Buy children’s pajamas & sleepwear online »jako-o

Buy children's pajamas & sleepwear online »jako-o

sleepwear & Nightwear for children

Boys and girls enjoy maximum comfort in the pajamas for children from JAKO-O. The high-quality nightwear convinces with comfortable cuts, comfortable fabrics and trendy designs. Continue reading.

Pajamas for children in various designs

In the JAKO-O range you can find pajamas for children in different versions. Long pajamas consist of long trousers and a matching long-sleeved top, while short children’s pajamas combine a pair of shorts with a t-shirt or sleeveless top. The pajamas have an elastic waistband; in the long versions, similar to jogging pants, the leg ends are also processed elastically. Does your child want to wear his favorite shirt while sleeping? No problem – short and long pajama pants are also available separately from us. So the kids can put together their own well-being outfit. The children‘s nightwear range also includes pretty and comfortable nightgowns and sleep shirts. Popular with all age groups: overalls are no longer considered baby clothes, but are particularly popular with style-conscious teens. Equipped with a practical zipper, children can spend a long evening in the home theater in the cozy one-piece suits or have an extensive breakfast on Sunday.

Fashionable sleepwear for kids

The designs of our children’s nightwear are just as varied as the cut shapes. Those who like bold colors and high-contrast combinations will find just as much here as fans of soft pastel shades and subtle patterns. Boys and girls like children’s pajamas in stripe designs – be it as delicate stripes or strong block stripes. Polka dot and dot patterns are also among the timeless evergreens of children’s pajamas. Checks in a wide variety of colors look great on woven pajama bottoms and shorts. In addition, at JAKO-O you will find night shirts and sets with countless favorite animals: guarded by lions and horses, dragons and tigers, you can have a restful sleep.

Children’s pajamas made of skin-friendly and comfortable materials

Since children’s sleepwear has direct skin contact, a comfortable material quality and good wearing comfort are crucial in addition to a comfortable cut. In pajamas made of cotton jersey, babies feel just as comfortable as teens: the proven natural fiber scores with high breathability and a soft feel. Cotton is often used in woven quality for nightgowns, trousers and shorts in classic pajama style – the fabric feels a little firmer than jersey, but offers the same skin-friendly wearing properties. While nightwear made of pure cotton is ideal for the warm season, children like to wear pajamas and overalls made of slightly warmer, cozy materials in autumn and winter. Sweatware and microfiber plush ensure fluffy comfort, store body heat and are therefore ideal for small and large frostbite.

How to find the right size for children’s nightwear

Quite simply: in children’s fashion, the size on the label corresponds to the height in centimeters. A children’s pajamas in size 104/110 therefore fits boys and girls with a body size between 104 and 110 centimeters – this is usually the age group of four to five years. Since children grow not only quickly, but at different speeds, we recommend that you always measure again when you buy a new children’s pajamas and, if in doubt, it is better to choose a size too large than too small.

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