Broadcare Oral Shower in the test: current oral showers in comparison

Broadcare Oral Shower in the test: current oral showers in comparison

BroadCare Oral Shower in the test

BroadCare Oral Irrigator Review: Read our review of the BroadCare Oral Irrigator here and compare it to other current oral showers.

BroadCare Oral Irrigator – Review

For experienced users of oral showers, BroadCare can be a viable alternative to proven manufacturers’ devices. Beginners, on the other hand, may be better off using another device, as even the sensitive setting produces a very powerful water jet. Read in our test, where else the BroadCare had to leave points.
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Broad Care

The manufacturer BroadCare is for most probably a blank slate, because in contrast to traditional companies such as Braun or Philips, this is a new competitor without much history. As a result, almost nothing is known about the Chinese company and not even a corresponding web presence is available. The only distribution channel seems to be Amazon and so you will find only here the tested oral shower. The has no own type designation, but is sold only under the name of the manufacturer as “BroadCare irrigator”. In addition to the oral irrigator, BroadCare also sells a range of other electrical appliances, such as razors, blood pressure monitors or clinical thermometers. While the quality and workmanship of many Chinese-made products often give cause for criticism, they score for it at least as often with unbeatable prices. So too the BroadCare oral irrigator, which changes hands for just about 30 euros. Which performance and quality is expected here, we test in the test.


The water is not drawn in the BroadCare irrigator via a hose from a station or the tap, but sits in a small tank directly under control. The holds 150 ml and can be easily removed for refilling or for cleaning. The integrated engine generates with around 1,400 pulses per minute a water pressure of 40 to 90 PSI (pounds per square inch), which about 2.8 to 6.3 bar equivalent. The performance can be accessed in three different levels – Normal, Soft and Pulse. While “Normal” is intended for the experienced user and “Soft” for newcomers or even children, the Pulse level is very well suited for gum massage.

The oral irrigator is waterproof and at least it meets the standard IPX7 – so it can handle plenty of water, but should not submerge permanently. The cleaning can be done without hesitation under the tap anyway. The power supply is in control in front of the tank a lithium battery, which can be fully charged in about 8 hours and an LED indicates as soon as a reconnection to the socket is necessary. The nozzle can be rotated 360 ° and should be replaced after about 3 months at the latest. Matching replacement nozzles cost at the time of the test in a pack of 5 around 10 euros.

Test result – strong battery

Immediately after unpacking the BroadCare irrigator dampens all expectations that you might have had until then. This is not even due to a lousy quality of workmanship, because on the whole it is actually fine. Of course it is a case that is made entirely of plastic, a bad impression makes the irrigator in the area but still not. negative The operating instructions are more likely to be the case here, which is available in “German”, but is at least challenging to read. Partly the sentences do not even make sense.

The charging socket at the bottom of the handle is closed with a small plastic cap, which prevents water from entering. It does that too very reliable, the risk of losing the small part sometime in our estimation but unfortunately relatively large. The slip-on nozzles sit very firmly on the irrigator and sometimes seem to tilt almost slightly. Compared to more expensive devices, such as those of Waterpik, the BroadCare falls significantly in the area. It looks less high quality and reliable.

A battery charge has been sufficient in our test for almost 150 minutes of operation, which is quite an impressive value. With a daily service life of 2 minutes at least a wireless operation of significantly more than 2 months is possible. The 150 ml in the tank allow, depending on the selected mode, only 30 to 35 seconds of operation without interruption. Since most of the time in the time probably can not clean the entire dentition, so you have to refill at least once at the tap. Thanks to the removable tank and the good locking mechanism But that is very easy and fast done.

Due to the integrated water tank, the BroadCare irrigator with a weight of just under 500 grams is of course relatively clunky in the hand. However, since the buttons are appropriate, namely in the upper third, where the fingers will land automatically, this is not particularly negative in practice. Another advantage in handling is the fact that the electronics the last used mode noted. So you can always start directly, without first having to choose the right setting again.

A Automatic switch-off becomes active after 2 minutes and switch off the irrigator, you should forget it once and leave it switched on. That should probably happen rarely, but is still a nice feature. The water pressure in the normal mode of BroadCare is actually very strong and does not need to shy away from a comparison with much more expensive competitors. It is a pity in the context, however, that the intended for beginners or generally people with sensitive gums soft mode does not seem particularly soft. Also, the is quite strong and should probably be one or the other too strong.

Test conclusion – a lot of power for little money

With plenty of water pressure, cheap replacement nozzles and last but not least the unbeatable price of barely more than 30 euros, BroadCare provides plenty of arguments with its first oral irrigator. In terms of processing quality and also the operation you have to do it but, unsurprisingly, a few drawbacks.

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