Bronchicum® faq – everything you need to know

Bronchicum® faq - everything you need to know


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What is Bronchicum ®? ?
Bronchicum ® is a herbal medicine for coughing. There are various dosage forms such. Bronchicum® juice, Bronchicum® Elixir, Bronchicum® drops or Bronchicum® thyme lozenges are available.

How does Bronchicum ® work? ?

Bronchicum ® quickly dissolves the mucus and calms the irritated bronchi.

Which active ingredients are included in Bronchicum ®?

The bronchicum ® combination preparations Bronchicum ® Elixir, Bronchicum ® Juice and Bronchicum ® Drops contain a special mixture of the medicinal plants thyme and primrose, which complement each other sensibly and act synergistically.

What are the benefits of Bronchicum ® ?

Bronchicum ® with double plant power of thyme and primrose quickly dissolves the mucus, helps with coughing and so calms the irritated bronchi. Bronchicum ® is purely herbal and very well tolerated. The good tolerability allows the use of Bronchicum ® Elixir already in children from 6 months, Bronchicum ® juice can be used in children from 1 year.

Cough: When to the doctor?

In most cases, coughing is a symptom of influenza infections and can be treated well with appropriate treatment. In some cases, however, a doctor’s visit is advisable – this applies z. For example, if the cough is particularly severe or painful, or if it persists for more than 1 week. Even with yellowish or red dyed expectoration, shortness of breath or fever, a doctor’s visit is advisable. Important: In children and infants, coughing should always be clarified by a doctor

Home remedies for cough – which are really useful?

Not all home remedies for coughing keep what they promise. However, some measures have proven to be complementary to a targeted cough therapy: inhaling has a positive effect on respiratory infections with cough, as well as tea for cough can be a good support.

Is a natural treatment of cough possible?

Yes, selected natural active ingredients have proven effective in cough and bronchitis Proven medicinal herbs for coughing offer the advantage of gentle yet effective treatment. The classics of cough include thyme and primrose, which are particularly effective in combination (in Bronchicum ® Elixir, Bronchicum ® drops and Bronchicum ® juice). In dry cough especially the combination u. a. made of sundew (Monapax ®).

Which Bronchicum ® preparations contain the combination of primrose and thyme?

Combination preparations are Bronchicum® Elixir, Bronchicum® drops and Bronchicum® juice.

What are the benefits of combining thyme and primrose??

The two medicinal plants complement each other and act synergistically.

What effects do thyme and primrose have on coughing??

Both herbs dissolve the mucus in the airways. The ethereal thyme oils thus relieve the onset of cough by promoting the removal and relaxation of the bronchi. The active ingredients from the primrose root dissolve the mucus, promote the removal of the mucus from the respiratory tract and have anti-inflammatory and antiviral (in vitro) effects.

Coughing with the child: when to the doctor?

If the cough does not subside after two days, you should go to the doctor with your child. The same applies if fever, purulent, yellowish or bloody sputum, difficulty breathing and chest pain occur. In infants and toddlers, you should always have health problems checked in advance by a pediatrician.

Which Bronchicum ® preparations are suitable for children?

For the treatment of cough in children Bronchicum ® Elixir (children from 6 months), Bronchicum ® juice (without alcohol and sugar / children from 1 year) and Bronchicum ® drops (children from 6 years) are available.

What to do if kids have a cough?

When children have cough, herbal supplements can help to clear the mucus and promote coughing. Always pay attention to a good compatibility and make sure that the respective preparations are especially suitable for the respective age group. In addition, children with cough should drink enough (eg, still water or tea).

Bronchicum ® is suitable for children?

The Bronchicum ® preparations are very well tolerated herbal medicines. Bronchicum ® Elixir is already suitable for children over 6 months. Bronchicum ® juice can be used in children from 1 year. Bronchicum ® drops as well as and Bronchicum ® thyme lozenges may be used in children from 6 years of age.

Bronchicum ®: Dosage – what to keep in mind?

Unless otherwise prescribed, follow the dosing instructions in the package leaflet. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

Bronchicum ® can also be taken during pregnancy and lactation?
Bronchicum ® should not be used due to insufficient pregnancy and lactation.

Cough: Are home remedies useful?

When coughing home remedies such. As tea or inhalations with steam as a supplement may be useful. In principle, however, a targeted treatment with the aim of an effective mucus solution should be made.

Cough – what to do?

Mucolytic agents help to liquefy the secretions in the airways and facilitate coughing. Herbal ingredients such as thyme and primrose in Bronchicum ® are not only an expectorant, but soothe the irritated bronchi as well. The advantage: The herbal active ingredients provide an effective and at the same time well-tolerated treatment that does not put additional strain on the body.

Cough – what is it?

As part of respiratory infections (eg, colds), the mucous membrane reacts with increased mucus production. Often the secretions are tough, so that the removal from the respiratory tract is no longer optimal – the result is often tight-fitting cough. The problem: The mucus in the airways is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to complications.

Are there any herbal cough remedy and cough suppressants?

Yes, herbal cough removers with a special combination of thyme and primrose (in the combination preparations of Bronchicum ®) have proven particularly effective. Also natural cough suppressants (eg Monapax ®) with good compatibility are available.

When will cough suppressants be used??

Cough suppressants are used in dry cough to relieve the coughing.

When are cough remedy useful?
Cough removers are useful in productive coughing (coughing with phlegm) to release the viscous secretions in the bronchi and aid coughing. The mucus solution plays a central role in the treatment of colds of the respiratory tract and bronchitis.

What is unproductive cough?

As an unproductive cough is a dry cough without mucus ejection (also called “irritating cough“). Irritating cough can z. B. occur in the initial phase of a flu infection.

What is productive cough?

Productive coughing is characterized by coughing with expectoration (mucus). As a rule, a productive cough with mucus develops in the context of influenza infections after the initial cough.

What should be considered with regard to the treatment of cough with sputum and irritable cough?
Cough Removers have expectorant effects and aid in the cessation of respiratory secretions. They are used in productive cough (cough with sputum). Cough suppressants dampen the onset of cough and are therefore used for dry, irritated cough. Basically, it is important that the often tough mucus in the airways is liquefied and transported away.

In which dosage forms is Bronchicum ® available?
In liquid form, the proven cough medicine is available as Bronchicum ® Elixir, Bronchicum ® drops and Bronchicum ® juice. In addition, Bronchicum® Thyme lozenges and Bronchicum® Thyme lozenges are also available.

What advantages does Bronchicum ® have as a herbal remedy for coughing?
Bronchicum ® Elixir, Bronchicum ® Juice and Bronchicum ® drops contain a special combination of the medicinal plants thyme and primrose: in this way the effects of these two medicinal plants complement each other. Bronchicum ® is very well tolerated and pure vegetable.

Cough – what should be considered in the selection?

Cough products with expectorant effects play a key role in colds as they can liquefy the secretions in the airways and facilitate their removal. Herbal ingredients are usually well tolerated and offer the benefits of a natural treatment.

What causes can cough in children?

Children cough relatively often. Basically, this is a protective reflex, z. As dust particles or mucus intermittently from the airways should be promoted. Coughing is common in children with respiratory infections or acute bronchitis. In addition, cough also appears as a symptom of other diseases (eg, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, pseudo-squamous) that require medical attention.

Which Bronchicum ® products are suitable for the treatment of coughs related to influenza, cold or bronchitis in children?

Bronchicum ® Elixir can be used in children as young as 6 months. Bronchicum ® Juice can be used in children over one year and Bronchicum ® drops are suitable for children over 6 years.

Can home remedies help with a cough?

Targeted treatment for coughing is important in order to release the mucus. In addition, certain home remedies may be useful to aid the healing process. Have proven z. B. inhalations with hot steam. Even a warm potato wrap that is placed on the chest can have beneficial effects.

Is a herbal treatment for cough possible?

Yes. Herbal ingredients such as thyme and primrose thyme have an expectorant effect and so calm the irritated bronchi. These tried-and-tested medicinal plants complement each other perfectly well, so that modern combination preparations of Bronchicum ® (eg Bronchicum ® Elixir, Bronchicum ® Saft or Bronchicum ® drops) are particularly recommended.

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