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"Building instructions play house" is a frequently used search term when it comes to wanting to build a house for playing children in their own garden. Of course, the whole thing with building instructions for such a house is a lot easier and saves valuable nerves.

But it is also not impossible to build a wooden play house without building instructions. However, the construction of the playhouse should not take the whole summer and the children will quickly have something exciting to play.

It is therefore definitely advisable to consult such a playhouse building instruction. In addition, of course, everyone is free to redesign one or the other building instructions for a playhouse.

Building instructions play house

You can find some building instructions for playhouses by fourteen different authors on the Internet and on various platforms. On the one hand in the form of classic books, which you can order from Amazon, for example, or purchase from bookstores.

The other, frequently occurring format is now ebooks. These are also available on the one hand from Amazon or from other free ebook exchanges. The practical thing about this format is that the building instructions are very well available on the tablet or mobile phone.

Unfortunately, we could not find any good and recommended play house building instructions that are free of charge during our research.

However, one option could be one of the coveted family expenses & Co to get hold of such a playhouse building instructions was included. For more information, you should contact the magazine’s editorial team.

Building instructions wooden play house

A very good building manual for a wooden stilt house is the ebook "A stilt house for children", which was written by Thomas Schlerf. This book is only available as an ebook, which in the age of Kindle and Ipad can be described as more practical.

On 40 pages it is explained in detail, also for laypersons and step by step, how you can build your own Swedish house on stilts.

If you create the garden play house exactly according to the building instructions for the play house, you have on The End a beautiful 1.80 x 2.45 x 1.60 m with an internal standing height of approximately 1.50 m. Of course you are free to change or expand the house at your own discretion. Just as your children will surely have fun painting the house according to their preferences and decorating us.

The author estimates the cost of the playhouse described to be around € 250 to € 350, depending on the current price situation and the availability of the materials. Get first glimpses of the ebook and Learn more about its content on this page (press back button).

If you want to save yourself the stress of building your own home with the help of a "building instructions for a play house", compare the products from different manufacturers such as the play house Chicco or Smoby, which we present and describe in detail here.

A play house Cheap or used Buy is possible in the offer of online shops or Amazon at a good price. A comparison of the costs shows the advantages of the test winners, for example in price comparison and in test reports. As an alternative to ordering, you can also build it yourself relatively cheaply.


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