Britta teckentrup: at night when everything is sleeping

A little girl goes on a wonderful journey through the night with her cloth lion. In her dreams she glides through air and water, meets all kinds of animals and is carried by the magic of unconscious rooms. about Britta Teckentrup worked on this picture book for many years. It is a project of the heart, a seduction into the border worlds of the night, in the certainty that you feel safe in your dream.

Picture books by Britta Teckentrup always trigger something in one.

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Invites you to dream and exudes an incredible calm

CONTENT: As a viewer of the picture book, you go on trips with the protagonist at night in her dreams. At her side is her stuffed lion, who accompanies and protects her. Together they fly through the night with the moon. You see how beautiful the world can look from above and feel free. If a storm rises, the lion stays close to the girl’s side so that she doesn’t have to be afraid. They are driven by the waves in the water. And they also like it in the forest with the animals. Nearly a bit of a shame that it will go back soon. But a new day is already waiting for them. OPINION: What a wonderful picture book! As a trained educator, I am always looking for true treasures in the children’s book area. And here I found it again! It is a picture book for children from about 3 years of age, which is ideal for going to bed, provides an incredible calm, invites you to dream and shows how beautiful and exciting the dream world can be and that you can feel quite safe in it can. The pictures immediately appealed to me. Most of them are kept very dark and a lot of dark blues and greens have been used. They create their very own atmosphere, which has something slightly melancholic, but creates an inner calm (very different from the many squeaky-colored books that are otherwise often found on the market). Later, when a new day begins, the colors change and everything becomes brighter. The pictures are printed in large and extend over one or two pages. Some of them look like prints, chalk was also used and everything was combined with digital parts. The bright, large moon acts as a hot air balloon with which the girl floats through the night, what the Stimulates children’s imagination. The many trees radiate security. The picture book contains little text, which means that in addition to the pictures, the few, but very atmospheric words can work well. From time to time there are also difficult words that may need to be explained. The text usually consists of four lines of beautiful rhymes that invite you to dream, at the same time stimulate the children’s joy of speaking and have a calming effect. My only small point of criticism would be that the print version of the pictures comes out a little bit too dark at first, at least if you look at the book in the evening with dimmed light. In the digital reading sample, on the other hand, they are a little brighter, which means that the details come into their own. Still, this picture book has it for me "certain something" and I can only recommend it! CONCLUSION: A wonderful picture book for children from 3 years of age, which is ideally suited before going to bed, conveys an incredible calm, invites you to dream and shows how beautiful and exciting the dream world can be and that you can feel quite safe in it. 4.5 / 5 stars!


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