Buzz! The great quiz game guide nrw

Buzz! The great quiz game guide nrw

Buzz! The big quiz

Description of the game:
For all Rate foxes it goes to the first part "Buzz! The music quiz" With "Buzz! The big quiz" now in the second round.
As with the first part, the additional Buzz-Controller is necessary for playing, for all owners of the first part, who already own the controller, the quiz is also available separately. Further quiz variants are announced for the future, so that the existing controllers can be used later.

In a virtual quiz studio up to eight players (per Buzz controller four players can participate in the quiz) compete under the direction of the quiz master Buzz against each other.
The big quiz contains about 6000 questions from the fields of sports, art, science, humor and film. The answers are often presented in the form of pictures, and many answers are not given to text answers. Players can collect points themselves in different rounds of play, steal points from the opponent, but also receive negative points for incorrectly answered questions. A complete game lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and the winner may end up with a virtual prize. As a cruise forward and register with his score in a high score list.

Educational Assessment:
Its great appeal "Buzz! The big quiz" from the controllers that can only be used with this game, the so-called Buzzers, which sit well in the hand and make controlling the game child’s play. Anyone who has ever seen a quiz show on television feels immediately put into a quiz studio with the big red button in their hand. The game testers were immediately impressed by the new control method. "The controllers are a cool idea." (Player, 14 years)
The game offers both a single player and a multiplayer mode, with the single player mode set up for the testers and not particularly motivating. Buzz is really fun! only with several players and the more people participated in a quiz, the funnier and more involved it was in front of the television. Stealing points from opponents or seeing the leader fall back from first to last in a round made the kids a lot of fun. The moderator Buzz supports this experience even more with its witty and mean slogans. Defeats were handled well by the youth and the ambition to win the next round was usually greater than the frustration over the previously lost round. The mood was consistently positive among the players and even the players, who had not shown any interest, were gradually integrated into the Raterunde.
The game is in comic style and there are many funny details to discover in the virtual studio and especially the showmaster Buzz and the virtual contestants are equipped with many movements and facial expressions. The game testers found it funny that every player can choose one of the famous cartoons from Bruce Lee to Napoleon to be represented in the virtual studio later on. If the players choose the same name in each new round, the previous victories and defeats will also be displayed.

The various multiplayer modes are varied and offer a variety of challenges. In most rounds of the game is required by the players speed. Quick response "buzzers", quickly selecting the correct answer or quickly associating terms with pictures is one of the Quiz candidates’ tasks. Some of our adolescent testers found it unfair that not primarily knowledge about victory and defeat decides, but the most responsive has the best chance to answer the question. Especially good at the testers were the rounds in which you could steal a competitor directly points or throw him out of the game for the round. So sovereignly leading players were stolen from the rest of the team in these rounds so many points that these players had trouble to then work forward again.
A positive change is provided by the round of play, which compels players to cooperate, as the player must assess which player could answer the displayed question and thus either win or lose points.
The questions are very different in their level and a level of difficulty is not selectable. Very light questions, which mainly revolve around the world of teenagers, alternate with absolute technical questions and thus provide many success experiences as well as frustration moments. In mixed groups with adults, however, this resulted in a balance of opportunities. The question "How should I know that?" was put on both sides regularly with a smile.
Unfortunately, Buzz! Not always a text resolution of the answers and who previously did not know what to do with the displayed solutions, is not much smarter after displaying the allegedly correct image. Buzz! Unfortunately, the big quiz does not offer much learning and is designed primarily for entertainment.

"Buzz! The big quiz" is directed by the funny presentation and the orientation of his questions to boys and girls from the age of 14 years, but also invites adults quite an entertaining quiz with the young people.

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