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Ricosta is a brand of Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH, a shoe manufacturer from Germany that specializes in the production of infancy specialized. Ricosta children’s shoes are among the best shoes for children and babies within Germany and are also for various innovations, like a crawling tip developed for the first shoes of the Pepino series. The company has shoes and boots for boys and girls of all ages, but as a pure children’s shoe brand, it does not manufacture shoes for men and women.

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The Ricosta brand and Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH at a glance

The company was founded by Roland Rieker in 1969 and has been run as a family business since then. Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH is based in Donaueschingen and maintains plants in Germany, Poland, Romania and Hungary. Around 660 employees manufacture approximately every year 2 million pairs new Ricosta shoes that are sold internationally.

In addition to the Ricosta brand, which stands for sophisticated and first-class children’s shoes, Ricosta Schuhfabriken GmbH has also been leading the Pepino brand since 1978 Sizes 17 to 28, which are offered as first shoes for the baby.

Belong to the product portfolio

  • Shoes for boys and girls
  • Boots and ankle boots for boys and girl
  • Baby walkers for toddlers
  • Sandals and trekking sandals
  • slippers

Buy Ricosta shoes for your loved ones – well equipped thanks to functional materials

Since the company has shoes for summer and winter in the program, Ricosta shoes are Cheap for the whole year. In the cold winter months, snow boots and winter boots with their thick feeding lines are made of faux fur a good choice, while trekking sandals and sandals provide airy freshness in the warm summer months.

Since the footbeds are usually removable and washable, one is hygienic wearing comfort given at any temperature. The specially developed Drysole also absorbs moisture from the foot during the day and then releases it again during ventilation overnight.

tip! For damp weather conditions, shoes and boots with a Sympatex climate membrane are a good choice. Moisture generated in the shoe is reliably released to the outside without the ingress of moisture.

Almost all models for autumn and winter are equipped with this technology. Do you want this
Ricosta shoes purchase reduced, you should keep your eyes open for the seasonal sale.

company RICOSTA Schuhfabriken GmbH,
Headquarters Germany
founding 1969
Products Shoes for boys and girls

Child-friendly design in a modern guise

Ricosta’s collections are tailored to age groups. For the youngest there are shoes in red, pink, yellow or blue practical Velcro fastener, while the models for older girls and boys are also kept in darker shades such as gray, brown, turquoise or black. There are also models with heels or with rhinestones.

Advantages and disadvantages of Ricosta shoes

  • very good quality
  • great variety of products
  • Purchase on invoice
  • removable and washable footbeds
  • only shoes for children in the range

Order Ricosta shoes online – good deals in the clear Ricosta shop

a Ricosta shoes sale you can not only find with luck in the company’s own outlet or at a specialist dealer, but also online. The company operates one excellent Online shop. Fair prices, various payment methods such as purchase on account and other promotions as well as information on reduced goods make shopping in the Ricosta shop a real pleasure.

Other suppliers also carry branded shoes in their online stores. Here a price comparison helps to buy particularly cheaply. Note You also additional costs for shipping and returns.


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