Bronchitis in the child: this is how you can prevent it

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There are actually only two seasons for kindergarten children – those with and those without a cough. And as soon as it starts again, we always ask ourselves the same question: Just dig out the cough syrup and the inhaler with table salt – or do you go to the doctor? As a rule of thumb, the sound of the cough should change within three days – from a dry little cough to a wet cough. That sounds more threatening, but it means that the mucus loosens – a good character.

Bronchitis in the child or pneumonia?

On the other hand, if the cough persists or even occurs with fever, the doctor must clarify whether the child has bronchitis. Red alert is the order of the day when the child looks "really sick", is tired, breathes much faster than usual, complains of chest pain and seems to have difficulty breathing – these can be signs of pneumonia that needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Bronchitis in the child: causes

Chronic bronchitis in the child can be caused by

Children with bronchitis should drink a lot. Warm, unsweetened teas are best suited Photo: Fotolia

Asthmatic bronchitis occurs particularly often in the child on. The reason: summer smog, ozone and oppressive heat cause increased pollution. People with sensitive bronchi in particular suffer because the constant inhalation of pollutants from the Environment pollutes the airways. Children are particularly at risk because they breathe at about the level of the exhaust gases from cars.

This explains the increased risk of chronic respiratory diseases in children. Due to the body’s own defense system, which is not yet so pronounced, pollutants are put away much worse. According to estimates, around two million children in the Federal Republic already suffer from an asthmatic bronchitis.

Bronchitism Prevent child

Even the first coughing attacks must be taken seriously by parents. Now it says to prevent so that chronic bronchitis does not develop in the child. In addition to medication, hydration plays a particularly important role. Only if you drink enough, the stuck mucus can loosen and the cough is easier. Water and warm, unsweetened tea are ideal. Inhaling is also an effective measure for treating bronchitis in children. Homeopathic remedies can also be used as an alternative treatment method. Make sure that no one smokes around the child – this is not only unhealthy, but also damages the mucous membranes at the same time. Make sure that rooms are not overheated and that there is a pleasant level of humidity. To do this, you can hang damp cloths over the radiators and carry out “surge ventilation” at regular intervals.


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