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Brushing teeth – one of the really big issues in everyday family life. At times, many children don’t like brushing their teeth at all, so everyday dental hygiene at home can become a real challenge. Of course, we parents know how important dental care is. We know that inadequate dental hygiene causes caries in the long term and thus also pain. Only our little ones don’t know that yet and it’s hard for them to imagine. That is why we as parents are asked to playfully and above all lovingly and respectfully accompany our children in the dental care routine.

As a rule, children break their teeth little by little from the 6th month. The incisors can almost always be seen first, followed by the canines and molars. However, this is only a rough indication. Humans are so individual and even with teeth it is very different from child to child. Some babies get their first tooth very early, others only a little later. That’s OK. So please don’t worry if your baby is still toothless at 8 months, for example. These first teeth are the milk teeth and later, as we all know, they will fall out again and make room for the permanent teeth. And although the milk teeth are not yet permanent teeth, they must be cleaned and cared for carefully – because the first so-called milk teeth are crucial for the teeth that follow.

It is therefore strongly recommended, brush your teeth twice a day from the first tooth.

And there we are in the middle of the topic. Many children find brushing their teeth stupid and the dental care routine is therefore not uncommon in stress, shouting and power struggle. That’s why today I have a total of 8 tips and tricks, such as brushing teeth for children for fun can be.

First of all, very important:

Brushing children’s teeth:
Brushing teeth is never the solution!

Please never force your children to brush their teeth. Violence should never be the solution, and opening a child’s mouth by force and inserting a toothbrush is really terrible. My midwife said at the time that it felt like "rape" to a child. That made me very sensitive personally. So please, never! open your mouth by force or even become loud and coarse. This disrupts your child’s right to self-determination and shakes trust in you.

I myself know how difficult it can be to convince your child that the teeth just have to be brushed. Anni was always totally motivated and had fun. It was the same with Mimi in the beginning. We were able to brush her teeth and the few tricks I had with Anni from my childhood worked. And then day X came and suddenly everything was different. The fight to brush your teeth was suddenly declared. She just didn’t want it anymore. For weeks we explained, demonstrated, tried to motivate and nothing worked. A fight. At some point we found ourselves at the dentist and the dentist confirmed that everything was ok with her teeth. He understood our concerns and yet he calmed us down. Please never use force and if the child cannot be persuaded to care at all, then not at first. Try further, stay tuned, explain and then it will be fine. We rummaged around a bit and looked for new tips. And you know what, it was actually back. Just as suddenly as our little one refused to do so, she began to enjoy dental care again.

But how can you get your child excited about their daily dental care routine??
It may even be fun to take care of your own teeth?

Yes, it can and I have it with me today Dr.BEST and Odol-med3 Ten simple tips and tricks for you, how it can work better with brushing your teeth.

Brushing teeth in toddlers and children
8 tips & tricks

Cleaning and living together!

Children orient themselves and imitate. We parents in particular are role models and accordingly have a role model function. But to be honest, we rarely clean up with our children. But if you see that mom and dad brush their teeth every day, then at best they will do the same at some point. Therefore, clean with your children in the morning and in the evening. Or take your child to the bathroom when your morning or evening dental care is due.

Picture books on brushing teeth:
"Brush your teeth, pee"

Picture books on the topic can also help.

The book “is highly recommendedBrush your teeth, make a pee“From the why? Why? Why? Junior series. The picture book explains how to brush your teeth without stoking or confusing fears. It is suitable for children from 2 years.

The book is a classicKarius and Baktus". Also very popular. However, I clearly prefer the first booklet. But as I said, it’s a matter of taste.

Brushing your teeth can be fun anywhere,
not just in the bathroom!

A tip that personally helped us out of the misery of brushing teeth: Change the premises. It just didn’t work in the bathroom. Our little daughter sometimes didn’t even want to come to the bathroom if she knew that teeth were being brushed now. So we tried differently.

A small bowl, a glass of water to rinse and the toothbrush on the bedside table by the bed and she had her teeth brushed while listening to a radio play in bed, and even with joy. She was very proud when she was allowed to rinse her mouth in her bed. Cleaning was also sometimes done in the kitchen.

So just try changing the premises. Maybe the couch or the bed, the kitchen or the reading corner is an idea.

Scrub-scrub toothbrush song

The Scrub-scrub toothbrush song is fun and makes brushing your teeth easier. And above all, this song playfully explains the different techniques of brushing teeth to children. With lots of animal fun and catchy tune guaranteed. Mimi loves this song and I suspect that she is not alone there.

It’s worth listening to, maybe this really cute catchy tune will help you too. And I always find it very nice when you find rituals together and maybe the toothbrush song is just the thing for you. Singing, laughing, grooming and brushing teeth properly.

The Schrubb-Schrubb song was developed by Dr.BEST and Odol-med3.

Brush your teeth and look at each other,
very relaxed and playful!

Sit opposite and brush each other’s teeth. You with your child and your child with you. This is also a trick that worked partially well here and was very helpful. Quite relaxed and playful. Ask your child which tooth they would like to have brushed next and tell them where your child can brush again.

Look in the mirror!

A really old trick is looking in the mirror. If your child brushes his teeth and you are allowed to help him, it is nice if he can watch it. That’s how it looks. Your own face, your teeth, your toothbrush and you can watch what it is doing. This takes away fear, it loosens up and makes the whole act of dental care easier to understand.

Communication while cleaning!
Talk to each other or tell funny stories, comment on everything

It can be very helpful if you comment on everything while brushing your teeth. Tells funny or exciting short stories that will make your child laugh. Tells about a small piece of apple that hides behind the molar and just doesn’t want to come out – what crook that you can still get it … Apart from the fact that it relaxes brushing your teeth, it’s also a nice ritual between you.

Two toothbrushes are better than one!

Always helps here: Pick up two toothbrushes directly. One for your child and one with which you can then clean at the same time. It worked really well here. Because often the little ones don’t want to put out the toothbrush they have on hand. Another tip: go with your child Buy toothbrush. Then it can choose a color that it likes and it is the very, very own toothbrush that the child was even allowed to choose. Many children are proud of that.

And now my question to you:

Do you still have tips and tricks not mentioned here? Then gladly bring it with you. I would then add to the article further. Because listening to friends and acquaintances, many know the problem of brushing their teeth.

Win one of three children’s dental care sets
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Just leave me a comment and tell me how you brush your teeth.

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