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Info about Baby Tea

Price and quality differences

Baby tea is generally available everywhere. In the meantime, many baby brands even sell their own products that stand for quality. Of course, parents can rely on it, but they don’t necessarily have to. If you buy a high-quality tea, you can easily concentrate on real tea brands. These are much cheaper than special baby teas, but just as good.

Organic teas should be, because they are made without pesticides. Since babies react even more strongly to toxins, it is important to take a close look at this point. Only the best for the offspring who can grow big and strong with healthy varieties.

Where to buy the baby tea?

Loose tea is particularly effective, especially if it is fennel or chamomile tea. It is available in tea shops, drugstores, pharmacies and large supermarkets. Of course, many types of tea can also be ordered online. If you need an enormous quantity, you can get away with it even cheaper on the web.


Baby teas are mostly used as thirst quenchers, but some varieties also help to reduce abdominal pain. Of course, many teas can also be used for colds, fever and other aches and pains. The baby teas soothe the baby and are partially anti-inflammatory. If this is the case, parents should always consult a good paediatrician in advance about which tea they recommend.

Health-promoting substances in baby tea

It depends on which tea it is. Chamomile tea, for example, inhibits inflammation. That is why it is also suitable as a bath if the baby has skin problems. Of course, this variety is also ideal for colds and fever.

Fennel again, helps with digestive problems, flatulence and intestinal problems. Babies who suffer from colic should always be given fennel tea in between because it reduces colic. Aniseed and caraway tea have a similar effect and are also suitable for babies.

Rooibos provides the necessary nutrient supply. It contains

  • vitamin C
  • potassium
  • calcium
  • minerals
  • flavonoids

Fruit teas are ideal for babies in winter because they give warmth and strength to the child. They are ideal as thirst-quenchers and the various fruits also provide vitamins. Apples, forest fruits and orange teas are particularly well known. Here you only have to make sure that the teas do not contain too much sugar.

For whom is baby tea suitable?

Baby teas can of course be drunk by all other people as they are not specifically baby teas. What is good for a child is also ideal for adults. Baby teas are generally suitable from the third week onwards. Pregnant women also benefit from the calmed teas.

Applications Baby Tea

Baby teas are basically suitable as thirst quenchers in between. In addition to breast milk, tea is an ideal addition because it is healthy and calms in a natural way. Baby tea is ideal especially for the three months of colic because it calms the tummy. If the first teeth come, tea is again in the advantage, because it relieves the pain a little and inhibits inflammations. Various types of tea are also used for sleep disorders because they really relax.

Is there anything to consider with the tea?

Babies should not drink tea too early because they may reject healthy breast milk. It is therefore advisable to start with tea only when it has a health benefit. As a thirst quencher, the tea should be fed regularly from the fifth month onwards. In addition, only special baby teas can be used because many other types contain caffeine that is unsuitable for children.

Preparation / Recipes

Tea for babies should always be freshly prepared if possible. This is difficult to do on the road, so a good thermos jug that keeps the tea fresh and warm is ideal for trips. A general preparation recommendation does not exist, because each sort has its own variant of it. In general, tea is poured with hot water and it has to brew for a few minutes.

Babies should not brew tea too long, otherwise it becomes too strong. It is advisable to study the leaflet to find out which recommendations are made for each type of tea. In general, the preparation time is halved. If a brewing time of 10 minutes is recommended, it should only be 5 minutes. In addition, the tea must not be too hot when feeding. The recommended temperature is between 26 and 36 degrees Celsius.

When does the baby get to drink tea?

In general, babies can drink tea from the 3rd week, it is only recommended from the second month. As a thirst quencher, tea is not needed for the first few months because breast milk already contains the most important nutrients. Some babies are also confused and refuse the breast after the tea bottle, because a different absorbency is needed here.

Therefore parents should change here carefully or feed tea as an additive. Tea also satisfies the natural hunger, so babies drink less milk afterwards. That’s why it’s a good idea to start with tea only when it’s needed. For example, for severe flatulence. Only when supplementary food is fed may tea be given as a regular meal. Babies who are not breastfed, on the other hand, should be fed tea in the first few weeks because they need more liquids.

Especially in summer, here tea is a good alternative. If the baby has a fever, the fluid intake should also be increased. Here a larger amount of it is even very helpful.


In an earlier edition of the Business Week, baby teas of the brands Alete, Sonnentor, Alnatura, Milupa and Hipp were advertised. The fennel and herbal teas are the most popular, according to a survey conducted by Wirtschaftswoche. Alnatura’s baby tea was very popular at the Rossman drugstore, and parents can find it in the baby department between diapers, hygiene, baby care and baby food on the baby food shelf.

bottom line

Baby tea is ideal for babies, toddlers and adults. They are mainly administered in case of illness, because some types are anti-inflammatory or calm the body from the inside. Complaints are reduced and the baby can sleep better. This is why tea is generally recommended as a supplementary food.

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