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Children’s tools…

Almost all parents are familiar with the situation: the toolbox is open for a moment, unobserved, and the offspring has already cleared everything and distributed it throughout the apartment. This not only annoys, but usually one or the other part is lost and never reappears. In the worst case, the self-proclaimed craftsman injures himself with the screwdriver or knocks his fingers flat with the 5-kilo hand. Because that’s not a tool for children …

We agree: No one needs that.
Remedial action must therefore be taken: Buy children’s tools !

The Buyger Wood Tool Case on

What is children’s tools ?

Tools for children are quasi the toy variant of our own equipment. Tailored in shape and size to the needs and possibilities of our children. Some products are actually pure toys, so rather for them all small thought. But there is also children tool with which you can work properly. An example of this would be the jigsaw box described below or Corvus products. Saw, drill, file – all real. But hold in the "children’s format". So you can finally work together relaxed with your son or daughter.

Advantages of children’s tools

As already described, the biggest advantage is of course that our own Tool is not constantly being dragged off and, to make matters worse, it may still be injured. Then for a long time nothing comes at all that somehow speaks for children’s tools …

… but maybe there would still be a few points of interest:

  • the child exercises playfully in dexterity with children’s tools
  • handicraft skills of the child are trained
  • Children’s tools promote the creativity of the child
  • Social aspects: on workbenches or in the garden it can be wonderful together with siblings & Playing with friends

But don’t run now to quickly get some cheap plastic junk just so you can rest easy. Also at Children’s tool there are a few things to consider. We don’t necessarily want to say that it always has to be the untreated, ecologically correct wooden educational toy made from local resources. But it doesn’t have to be any crooked screwdriver that stinks of cheap plastic. After all, you value quality in your own tool. So please also with your child’s children’s tools !

Large Bosch cases, drills, saws, hammers and numerous accessories should not be missing from a good craftsman, with this set children can develop their imagination, creativity and practical knowledge well.

What should I pay attention to when using children’s tools ?

  • That probably plays the most important role age of the child. A rough division can be made: up to 3 years, up to 6 years, from 6 years.
  • In any case, the children’s tool should be on the Interests Your new work colleague. In plain language, this means that they don’t put any tools on his eye that he doesn’t feel like doing at all. Watch your child. Do you prefer screwing? Does it like to grab your drill? Recognize what he enjoys and get the miniature part as a child’s tool.
  • Pay attention when choosing children’s tools quality. It doesn’t help if the things are broken after the first job. Only the children’s faces get long and their parents’ wallets quickly become empty. Children’s tools should be robust and durable.
  • The used material is also of great importance. Do not buy cheap scrap from Asia that stinks of plastic 500m upwind. This is uncomfortable and usually harmful to health! Wood is an alternative, but not a must. Branded toys from a reputable manufacturer should be preferred here.
  • Finally, he plays price of course a role. It is a children’s toy! So don’t spend a fortune on it. On you will always find top offers and a huge selection of high quality game tools. In addition, most of the stuff is free of charge and an exchange is rarely a problem.

Suggestions and tips

Now that we’ve clarified why you’re using children’s tools need and what you should pay attention to here are a few ideas and suggestions. The market is large and a lot of junk is offered. Reason enough for a few recommendations …

Bosch children’s tools

The toy tool, which is based on Bosch devices, is particularly popular with children. The Bosch children’s toys is manufactured by Theo Klein. It is robust and of high quality. That means it usually survives several years. This means that it can easily be "passed on" to younger siblings or friends. Classics like that are particularly popular Bosch children’s drill or the Bosch children’s workbench.

Despite the original appearance, the development focused on the Child safety respected. So the corners and edges are rounded. For example, the "drill" on the Bosch children’s drill is kept quite blunt and flat so that the child cannot be injured. Nevertheless, the safety instructions and age ratings on the packaging of the Bosch children’s tool should be observed. On average, the toy is suitable for children from 3 years.


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