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you have bought yourself or your child their first own car? Your passion for a VESPA scooter has been awakened and you need the right insurance license plate for the new season? You and your family are camping vacation enthusiasts and have bought a motorhome or a caravan accordingly? Or are you simply dissatisfied with your current car insurance, so that you need a cheap tariff or a new one?. Wanting more performance?

Either way, PRINAS MONTAN is the right choice for you. Because here you can easily find the right car insurance for you by calculating it online! We have designed our rate calculator so that it is easy to use and self-explanatory for all interested parties. So that you are guaranteed not only well covered, but also happy on the roads of the world!

With us, you can be sure that we have found excellent rates for you and that we will find the most suitable insurance for you. Have already sorted out unsuitable tariffs for you. You can save up to 25 percent by changing your tariff and flexibly design your desired insurance benefits.

This is why you should calculate your car insurance with PRINAS MONTAN!

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Usually, you don’t get to know your own insurance until the claim or accident has happened – and in this case, the rude awakening is often great, because then it is too late to change something. So that you do not buy the "cat in the bag", we help you with our independent insurance comparison.

But before you start calculating your car insurance, you should consider which insurance benefits you would like to take out. If you are initially interested in basic benefits because you want to be able to cruise at last?

Or do you already know exactly what you don’t like about your current rate, so you want to change insurers?? simply click on the respective insurance area that is relevant for you.

You benefit from our clever pre-selection service: we have pre-selected the following for you. You compare 76 rates and can be sure that you will not be randomly shown all the offers on the market. Otherwise, you would have more than 330 different rates to choose from when you want to book car insurance in germany.

Not all car insurance policies meet the needs of car drivers, while some, in our objective opinion, are not even reputable or are only tailored to very specific requirements, so that they are basically irrelevant for the vast majority of policyholders. Based on our pre-selection, you will find exactly the right insurer for you in a short time.

Which vehicle do you want to insure?

From new and used cars (petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric) to motorcycles, mopeds and caravans, we have the right insurance for you. From motorhomes to e-scooters, we give you the opportunity to compare every category from the large overall area of motor vehicle insurance, including. Calculate. You can also compare rates for trucks and trailers with us and, if necessary, take out a policy directly.

In addition, we also offer you the opportunity to take out an additional driver or legal protection insurance that suits you best. Last but not least, you can also add other flexible benefits that you would like to have included in your tariff as part of the insurance you have selected.

This includes among others:

Driver protection

In case of a self-inflicted accident, additional costs incurred by the rider due to injuries will be covered.

Foreign damage protection

Benefit from your insurance even if you are involved in an accident with a vehicle insured abroad.

Animal bite / marten bite damage

All too happy to eat martens and co. By wiring and thus provide for damages, which are only covered with an appropriate additional protection.

Protection in case of gross negligence

If gross negligence is involved, even the best (standard) fully comprehensive insurance is of no help. Unless you have added this additional benefit.

discount protection

Normally, you will be "downgraded" in your tariff following an accident or claim. So you would have to pay more money again. But not if you have agreed on such a discount protection.

Workshop commitment or free choice of workshop

Save up to 20 percent on comprehensive insurance by letting the insurer decide which repair shop to use in the event of an accident. Or decide for a free choice of repair shops.

First, however, you need to choose the car for which you want to find and calculate the right insurance for your needs. Our innovative and interactive calculator will then guide you through the process with useful information and tips – so that you can easily discover your ideal insurer!

Motor vehicle liability, partial or fully comprehensive insurance:
what insurance cover do you need?

As you already know, you can calculate your car insurance when you drive or rent a car. Compare customize. Simply select your desired benefits in the comparison calculator – regardless of whether you are looking for a first-class offer for motor vehicle liability or comprehensive insurance.

But what about those who are still brand new to the world of auto insurance? How can those who have to insure a vehicle for the first time know which is the best tariff for them?? We will be happy to help you in the jungle of terms.

Partial and fully comprehensive motor insurance, liability insurance – are you completely new to these insurances or have you always wondered what the difference is between these insurances anyway?? While some people tend to take out only the most necessary insurance in such cases, others take the "safe route" of maximum possible benefits. But does it make sense at all and does every insurance fit to every vehicle resp. driver? Here you will find answers to your questions!

Liability insurance is the legal minimum for motor vehicle insurance – without it, you are not allowed to drive on the road!

Because if you cause damage to another person, you are also responsible for it according to german law – so you have to pay for it accordingly. It does not matter whether the damage is to property or to persons.

In both cases, you could be facing claims for millions of dollars in damages. Since this could threaten the existence of any person, it is important to be covered for such situations: there are various liability insurances for different areas of life – including motor vehicle liability insurance.

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