Where we are already eating: no visit to England without Sunday Roast. At least with me. I love the tradition of having a nice Sunday roast in a pub on Sundays, with the usual vegetable side dishes and a lot of dark sauce. If you ask yourself now: “hah, who does not eat meat?” – true. But even in the smallest town in England there is usually no Bohei drum made: there is almost always a vegetarian option in the form of a delicious “Nut Roast.” My Sunday Roast I really enjoyed at The Egremont, including the beautiful ambiance of a traditional pub contributed. Incidentally, there are also often live music and quiz nights – and over 50 different gins. Also recommended for a traditional Sunday Roast is The Rose and Crown Tavern.

Worthing Tip 5: Shop books at Badger’s Books

Badger’s Books in downtown Worthing has catapulted into my top 3 of the finest bookstores in the UK after only five minutes in the store. Why? Books piled to the ceiling, a cat’s own bookshop, and a very friendly and helpful bookseller. At Badger’s Books in Worthing, there are mainly used books and antique postcards and just that very special, comforting feeling that only we bookworms know.

Worthing Tip 6: Watch a movie in one of Britain’s oldest cinemas

The Dome in Worthing is one of the oldest operated cinemas in the UK. The Edwardian building was opened in 1911 by Swiss impresario Carl Adolf Seebold and was originally called “The Kursaal.” The name was program: originally it was used as a health center and at the same time as a place of entertainment. Here you could go roller skating, go to concerts – and the “Electric Theater,” the first public cinema in West Sussex. Today you can watch the latest blockbusters and special shows at The Dome: There’s a parent on Mondays & baby screening, “once a month there is a movie quiz and if you want, you can rent the whole cinema for your birthday.

Worthing Tip 7: Sundowner in the beach bar

Watching the sunset again? Sure, of course! While the sunset at Worthing Pier is rather sophisticated, the atmosphere in the Coast Café des Artistes is almost hippie-like. The Coast is a great example of the perfect symbiosis of art and gastronomy – and its outdoor seating areas by the sea are some of the most beautiful places to watch the sun disappear over the horizon in Worthing.

What else can you do in Worthing?

In Worthing and around there are so many other great activities. West Sussex is ideal if you want to combine seaside holidays with hiking and the conveniences of a seaside town. For example, in Worthing you can follow in the footsteps of Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde, who loved it and spent some time there. For 50p, you can buy a map at the Worthing Museum with various themed trails, the “Worthing Heritage Trails.” When it rains, you can unleash your creative streak in pottery at the Artful Pottery Café. If not, it’s worth taking a trip to the nearby hilly county of South Downs for hiking, taking cream tea, enjoying nature.

What you unfortunately can not do in Worthing anymore

I circled around the little shop three times until I finally dared to enter. Why? Chloe’s antique shop looks a bit like a private living room of an old lady with a passion for porcelain and I was very worried about my finances. Because: the display window display alone was so tempting that I saw my entire travel budget disappear: cups, plates, tea services, vases, coins, cutlery ….

At some point I went in but with the firm intention to buy only a part. I came out with two tea cups and a plate – but could have been worse, because in addition to all sorts of porcelain, there are also vintage jewelry here! In addition the amiable service of the saleswoman, who does the job for 50 (!) Years, although she is not the owner of the business. That was 2017. Unfortunately I had to learn that Chloes is closed forever. I’m curious if there is a successor for the small shop and what happens to the premises. In the retail concept that is lived in Worthing, I have the legitimate hope that there will be no chain store. I keep you updated!

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