Bringing children to bed late has consequences! I am a mother

"Go to sleep, otherwise you won’t grow anymore!" This is probably one of the most used sentences with which parents try to get their children to bed. But what does psychology say about the consequences that can arise if parents bring the children to bed late?

We give you information about the surprising results of science on sleep. These show that if we Bringing children to bed late, they are more susceptible to various developmental disorders. This is undoubtedly a controversial thesis, but let’s take a closer look at what the research says.

Bringing children to bed late – the scientific view

Are you one of the mothers theirs Bring children to bed late? Maybe it’s that even though you try to get them to bed early and follow a strict routine, they still don’t want to sleep? If that is the case, then it is very likely that your typical morning will be full of groans and moans.

A new and controversial study suggests that early bedtime makes a huge difference in terms of growth and development. These are results that the renowned child psychologist Dr. José Ferreira Belisario is coming.

Accordingly, changes in our habits and lifestyle have a direct impact on our children’s future. They can actually lead to problems like poor concentration, anxiety, and other disorders.

Today it is not always common to put children to bed at 10 p.m.. What emerges according to the study by Dr. Belisario that as a result families are seeing the doctor more and more.

Is it possible to change these habits?

There are sleep patterns that we can influence. But it is important that we understand that this requires nothing less than changing the habits of the whole family. If the rest of the family is still up and active, balk yourself Little ones, of course, much more likely to go to bed. For this reason recommend specialists to start preparing for sleep by turning off the lights in the house.

There is another tip from the doctor: at home or at least in the bedroom white light should be avoided. Instead, yellow light should come into play, because it’s warmer, relaxes us and help like falling asleep.

According to Dr. Belisario is too not a good idea to leave electronic devices on. In his opinion, these are the actual predators that wake us up in the middle of the night.

What’s wrong with getting kids to bed late?

Several scientific studies give the same simple reason for not putting the children to bed late. Most people release growth hormones at 00:30 at night. But only in the fourth phase of sleep.

That means if your child goes to bed at 10, 11 or later, the hormones have much less time to work. This has a negative impact on growth.

Scientists made a comparison within the study. They compared the brains of children who go to bed early to those of children who sleep later. Both then did a math test. The first group completed it well, while the second group only one small Part of it coped well.

It is therefore assumed that children who sleep less or poorly keep less of what they have learned than those who have slept better. In addition, the study found that children who sleep well are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s later than adults.

However, the renowned child psychologist emphasizes that the risk of this disease can be reduced or delayed. Sleep and exercise play key roles here. "The more the better"Says the doctor. The parents should take care of this, that the children start a sport as early as possible.

Surely this is a study that will cause a stir. The issue needs to be discussed and, as always, opinions differ. We at I am a mother want to know: What do you say about the findings of the study?


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