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Every garden owner knows that waste is regularly generated. This includes leaves, pruning and other garden waste, which often cannot be disposed of on the compost alone. Burning garden waste is often the easiest way to get rid of the leftovers, but many people don’t know if this is easily possible. In addition, the question remains: when can you burn garden waste??

Regulations for burning garden waste

The legal situation differs in the different federal states. In Saxony, under certain conditions, it is permitted to incinerate garden waste. However, this is only permitted if they cannot be disposed of in any other way. This can be done by composting, plowing in, digging in, shredding, chopping or letting it lie. Alternatively, if possible, a disposal facility (e.g. recycling center) must be used. If there is none or if it is too far away, you can burn. However, this only applies to waste from non-commercial properties and contains a whole range of framework conditions that must be met.

There are garden fires in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg or Lower Saxony, with a few exceptions, forbidden. In any case, it should be noted that the regulations vary not only from state to state, but also from municipality to municipality. If you are unsure, you should ask the responsible regulatory office.

Burning garden waste is only allowed under certain conditions.

When is it allowed to burn garden waste??

If burning is permitted, this is only allowed on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. and only happen for a short time. In most cases allowed to No auxiliary tools or other additives are used to incinerate garden waste. In addition, the burning of garden waste is not all year round, but usually only in April and October allowed. Laws often not only provide a time frame, but also determine the maximum height and width of the pile to be burned and whether the fire must be lit in a fire basket or a fireplace, for example. The upper limit for the size of the pile is very rarely more than one meter.

Be considerate and beware of flying sparks

Respect for neighbors is particularly important. Always make sure that there is no excessive smoke or unpleasant smell. The neighbor has the right to stop the garden waste from burning if he feels harassed. In addition, there is no risk of fire due to uncontrolled flying sparks. Therefore, a legally prescribed minimum distance from possible flammable objects must be observed. At the edge of the forest or even in the forest, you must not burn your garden waste.

The burning of such garden waste should be avoided nowadays.

Burn leaves – the public order office informs

No matter whether you want to burn tree pruning, weeds or leaves, you should first carefully inform yourself about the laws applicable in the respective city. A call to the responsible regulatory office saves a lot of trouble. Many cities and towns also issue leaflets that answer the question of where to go with plant waste and green waste.

Burn alternatives to garden waste

Basically, before burning garden waste, you should consider whether there are alternatives. Tree pruning and foliage, for example, can be used as a nesting site for birds or as a winter home for hedgehogs. In addition, many garden waste in shredded state serves as an excellent mulch and can be used for fertile soils. This use of garden waste has some advantages and is above all ecological. In addition, the organic material can be adequately reused in this way.

While it used to be common practice to incinerate garden waste, the amount of pollutants in smoke and the increasing levels of particulate matter are now considered too harmful. Therefore, the burning of garden waste is now in the most Cases prohibited.


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