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Children’s shoes can be bought online with the right buying advice!

There are extreme price differences for children’s shoes. Exclusive and unfortunately also very expensive brand shoes like the children’s shoes from Bisgaard are available as well as the solid middle class or the cheap low budget shoe. The models of the middle class, which are available for around 40 euros, often convince with a fair price / performance ratio. Low budget shoes should be avoided, because they are mostly made from inferior materials.
If you don’t want to or can’t invest so much in new, high-quality shoes, you should rather use used and well-preserved children’s shoes. Ask friends or acquaintances, visit a flea market or buy your desired model on Ebay!

Small FAQ for buying children’s shoes online

How to measure the right shoe size yourself?

It is best for the child to stand on a cardboard stencil; here you can trace the outlines of both feet. If the feet are different sizes, you should use the larger foot as a guide. Now add the length allowance recommended by specialists and orthopedic surgeons to the foot outline, which should be between 12 and 17 millimeters. With the help of this template, you can even buy children’s shoes in the nearest shoe store or online without the child being around.

So that you are guaranteed to get the right shoe size, it is advisable to carry out the measurement in the afternoon. Similar to adult swell also the Children’s feet during the day.

What is important when buying shoes?

  • the right size
    With the size it should be noted that the shoe is about twelve to 17 millimeters larger than the child’s foot. Children’s shoes that are too short or too long are uncomfortable; while pushing shoes that are too short, the child slips back and forth in shoes that are too long. Both too small and too size Children’s shoes can promote misalignment of the feet as well as damage to posture. In addition to the length of the shoes, the width should not be underestimated. Shoes that are too tight, for example, weaken the blood circulation and the foot cannot develop properly. Since children have very soft and flexible feet, they do not complain about shoes that are too small; often they don’t even notice that they are pushing. Nevertheless, children’s shoes that are too small have fatal effects – The parents should therefore pay attention to suitable footwear. If in doubt, buy the shoe one size larger! The WMS system used by many brands can help to optimally respond to the child’s individual foot shape.
  • the material
    In addition to the optimal size, the material plays a decisive role here. Children’s shoes have to endure a lot; the material should therefore be robust. All known types of genuine leather are particularly resistant and robust.

What does “WMS” mean for children’s shoes?

Some high-quality providers now offer the so-called WMS system. This is a worldwide unique size measurement system with which parents are guaranteed to find the right shoes for their children. This system has been ensuring healthy children’s feet for more than 40 years. Special WMS foot measuring devices determine special shoe sizes for children, which are optimally matched both in length and in width. The values ​​for the overgrowth or rolling of the feet have already been taken into account. A distinction is made between the three widths "W" for strong children’s feet, "M" for medium feet and "S" for dainty feet.

When should / can you buy children’s shoes??

Only when the children can walk properly are the first proper children’s shoes advisable. As long as your own child only tries to walk for the first time, your feet should be given as much freedom as possible and, in the best case, discover the world barefoot. Only when the first steps are taken outdoors in cold and wet temperatures can a little more thought be given to buying shoes. But also or especially then, it must be the right footwear.

How quickly do children’s feet grow?

  • up to 2 years
    Children under the age of 2 should have their feet measured every 8 to 10 weeks or measure themselves. At this time, they grow particularly quickly, but do not even notice when the shoes are too small
  • from 3 years
    From about 3 years on, it is sufficient to check the shoe size every 4 to 6 months.
    Children still need about 3 x new shoes when entering kindergarten. Up to the age of 6, children’s feet often grow more slowly, so that two pairs are sufficient.

Which shoe size for which age?

There is no general answer to this question, because every child is individual and grows at different speeds. It is interesting that a child’s foot grows about a millimeter a week.

Basically, however, you can use the following size table as a guide:

  • Size 18 from 6th to 9th month
  • Size 19 from the 9th to the 12th month
  • Size 20 from the 12th to the 15th month
  • Size 21 from the 15th to the 18th month
  • Size 22 from the 18th to the 21st month
  • Size 23 from the 21st to the 24th month

Basic types of children’s shoes

Similar to us adults, children need different shoes for different occasions.

A distinction is made here:

Summer shoes for children

If you want to buy summer shoes for your child, you should make sure that they are made of a breathable material if possible. Sandals are particularly airy for both girls and boys; at best, these should be closed with a Velcro fastener.

Winter shoes for children

Winter shoes must keep you warm. This most important criterion is achieved by chubby feeding. These should also be absolutely non-slip so that the child can walk safely even in ice and snow. Boots are particularly good in winter; if possible, these should also be breathable to ensure optimal ventilation of the feet. Many of the models available on the market are also equipped with reflectors, so that your child can travel safely even in the dark. It is particularly important with boots, that the child can put them on and take them off as quickly as possible. Models with elaborate lacing are therefore less recommended; choose boots with Velcro or zipper!

Slippers for children

First of all, slippers should be comfortable. If you have a lot of tiles or parquet in your own four walls, you should continue to pay attention to a non-slip sole. Slippers for children are available in countless versions – they are available as slippers as well as closed or ankle-high shoes. For the winter there are even calf-high slippers with a plump lining.


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