Cake treasure chest

The recipe for a great cake that looks like a treasure chest.

This beautiful cake treasure chest is very versatile.
The treasure chest cake is an eye-catcher on the children’s birthday table, the party buffet or other parties and celebrations.
In front all it should not be missing at the pirate birthday / pirate party.
It is also a great scavenger hunt and the right find for every treasure hunt.
(You can find suitable links at the end of this page!)

Treasure chest cake


Ingredients for a box sponge cake of your choice
brown chocolate coating
powdered sugar
silver sugar pearls or similar.
sugar chains


First, bake a sponge cake in a well-greased tin.
Well suited for this is e.g. Choco Nut Cake.
You can find a delicious recipe for a chocolate nut cake at
pirates cake

Take the cake from the Oven and let it cool down.
Glaze it with liquid chocolate glaze.
Let the chocolate icing dry completely.

Cut the cake horizontally with a sharp knife in the middle.
Pick up the top of the cake (the lid of the treasure chest) and set it aside for a moment.
Traps the sugar chains and gold coins in the now open treasure chest / on the lower cake part.
Put the top cake part back on the decorated bottom part.
Knead the raw marzipan with icing sugar.
Waves the marzipan between two permanent baking sheets or cling film.

Cuts two strips of the same size for the fittings on the right and left of the treasure chest (see photo below).

Carve the stripes a little with patterns and press them onto the treasure chest.
Put silver sugar pearls on it as jewelry.

Bake treasure chest cake

Cuts the two parts for the lock of the treasure chest deal.
Carve the keyhole in with a sharp knife and remove the inner marzipan (see photo below).
Put the lock on the treasure chest and decorate the upper part with sugar pearls.

Bake treasure chest cake

The treasure chest cake is now ready.
Have fun with it.

Suitable ideas for treasure hunts, pirate parties & Co.

You can find great ideas for an exciting treasure hunt at:
Children’s birthday treasure hunt

You can find many ideas for the right pirate party / pirate birthday at:
Pirate Birthday

An exciting scavenger hunt is always well received.
You can find suggestions for this at:
Children’s birthday scavenger hunt

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