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A real toothpaste smile with straight, white teeth most people wish for each other and that is precisely why they are so dissatisfied when they look in the mirror. Many products from the drugstore promise whiter teeth in no time, but they can only be permanently brightened when professionals are at work. What professional teeth whitening and how it works, the dentists Dr. Kassler and Dr. Marali from Osnabrück.

What is tooth whitening?

By consuming tea, coffee, cigarettes and red wine, the teeth stain significantly over many years. With a tooth whitening can they Teeth are whitened again. By bleaching the teeth, the natural shade can be returned shade by shade.

Various methods are used to whiten teeth. At home bleaching, the dentist provides you with dental splints for the upper and lower jaw, which are filled with a bleaching gel. Other home bleaching methods are also popular, but mostly do not lead to satisfactory results.

Opposed to that in-office whitening. A dentist or a dental professional applies a concentrated bleaching agent to the teeth in a whitening studio. This is then activated by light or laser and removes discoloration thoroughly.

Bleaching methods are predominant low-risk and gentle on teeth and gums. They can be repeated up to twice a year. The advantage of a dental whitening is that often in just one session lightened several shades of color can be.

How long do the teeth stay bright white??

You won’t get a bright smile for eternity through the bleaching process, but you can she with Using the right method will produce results that will keep your teeth in the long run appear whiter and lighter. Professional brightening processes promise a radiance for one or even up to two years white teeth.

However, this requires the patient’s cooperation. Because poor cleaning behavior, cigarettes or the consumption of coffee, black tea, red wine and Co. lead to the teeth soon becoming discolored.

Tooth whitening has risks and side effects?

As with any treatment, professional teeth whitening is associated with risks, which are, however, very low. However, should only whitened healthy teeth become. Porous teeth or tooth decay cause the tooth roots to become irritated and the teeth to become more sensitive to pain. The gums can also catch fire easily due to the treatment.

Before treatment, the dentist will ensure that the patient is not allergic to any ingredient. Crowns and fillings, in particular dead and root-treated teeth, are problematic and only change their color when bleaching using special processes.


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