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A dream of many little boys and girls your own tree house, many adventures are experienced in it. Exciting stories re-enacted, or just hanging out with friends. Whoever had a tree house in childhood knows how much it was worth. A separate area, without parents and then still high up. You are sure to want to fulfill this wish for your child too. What you should pay attention to and what possibilities there are Build tree house, the Experienced You in this guide.

Build a tree house yourself

Nothing works without planning

On tree house that is to be built in a real tree naturally requires a suitable tree. As this is not possible everywhere, it can alternatively be built on stilts, so it is not necessary to do without a tree house without a tree.

The requirements for the tree

The finished tree house with has a weight that should not be underestimated, so the tree should already have a certain size. The trunk diameter should be at least 30cm, better 40cm. Only then can the tree house be safely built on or attached to it. Heavy knots that serve as fixation points are ideal.

The ideal tree species for a tree house are: high fir, oak, maple and beech.

A very common question: How big should the tree house be?? Of course, this mostly depends on the existing tree. The platform for the tree house and the terrace should be around 3 x 3m. If there is not enough space to play, the tree house quickly loses its charm.

A permit for the tree house is necessary?

This is not a joke, you should actually check it out whether you need a permit to build a tree house. For example, there could be a height restriction, but protected trees can also be prohibited for such construction projects. Just play it safe, not that you build for nothing. Simply call your municipality or city administration and inquire at the appropriate office.
Also think of the neighbors

Should be for the sake of neighborhood peace You at All actionism also think of your neighbors, such a tree house gets quite big, maybe it will cast shadows on the terrace or the pool? Maybe it takes away the neighbors’ only unobstructed view? It’s best to talk about your plans over a cool drink.

safety first

Because the whole tree house company in the first place for children is, of course, safety should come first, here are a few tips:

  • As already mentioned, the tree should be of sufficient size. It should also be free of all types of diseases.
  • The height of the tree house is important, it should be between 1.50 and 2 meters (platform height).
  • Make sure that the surface is soft, especially in the area of ​​the stairs. Lawn is ideal, if that doesn’t work, you can use bark mulch to provide a soft surface, so it doesn’t hurt so much when things go wrong in the wild.
  • Be sure to remember the fall protection, this should be at least 75 cm high when using children, the spacing of the rungs should not be more than 10 cm, so no child’s head can pass through there.
  • Windows in the tree house should be so small that no child can climb through them.
  • Make sure that there are no sharp edges anywhere or even screws / nails protrude. When children run wild, injuries cannot be ruled out.
  • You should build at least a stable staircase to get to the tree house.

The wood for the tree house

What is there is often used. Tree house construction is ideal for processing the residues, but there is nothing to be said as long as the wood used has been stored dry. If it is moldy or rotten, it is better to take a new one.

You can find lumber in all sizes and dimensions in the hardware store you trust. Coniferous timber is relatively inexpensive and sufficient for the construction of tree houses. It doesn’t have to be a KvH from the timber trade.

The construction of the tree house

First of all, the “foundation” has to be built, and like any structure, it has to be safe and stable. When building a tree house, the foundation is the platform that is attached to the tree. There are various ways to get them statically stable. Thick branches can be used to attach the platform to additional points.

Additional supports on the floor or on the tree trunk can be used to distribute the loads. But it is also possible to use chains to hang the platform on higher branches. Here you are completely dependent on the conditions of the selected tree.

Once the platform is safely in the tree, half of the work is done. Now the house is being built. How and in what form that is up to your creativity and technical skills, everything is possible from simple to complex. You should make sure that the water can drain off the platform, it is best to leave some air between the individual planks, otherwise mold can quickly develop. The load-bearing capacity of the wood is then in danger.

Also make sure that the roof of the tree house is watertight, the simplest method is a layer of roofing felt, better and optically more beautiful are roof shingles that you nail on.

When the house, the railing and the stairs are finished, it goes to the decoration. The most important feature for every tree house: the flagpole. So little pirates or Indians can raise the flag according to your wishes.

Help the children furnish the Bauhaus in a colorful and practical way. When building, remember that it is a huge adventure to spend the night in the tree house. For this adventure and play in the dark, solar lights are ideal, the solar modules can be easily mounted on the roof, where you can catch enough sunlight during the day.

Paint the tree house

So that the tree house lasts a long time and maybe even the grandchildren can play in it, it is recommended that you treat it with weatherproof paint or glaze. This makes the wood more resistant to weather influences and remains stable for a long time.

The alternative: a playhouse on stilts / stilt house

If the necessary tree, time or simply the manual skills are missing to build a tree house entirely yourself, there is also a possibility. There are many Kits for stilts / children’s playhouses, these can be set up without a tree and come closest to a tree house. Playing in it is at least as cool. The kits are available in all possible sizes and shapes, with slides, climbing ropes, swings, climbing walls and much more.

No special tools are required to set it up and it is much faster than a tree house. What you need are four point foundations, lean concrete and post supports. Then the construction can begin.

Click here to get an overview of the kits.

Conclusion: Building a tree house yourself is a lot of fun and much cooler than hanging out in front of the TV or game console. We wish you lots of fun and good luck.


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