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Many German households have a large number of books, CDs and films, as well as items of clothing that are no longer required. However, the effort to list all products in an online auction house or to go to the flea market often seems very great. A good alternative is to use a re-commerce provider like Momox or Rebuy. Momox is a large platform that specializes in the purchase of used goods from private suppliers. In a few steps, things can be sold here that are no longer needed. But how simple and processing at Momox is really good?

What is being bought?

Momox has long been considered a preferred re-commerce provider for books and video games. Now the spectrum for the purchase has been expanded. Momox now purchases the following products:

How easy is the sale?

It usually doesn’t take much time or effort to sell products at Momox. The product’s barcode number is simply entered on the website. This can be found under the barcode, which can be found on books, games and films. The barcode can also be scanned using the Momox app. A purchase price is then offered at which the product can be sold. If the offer is accepted, the product ends up in the sales basket.

Overview of sales in individual steps

  1. Indication of the barcode of the product that is being offered
  2. Review of the offer price offered for the sale of Momox
  3. Approval or rejection of the offer
  4. When accepted, the product is placed in the sales basket
  5. Once all products have been entered, it goes to the sales basket
  6. From a sales value of 10 euros, a deal can be concluded with Momox
  7. The package can be posted or picked up yourself
  8. The goods will be checked upon receipt by Momox
  9. After a satisfactory verification, the money will be transferred to a specified account

When are the shipping costs taken over??

The shipping costs are covered entirely by Momox. There is no limit here. However, a sale to the provider is only possible if the goods have a total value of at least 10 euros. Everything what is below is not enough to be able to sell the goods to Momox. However, if the 10 euros are at least reached, a prepaid parcel label is sent at the same time as the sale.

How quickly is the money paid out??

Momox itself states on the website that sellers can expect a processing time of around a week before the money is paid out. The company scores with relatively short processing times. After the items have been sent, the seller will receive an email as soon as they have been received by Momox. Once the articles have been checked and found good enough, there is information about them again. This information also summarizes the amount that has now been transferred to the account. This gives sellers a good overview of what payment they are expecting can. In the event of problems or failure to receive payment, it is possible to contact Momox by phone.

What if Momox’s goods are valued differently??

After the goods have been sent in, all Momox products are checked. The basis for this check are the purchase conditions stated on the website. If an item does not meet the purchase conditions, the company cannot buy it. There is no way to simply get a lower price for the item. If an item is rejected, the seller has two options:

1. The item is returned by Momox – the seller bears the costs
2. The item is disposed of by Momox free of charge, but there is no money for the item.

What are the purchase conditions at Momox?

The purchase conditions at Momox are relatively clear and make it easy for the seller to assess whether the products meet the conditions. Books will not be accepted if they have clear signs of use, the pages are yellowed or some pages are missing. Defect copies are usually not bought, neither are review copies or books from book club publishers. Care should be taken with media items that they are fully functional and have no scratches.

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The re-commerce provider Momox is simple and well suited for the sale of books or media, such as films and games. The prices offered are not negotiable, even if the product is in a new condition. A major drawback, however, is the fact that the seller has to bear the shipping costs himself if he wants a rejected item back.


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