Buffet suggestion – relexa hotel berlin

Buffet suggestion - relexa hotel berlin

Buffet suggestion – a small selection

We would like your event to be a success. Our professional meeting and events team wants to ensure a smooth running; you do not have to worry about anything! Please fell to arrange your own buffet selection.

All buffets are from 20 people, any surcharge of 5,00 EUR per person applies.

* Hint for allergy sufferers: Should you have any special dietary requirements or allergies? Or would you like to know more about the used ingredients please contact our staff. In spite of the lack of care, unwanted cross contamination can never be eliminated.

Graved salmon and tinker with cream horseradish
Medium fried roast beef with pickled prunes

Smoked ham with rock melon
Smocked breast of duck with fresh mango
Rocket salad with cherry tomatoes and grated parmesan

Cucumber salad with sour cream and dill
Asian noodle salad
Salad shepherd style with garlic and feta cheese
Corn salad with raspberry dressing and thyme crotons
Creamy soup of red pepper with fried pine nuts
Medium fried filet of pork with mushrooms
Poached filet of salmon with coconut curry sauce
Potatoes au gratin
Roman style tappets
Vegetables of the season

Selection of cheese
Chocolate mousse
Cream of buttermilk and lime
Warm apricot dumplings
Bread and butter

EUR 32,00 per person

Roast beef with sauce Cumberland

Smoked fish platter

Aspic of knuckle of pork with gherkins
Minced pork with leek
Fried herring and a rollmop on iceberg lettuce
Berlin meatball with mustard
Potato salad

Berlin style chicken salad with peas
Tomato salad with leek
Cucumber salad with sour cream
Herring salad with gherkins “Spreewald” style
Potato soup with marjoram
Braised leg of rabbit with juniper jus and fried bacon

Fried pike perch with tarragon cream
Mixed rice
Mashed potatoes
Vegetables of the season

Marzipan flummery Prussian style
Donut Berlin style
Red fruit jelly compote
Assortment of cheese
Rye bread roll and lard
Bread and butter

€ 38,00 per person

Tomatoes with mozzarella cheese and fresh basil

Tuscany bread salad

Rocket salad with parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes

Salad of tortellini with pecorino and fresh herbs

Salads of kidney beans, tuna and garlic

Serrano ham with marinated prunes

Fried roast beef with sauce Cumberland

Smoked salmon wrapped in crêpe and fresh cress

Variation of smoked fish with mustard and dill sauce

Filet of trout with vinaigrette of lime and tarragon

Cream of pepper with tortilla chips

in sage and garlic braised breast of poulard

Fried salmon fillet on tomato and olive ragout

Potatoes with garlic and lemon

Orecchiette noodle with cherry tomatoes and rocket salad

Panna cotta with fruit jelly

Iced fruit salad with Marsala

Cream of ameritini with almonds

Semolina flummery of chocolat

€ 37,00 per person

Sharp cream soup of corn and curry

Marinated tuna with salad of green asparagus

Glass noodle salad with roasted vegetables and prawns

Chinese cabbage salad in yogurt and mint dressing

Chicken satay with mango chutney in cashew coat

Cauliflower in poppy vinaigrette with smokes tofu and young shoots

Maki of tomato and swiss chard with sesame dip

Glazed pork belly on beetroot relish and ginger mousse

Young spinach in lemon grass marinade with roasted shiitake and quail egg

In Szechwan pepper Fried halibut on black beans

Veal goulash with crayfish in coconut coriander cream

Tilted saffron noodles

Chili sautéed bamboo and sugar pod

Sorbet of Basil on warm kumquats ragout

Mousse of cinnamon and cardamom with pecan nut

Banana pancake with white coconut-chocolate foam

Parfait of green tea with pomegranate caramel

Cream of tonka bean with plum jelly

EUR 52.00 per person

Tomato-lemon grass soup

Iced cucumber-ginger shooter

Three kinds of tureen of peppers

Wild cabbage sald with raspberry vinaigrette

Mediterranean bread salad

Buffalo mozzarella with carrot tomato pesto

Vegetarian sushi with carrot, tomato and green asparagus

Salad of young spinach with chilli pepper and olive oil vinaigrette, pine nuts and Parmesan cheese

Vegetarian salad of “Leipziger Allerlei” with cashew nuts

Sharp salad of couscous with raisins, jalapenos, fresh mint and goat cream cheese

Choose three main courses from our suggestions:

Vegetable curry with wild rice and coconut

Filled panzarotti with spinach

Saffron risotto with peas, Grana Padano and fresh basil

Tasty pearl barley chili pepper with beans and corn

Baked polenta with fine ratatouille and ricotta

Crème brûlée of pina colada

Choice of French raw milk cheeses with fig mustard

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