Buggy test – comparison 2019 – the best models in comparison

Buggy test & Comparison – The latest models 2018

Find the right buggy for yourself and your child

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Our current buggy recommendations

# preview product price
1 Hauck Sport Buggy, with reclining function look at
2 Safety 1st Peps buggy look at
3 Hauck Shopper Neo II – Buggy look at
4 Child power AVEO BLACK AND WHITE tricycle look at
5 Hauck Rapid 4 buggy look at
6 Sylvanian Families 4533 Twin Baby Carriage, Doll Accessories, Multicolor look at
7 Litetrax 4 sports car look at
8th SONARIN Lightweight stroller, compact travel buggy, one-handed foldable, five point harness, great for. look at
9 Litetrax 4 Air sports car look at
10 Hauck / Duett 2 / sibling / twin buggy / baby bath from birth / convertible to seat unit / seat. look at

Buggy Test – reviews summarized

Below we have one Buggy test wanted for you. There are some dubious providers on the Internet who suggest an alleged test, but this has never happened. Accordingly, it is important for us to receive reviews from reputable providers Stiftung Warentest and Eco test summarize and present for you.

consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest Eco test
Buggy test found? To the test "8 buggies in the test"
To the test
Review report issue 04/2018 01/2016

When is the right time for a change??

  • Your baby should be able to sit down on her own, maybe it will do so in the baby bath
  • It does not just want to lie and looks in the stroller over the edge of the tub
  • The baby should be able to sit for a longer time without problems

If your baby:

  • Sitting in a buggy like a “wet sack” with a crooked back, the spine and muscles are not developed enough and should not be strained
  • do not want to sit (yes, there are such children)
  • can not sit alone for long

… then you should necessarily wait with the purchase.

What to look for when buying a buggy?

A buggy replaces the big and heavy pram, so one of the most important criteria when buying is that it should be possible handy and compact collapsible is, so you can easily take the buggy in the car when it goes further.

If your baby is still in a 0+ baby seat while driving, consider buying a buggy compatible with a baby carrier and getting an adapter if necessary. Some manufacturers already have an adapter included, but these are only on some expensive models like Quinny.

Before buying, find out about the various manufacturers and models, ask friends and acquaintances about their experiences, and read customer reviews and reviews!

Note TÜV badges as the GS mark and the TOX-proof mark, these largely guarantee pollutant-free materials.

On big shopping basket is always an advantage, it can not only small spontaneous purchases are transported, but also extras such. As a toy, the rain covers or the diaper bag.

If you live in the countryside and drive a lot off-road, pneumatic tires or foam-filled rubber wheels are more suitable than plastic tires, because they cushion shocks better so that your baby barely feels them.
If the buggy is mainly used in the city, simple plastic wheels are sufficient.

A sunshade protects your baby from the sun. In addition, the child has more peace and security while taking a nap outdoors.

For tall parents from 1.80 meters, it is advantageous if the slider is adjustable, or the buggy is built from the factory higher, so that no one has to bend down deeply when pushing.
It is also important that the buggy can be opened and closed easily and quickly. Before you buy a buggy, you should try it and fold it in your trunk to see how much space it actually occupies. There should be enough space left for shopping or traveling bags. In addition, the wheels should not be removed every time, so as not to dirty the trunk, you can put in a tarp or an old blanket.

Look for a sturdy steel frame. Steel is rustproof and guarantees a long service life, because rain and dirt can not harm it.

Stiftung Warentest: winner of the 2018 test

Stiftung Warentest took a closer look at 12 buggies for their test.
Nobody received the top grade “very good“. For this, two models scored poorly with the grade.

It was tested in three categories:

  • Child-friendly design
  • handling
  • Safety and durability

At the point Kindgerechte Gestaltung the seat comfort of the buggy was tested. If he has an adjustable backrest and which of the tested models is the most comfortable in lying position?

The handling means the unfolding and folding function, which of the buggies is most comfortable and quickest to open and close? What dimensions does he have when folded? How does the buggy behave on different subfloors??

The final test point, safety and durability, tested a possible pollution level in the materials used, how tip-proof the buggy is and of course the suitability of the brakes.

The three test winners of Stiftung Warentest 2018

  • Joie Litetrax 4 – good (2,2)
  • iCoo Pace good (2,3)
  • ABC Design Mint satisfactory (2,6)

The buggy by Joie convinces with good roadworthiness in off-road and on paved paths. He also scores with a good seating comfort for the child, as well as easy opening and closing. Only the material used is not easy to clean.
The price-performance ratio is right for this buggy, according to Stiftung Warentest in its judgment.

The iCoo Pace also scores points with a comfortable fit and particularly manoeuvrable wheels and the associated lightweight handling. Since this buggy has four small double wheels made of plastic, it is better suited for the city than for the area like its predecessor.

The buggy of the well-known ABC Design line convinces above all by its high slider, which is ideally suited for parents over 1.80 meters. He also has a spacious luggage compartment.

Our 3 buggy buying recommendations:

Buggy Joie Lifetrax 4

One of the most popular buggies is already from the Stiftung Warentest test winner crowned Joie Lifetrax 4. This buggy comes with foam filled wheels, which is great for uneven terrain. The swiveling front wheels can be fixed if necessary. He also has a very convenient one-handed folding mechanism. You can hold your baby in your arms and fold the buggy at the same time – an extra that not many have. This buggy has a sunshade, a safety bar and a footrest. The backrest is 4-way adjustable, so your baby can sleep comfortably while traveling. The Joie has a maximum weight of 15 kg and costs about 170 euros.

Safety 1st Peps

In second place of the Amazon bestseller list is the Safety 1st Peps, a simple shopper with no special bells and whistles for a cheap 28 euros. Despite the simplicity of this buggy, the parents are excited about how to take the customer reviews. They describe it as sturdy and durable.
Above all, it scores with its low weight of only 4.7 kg, a small sun canopy, a 5-point safety belt and an easy-care surface.

BABYCAB seat buggy “Max”

In third place is the BABYCAB seat buggy “Max” for just under 40 euros. This buggy has sprung double wheels made of plastic, which according to the manufacturer are suitable for cobblestones as well as for the terrain. The front wheels are swiveling and can be fixed if necessary.
The seat unit is well padded, the backrest is adjustable and the baby is always well secured by a 5-point harness. In addition, the cheap Max offers a safety bar and a footrest. The frame is made of stainless steel and promises longevity.

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