Brushing teeth for children – so it’ll work

With the breakthrough of the first milk tooth, consistent dental care is on the program: brushing teeth twice a day is the order of the day. This important task is initially taken over by mom or dad, but children can hold the toothbrush themselves at an age of around 2 years. Now a playful approach to first independent attempts at brushing is an advantage. This can be fun, but at the latest when mom or dad want to clean the children’s teeth thoroughly and systematically – and this is essential – the dwarf rebellion often breaks out. The good news: With the right strategy, a large dose of patience and a courageous grip on the parents’ bag of tricks, it also works with stubborn toothbrush refusers. The best tips from the experts for strong children’s teeth – Dr.BEST and Odol-med3 – we have put together for you here.

Of Dr.BEST and Odol-med3 developed: The toothbrush song for children

One thing is certain: a good atmosphere in the bathroom is an important prerequisite for brushing your teeth from the start. Therefore offer Dr.BEST and Odol-med3 motivational toothbrush songs for different age groups. The funny rhymes and catchy melodies not only lift the mood of the toothbrushing novices, but also help you to make a beautiful ritual out of your daily cleaning routine.

The right equipment for small toothbrushing professionals

There are a few things to consider when choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste. Be sure to use a baby toothbrush specially designed to take care of your first teeth. The size of the brush head should be adapted to the small mouth. In addition, soft and rounded bristles are important for thorough, yet gentle cleaning. The child should be able to grasp the handle of the toothbrush so that they can make their first independent attempts to brush their teeth. When choosing children’s toothpaste, always pay attention to an age-appropriate fluoride content. Last but not least, the design of the toothbrush and the taste of the toothpaste for children also play an important role!

Dr.BEST and Odol-med3 offer special baby and children’s toothbrushes and children’s toothpastes that were developed by experts for strong teeth.

First teeth toothbrush

Developed especially for children with the beginning of tooth growth – suitable from the breakthrough of the first milk tooth.

  • Facilitates targeted brushing by parents and supports the child’s first playful brushing attempts.
  • The small brush head with soft, rounded bristles is precisely tailored to the small mouth of a child and the care of the first milk teeth – for thorough but gentle cleaning.
    The proven Special suspension gives way when the pressure is too high and protects the gums.
  • The child-friendly Handle is on the little one Adapted to children’s hands and non-slip.

Milk tooth toothpaste

Specially developed for toddlers aged 0.5 to 5 years. With the triple protection formula for:

  • Strong teeth
  • Healthy gums *
  • Fresh breath

With sugar acid protection ** and age-appropriate fluoride content. ***
Child-friendly, mild mint flavor.

The children’s toothpaste Odol-med3 milk tooth was rated by ÖKO-TEST with the overall rating "very good". #

The best tips: Brush your teeth properly right from the start

The first tooth flashes out – a special moment. This is often the case at around six months of age. Consistent dental care in the form of brushing your teeth twice a day is now a must. Not only is the offspring accustomed to the routine of brushing their teeth, caries can also be prevented at an early stage.

In the beginning, the parents brush the little ones’ teeth, but at the age of about one and a half to two years, when the first motor skills have been developed, the kids can put the toothbrush into the toothbrush themselves hand take and scrub playfully. However, mom or dad always have to check and clean up thoroughly – this is necessary until children are fluent in handwriting, i.e. up to the age of around eight to nine years.

Brushing teeth in babies needs to be learned. There are a few things to consider when choosing a toothbrush and toothpaste. A baby toothbrush with soft bristles and a small brush head should be chosen. Every six to eight weeks, but at the latest after 3 months, it should be replaced with a new one. From the age of around six months, it is recommended to use a baby toothpaste with 500 ppm fluoride once a day – a thin film of toothpaste is sufficient. From the age of two years, brushing with a pea-sized amount of fluoride-containing baby toothpaste should be done twice a day.

By the way: At the beginning you can put your offspring on the changing table to brush your teeth. A little later you can put your little one on your lap to brush your teeth.

Talk about additional fluoride intake – if Her child for example taking fluoride tablets – please with your doctor or dentist.

The Dr.BEST First Teeth Children’s toothbrush was specially developed for children with the beginning of tooth growth and is suitable from the breakthrough of the first milk tooth. The brush head is small and has soft, rounded bristles. This enables thorough and gentle cleaning of the first milk teeth. The proven special suspension yields when the pressure is too high, thus protecting the gums. The handle is child-friendly and non-slip and thus helps to protect the gums from injury.

Odol-med3 milk tooth toothpaste was specially developed for toddlers aged 0.5 to 5 years and should be used from the first tooth. This toothpaste helps prevent tooth decay *. The Odol-med3 milk tooth has an age-appropriate fluoride content ** and has a child-friendly, mild mint taste. ÖKO-TEST rated the children’s toothpaste with the overall rating "very good" *** .

Children are masters of imitation. This also applies to brushing your teeth. So be a good example in this matter too, and naturally show that brushing your teeth twice a day is simply part of the job. Take the offspring to the bathroom and involve them in this routine right from the start. Because what mom and dad can do is always very exciting. Simply put the children’s toothbrush in your hand and have it done yourself – practice makes perfect.

Fun is the best way to stay tuned. Brushing your teeth can be fun too! How about the toothbrush song by Dr.BEST and Odol-med3 for a lot of good mood when cleaning? It’s worth trying it out! Or tell the story of Karius and Baktus, who punch holes in the teeth and fall victim to the end of the toothbrush. Children have a lot of imagination – you should use that.

Also make sure that dental care takes place without time pressure. Because if you get hectic yourself, the offspring will quickly get fidgety.

Last but not least, do not skimp on praise. Young children can get a big round of applause for their first attempts at brushing teeth.

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