Buy used tires

Look for surface damage when measuring tread depth

used tires can be a good alternative to new tires. But before you buy used, you should consider important aspects. Because no matter how good and inexpensive an offer may seem, when buying used tires, your safety on the road is the most important consideration. in general it is to be said: look for the specialized dealer of your confidence and buy you used wheels only from safe source. Because there’s more to buying used tires than just the depth of the tread pattern.

risks with used tires – beware of internet purchases

Used tires you should by no means buy carefree. especially "bargains" and very cheap offers have a high risk potential. You will find a wide selection of such low-priced offers, especially on the internet, from ebay to tire portals. Are many smaller tire damage already hard to recognize by laymen, when viewing a photo on the internet, it is even more difficult to see if the tire offered is in good condition. You can not even check the depth of the profile on the screen. And a return of used tires is usually not possible for private purchases (no warranty).

Another problem is that already tires mounted on rims cannot be inspected from the inside. Any damage to the tires, such as foreign bodies and bead chafing, thus remain hidden. Improper repairs or damages the inner surface layer of a tire can only be determined by inspecting the inside of the tire in its dismounted state.

No used car without checking the used tires

When buying a used vehicle with an unknown history of the tires, it is also recommended that the tires be inspected for their internal and external condition by a check the tires carefully and completely at a qualified tire workshop to let. Similarly, the shore hardness, the elasticity of soft materials, can only be measured with special tools in the specialized workshop.

Used tires vs. New tires

There is no differentiation or demarcation between new and used tires, especially since both have to comply with the legal requirements when used on public roads. Whether new, used or retreaded, the operating instructions summarized by continental in the technical guide on pages 99 to 117 apply to all passenger car tires in terms of product and application technology.

Tips from continental

Never buy and use used summer tires or winter tires that you do not know the history of. make sure that you buy used tires checked by a specialist company at most. Check carefully whether the tire and rim combination is suitable for your car or whether it is a. Approved for this. You should also check the age of the tires, the wear and tear and the tread depth of the used tires. We recommend to buy used tires that are maximum three years old and have a sufficient tread depth.

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