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On this website you can find the best Buy basketball shoes. In our test and comparison, there are basketball shoes for men, women, boys and girls including all major top brands such as adidas, Nike and Puma. We also differentiate when buying basketball shoes by price and divide them into three categories: hobby, amateur and professional. The ratings on this website correspond to the average rating of at least 10 verified buyers on Amazon.

Buy basketball shoes by type

With basketball shoes, we primarily differentiate who the basketball shoes are for. We have product descriptions about men’s basketball shoes, women’s basketball shoes and children’s basketball shoes.

Men’s basketball shoes

Here you can see which basketball shoes men particularly like to buy:


from 93.99 euros * from 49.90 euros *

*) Prices can change

Women’s basketball shoes

Here you see which basketball shoes women buy:


Basketball shoes children

Up to a certain size, basketball shoes for children are usually unisex, i.e. for both boys and girls also for girl.

  • blue
  • synthetic fiber
  • blue
  • synthetic fiber

  • Adults
  • White

Buy basketball shoes by price range

We also differentiate basketball shoes by their price and divide the models into different price categories.

Hobby: basketball shoes up to 100 euros

Those who are just starting to play basketball or rarely practice the sport usually don’t want to dig deep and buy expensive basketball shoes. A large investment is not worthwhile, especially for children who are constantly growing and wear their basketball shoes for an average of only one year. That doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want to be the next Dirk Nowitzki. And also: Just because you have the best shoes, you are by no means the best player. There is much more to it &# 128521;

Amateur: basketball shoes up to 200 euros

Thousands of Germans regularly play basketball in their free time. No matter whether on streetball courts, at school or in a club. Basketball has long been one of the most popular sports among teenagers and young adults in Germany. Those who play basketball regularly want reliable footwear that lasts for at least one season and offers a reasonable price-performance ratio. Between 100 and 200 euros there are a lot of good shoes for demanding basketball players.

Professional: basketball shoes from 200 euros

Basketball shoes in the price range from 200 euros are mostly of high quality or have a famous basketball player as their namesake, e.g. the models of the "Air Jordan" series. If your basketball shoes are like a second skin or a daily working tool, you are guaranteed not to look at the price and simply want to buy the best possible basketball shoes. In this “professional” category, professional basketball players will find just as much as enthusiasts with the necessary change.

What to look for when buying basketball shoes?

The peculiarity of basketball shoes compared to other sneakers is theirs height. Since basketball is a very jump-intensive sport in which dynamism and bounce are important, there is an increased risk of injury in the area of ​​the feet. Ankles, ankles and ligaments are particularly at risk. For this reason, the high basketball shoes with their high shaft offer protection for ankles against torn ligaments or worse injuries.

In addition to the high basketball shoes, there are also low basketball shoes that can be called “low" designated. These are similar to normal sneakers as they are worn on the street.

Size and position

Depending on body size, weight, playing style and position, basketball players have other requirements for a shoe. Big basketball players need sturdier shoes with more cushioning than light-footed dribblers.

Aggressive players, who come into play primarily through their strength and bring more weight, are usually looking for maximum stability of the shoes. This type of player should look for high shoes with good padding and lacing. Small, light and fast players, on the other hand, also need light shoes with large ones flexibility. The so-called low-top basketball shoes are recommended here.

It is also a good one damping and upholstery the basketball shoes are useful when jumping to protect the ligaments, tendons, muscles and joints when they arise. Your basketball shoes should be light and cushioned to make you feel good on the court. Pay attention to the details that can make a difference in your game! Foam padding and a padded tongue protect the foot when playing.

New basketball shoes are usually bought with a modern lacing system that ensures this, that the foot and especially the ankle combine a very high level of comfort with stability. The rubber soles ensure control and adhesion on smooth surfaces. A cushioning on the heels absorbs the shocks that occur when jumping and thus protects the entire musculoskeletal system.

Another point to consider when buying basketball shoes is that comfort. Basketball shoes should offer the best grip, but still be comfortable to wear.

It should also be a good one air circulation in the toe area because you sweat a lot in the course of a game and it can quickly become uncomfortable if your feet cannot "breathe". Small holes serve as louvers and ensure that the air reaches the foot and can circulate. This gives you a pleasant and fresh feeling, even when the competition is hot.

Manufacturer of basketball shoes

The first basketball shoes were designed by Spalding in 1907. The market for sneakers grew after the First World War, when sports and athletics became an opportunity to show morality and patriotism. The US market for sneakers grew steadily as boys wanted to buy basketball shoes that basketball player Chuck Taylor advertised for Converse.

Of course, there are many different manufacturers of basketball shoes. The best known include Adidas, Nike and Puma. Thanks to the success of the “Air Jordans”, Nike has been the market leader in the field since the mid-1980s. By collaborating with one of the best basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, Nike has managed to sell basketball shoes on a grand scale. Other sporting goods and shoe manufacturers have followed suit and also developed good basketball shoes. Other well-known manufacturers of basketball shoes are AND1 and Under Armor.

Nike basketball shoes

When you think of Nike basketball shoes, you are bound to get “Jordan basketball shoes” in your head. The most famous series of basketball shoes in the world has been around for almost 30 years. Like no other basketball shoes, the Jordans stand for coolness, comfort and quality. This has its price, but no other shoe deserves it like the Jordan basketball shoes. no wonder that Nike has long held sovereignty in the field of basketball shoes.

ad >The German sporting goods manufacturer from the Franconian town of Herzogenaurach is the only large company to start the fight for the basketball shoe market with Nike. Adidas basketball shoes are characterized by flatter soles than you are used to from competitors from America. This is also due to the material used. For cushioning in the heel area, only ethylene vinyl acetate, or EVA for short, is used in Adidas basketball shoes. It is lighter, more robust and therefore more durable than plastic or synthetic. You are closer to the ground with the Adidas basketball shoes and therefore have a better footing thanks to better grip. Likewise, the adidas basketball shoes are said to have better acceleration characteristics in the first few meters.

Adidas basketball shoes are therefore more recommended for smaller, agile and athletic players. For big, heavy players or People with Good cushioning is particularly important for joint complaints, so they will probably prefer the air cushioning of the Nike basketball shoes.

Buy used basketball shoes on Ebay

If you rarely play basketball or just start playing basketball, you might think about buying used basketball shoes. Ebay could also have a bargain or two in store when it comes to children’s basketball shoes.

Your basketball shoes?

We always try to keep this website up to date. But there are certainly many more good basketball shoes on the market that we have not all been able to test. If you think that your basketball shoe is definitely one of the best, please write us as much information about it and we will test the shoe as soon as possible.

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