Byboom® – all-season cocoon footmuff for strollers, buggy also baby seat z

ByBoom® – all-season cocoon footmuff for strollers, buggy and baby seat e.g. Maxi Cosi; MADE IN EU, color: anthracite / lime

A multi-talent as the ideal successor to the ByBoom® wrapping blanket. Velcro instead of zippers, versatile and usable for 0-3 years. If you and your baby like the byboom® blanket, this footmuff will be your favorite! The Cocoon changing footmuff is a cozy nest for children from 0 to 3 years.

Details: * suitable for 3 and 5-point harness systems * the wrapping technology and the Velcro fastener enable very practical handling * in a warm room the footmuff can be opened easily, snow and wind protection so that the weather protection does not slip * The inside of the foot area is made of durable, easy-care material and is easy to wash – particularly practical for dirty shoes * High-quality material processing * Suitable for allergy sufferers We recommend the suitable universal Four Seasons ByBoom® insert for the footmuff without disturbing the sleeping baby * The hood offers Additional comfort and keeps your baby cozy and warm and protected from the wind * With integrated rain-, which is cleverly hidden in the front pocket of the footmuff * The weather protection can simply be pulled over the footmuff and the stroller in bad weather or used as an extra foot cover * Easy to attach to the stroller frame with elastic straps with click closure "backpack closure", that ideally complements your ByBoom® Cocoon changing footmuff.

Age: 0-36 months: width is variable; length 110cm material: outside / inside / filling 100% polyester, inner foot part / moisture protection 100% polyamide Care: machine wash at 30 ° C without fabric softener fleece wrap footmuff with integrated rain, snow- & Windbreak. High quality workmanship, water-repellent, windproof, skin-friendly.

Optimal adaptation to strollers, strollers and carrycot 3 and 5-point belt systems.

Universal four-season insert / retrofit insert / support for footmuff; Be >

Whether in the footmuff, stroller or sports car, buggy, car seat, jogger, the innovative ByBoom® four-season insert ensures a great sense of well-being for your child. Details: * practical and well-designed cut * can be used on both sides with winter and summer side * winter side made of fluffy, filling 100% polyester care: machine wash at 30 ° c four-season insert, or on the frame of the buggy * by the cords in the foot area, individual colors * Create your own color combination and choose the right color of the ByBoom® insert for your footmuff from * Versatile, winter side 100% polyester, as an additional heat source * Summer side made from 100% cotton, the insert can be connected or separated as required * In Many color variants available – so every footmuff shines in new, flexible and can be used over a long period of time * Suitable for allergy sufferers Age: 0-36 months Dimensions: length 72 cm, heat-storing thermal fleece, width 35-39 cm Material: summer side 100% cotton, pleasant and soft for Even more comfort in warm temperatures * With soft filling * Located at the top of the pad the cords for fastening in the footmuff if there are loops that give each footmuff even better thermal properties.

. Easy care, ensures optimal climate in the footmuff in any weather whole Year. Can also be used as a pad in a stroller, buggy or in a car seat. Ideal addition to the byboom softshell footmuff in a classic cut or to the ByBoom ​​wrap footmuff Cocoon with separate foot area. Universal fit for all common footmuffs with 3 and 5-point harness systems; Can be used on both sides with winter and summer side.

If you have any doubts whether your footmuff is thick enough to keep your baby warm, we recommend this cozy and soft additional insert.


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