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Do you have a new car and are looking for the right car insurance?? Watch out: there are different car insurance policies! find out how to calculate the price of car insurance and save money here.

The most important summarized

Every vehicle owner needs it: the motor vehicle liability insurance. The car insurance is required by law – without insurance coverage, vehicle will not be registered. In the event of an accident, the motor vehicle liability insurance pays out. Property damage, damage to assets and personal injury to other vehicles and persons are covered by motor vehicle liability insurance.

In addition to the mandatory motor vehicle liability insurance, there is also the fully comprehensive and partially comprehensive insurances. motor vehicle liability insurance covers damage to other vehicles that you yourself have unintentionally caused in an accident. Partial or fully comprehensive insurance is voluntarily. Depending on the scope of the insurance, the comprehensive insurances also pay for damage to your car.

The calculation of car insurance is based on objective and subjective characteristics dependingvehicle data, time of driver’s license acquisition, annual mileage, coverage amount and no-claims class all influence the car insurance premium. You can save on car insurance with a higher deductible, annual fee payment and lower type class.

Which car insurances are there?

motor vehicle liability insurance is a compulsory insurance for holders of cars, mopeds or scooters. Vehicle registration is not possible without motor vehicle liability insurance. The vehicle may not be driven on the road without insurance cover. The insurance is liable for damage to third parties, which the insured has caused with his vehicle.

In addition to the legally required motor vehicle liability insurance, there is the voluntary fully comprehensive or partially comprehensive insurances. The comprehensive insurance additionally covers damage to your car. Damage caused by wildlife accidents or external influences, such as the weather, is covered by the partially comprehensive insurance taken over. In the event of damage caused by you or third parties, for example in the case of vandalism, only the fully comprehensive insurance.

The amount paid, also known as the insurance premium, depends on various factors.

  • Policyholder
  • vehicle model
  • Annual mileage
  • Number of eligible drivers (SF class)
  • The amount of the deductible
  • Payment method
  • Amount of coverage

Important documents for the car insurance fee calculation

  • Driving license
  • pre-insurance documents

policyholder information

  • Postal code
  • Date of birth
  • Year of driver’s license acquisition

Vehicle information

  • Manufacturer code number (HSN) and type code number (TSN)
  • Annual mileage

Pre-insurance information

  • no-claims class

calculating car insurance: here’s how!

With the car insurance calculator from allianz direct you can calculate the amount of the fees online. Our step-by-step guide shows you how easy it is to calculate car insurance:

Step 1: Information on the vehicle

With the input of manufacturer number (HSN) and type code number (TSN) your vehicle can be identified. If you don’t have either of these at hand, you can calculate your vehicle insurance using the vehicle search find. Then confirm whether you want to change the car insurance, register or re-register the vehicle. With the date of first registration and the desired insurance start date, it goes on.

Step 2: personal information

Next, information about the policyholder is important. Besides zip code and date of birth is that year of driving license required. details of the no-claims class (SF class), pre-insurance (insurer) and scope of insurance (z. B. fully comprehensive insurance) follow afterwards.

Step 3: details of use

Now comes the entry of the annual mileage. These are the kilometers you drive in the insured car in the calendar year. you can estimate the value and adjust it later. If you are the sole user of the vehicle, it goes on. If other drivers will use the car, you must enter additional data. partner/family includes your partner(s) and your children. For the youngest driver, who will use the car, you have to fill in the date of birth.

Step 4: calculate car insurance

Once you have entered everything, the costs for your individual car insurance will be calculated automatically. motor liability is a must for your car, while partial or fully comprehensive insurance is optional.

By the wayFor older cars, partial coverage is usually sufficient, for new cars, fully comprehensive insurance is often worthwhile.

Step 5: take out car insurance

With this calculation, you can now take out your custom-fit car insurance policy!

What factors influence the car insurance premium??

the insurance premium for motor vehicle liability insurance depends on various factors. For the classification there are objective and subjective characteristics. The objective characteristics refer to the vehicle, the subjective characteristics refer to the policyholder. You should know these factors and their significance if you need car insurance:

The table shows which characteristics influence the amount of the car insurance premium. © allianz direct


age, place of residence and the year you obtained your driver’s license influence the amount of the motor vehicle fees. New drivers or drivers under 25 years usually have to dig deeper into their pockets. The same applies to policyholders who live in the city center or in large cities – the accident risk is higher. Do you have many points in flensburg, this can lead to higher insurance costs. As a rule, the insurer also checks the entries in the central traffic register.

policyholder and vehicle owner can be different persons and in other registration districts live. The keeper must in his place of residence register. The respective fees for his zip code apply.

Annual mileage

The annual mileage is important for the amount of the car insurance premium. The more kilometers you within one year the more expensive the insurance becomes. Fact: the accident risk increases, if you travel a lot by car.

The annual mileage is covered by insurers in mileage scales structured. A different price applies to each level, the highest level is at over 30.000 km/year. You can estimate the mileage at the start of the policy and adjust it later. It is important that you enter the correct annual mileage, otherwise you can save money additional payments and price increases threaten.

number of authorized drivers

The cost of car insurance depends on additional eligible drivers. Attention: the car may only be used by persons who are in the insurance contract! There is the possibility, named persons (z. B. spouse, adult child) to be indicated. You can also enter larger group of drivers (z. B. people over 23 years) report. the higher the number of people listed as drivers, the higher the charges.

The number of drivers is not limited. If your partner also uses the vehicle, there are often no additional charges.

vehicle model

motor vehicles such as car, truck, moped or moped must be insured. Various factors such as type class, regional class, fuel type, first registration, manufacturer number (HSN) and type code number (TSN) influence the amount of the fees. With the help of the HSN and TSN your vehicle is identified. The data includes information such as vehicle model, year of construction, date of first registration and fuel type. The type code number consists of three digits or letters, the manufacturer code number consists of four numbers. You can find the HSN and TSN in the vehicle registration document.

You can find further vehicle details in the vehicle registration. You must also indicate when the vehicle was registered and when you registered it in your name.

type class

Another important factor for motor vehicle insurance is the type classes that are determined annually. The type classes provide information on the damage and accident record for vehicles registered in germanythere are classes 10-25 for third party liability, 10-33 for partially comprehensive insurance and 10-34 for fully comprehensive insurance.

Per higher the no-claims class the higher the fees for car insurance will be. If more claims have been reported for your vehicle model than in the previous year, its type class will change. The same applies in reverse: if there are few claims reported in a year, the model of a lower type class assigned.

regional class

The regional class gives information about the level and severity of accidents in districts. In germany there are more than 400 registration districts. Annually from one trustee in each district a so-called damage requirement index set. all insurance companies must adopt this statistic, but the classes may vary depending on the insurer. There are twelve classes for motor liability, 16 classes for partial cover and nine classes for fully comprehensive insurance.

In addition to the number and severity of accidents, there are other criteria for the rating: number and type of registered vehicles and place of residence of the vehicle owner. For registered vehicles in cities with dense traffic volumes there is a higher risk of accident.

no-claims class

The no-claims class (SF class) provides information about whether you drive accident-free. Do you have few or even no accidents in the year, you move up one no-claims category. If you cause an accident, you will be downgraded in the SF class in the following year. "SF1" means that you have not had an accident for one year. For high no-claims class take the car liability little in demand and pay lower fees. novice drivers are assigned to lower SF classes and pay higher insurance premiums.

No-claims classes are in percentages and no-claims bonus (SFR) graded. The scales can vary depending on the insurer and have an impact on your car insurance price. SF classes usually go from SF1 to SF35, with some insurers up to SF50. The SFRs in motor liability and fully comprehensive insurance can be different. For partially comprehensive insurance there are no no-claims classes.

by the way: you can set the SFR to closely related or transfer persons in your household. In the same way you can change of car insurance take the discounts with you. In order to keep your percentages, the details of the previous insurance are required!

Want to know your no-claims class? In the insurance policy you will find your SF discount or you can ask your insurer about it!


The insurance premium of the motor vehicle insurance is lower if you have assumes part of the costs. A deductible in comprehensive insurance is possible, but not obligatory! With a deductible of 500 euros, you pay for damage up to a maximum of 500 euros yourself. A deductible of 150 euros for partial casco and 300 euros for fully casco is usual. The advantage of a deductible: if you pay a part yourself, you will not be downgraded to a lower no-claims class.

payment method

The payment method also affects the price of car insurance. If you pay all fees at once once a year, the fee may be reduced. If you pay your insurance fees on a monthly, semi-annual or quarterly basis, there is usually no discount. The main payment dates for motor vehicle liability are available on 1. January and 1. July of a year.

Saving on car insurance

Different factors affect the price of car insurance. That’s why it pays to make compromises in order to lower your insurance premium.

  • Workshop commitment to a partner workshop of the insurer
  • Low car tax class when buying a vehicle
  • Higher deductible in partial or fully comprehensive insurance
  • seasonal license plate register and save car fees and taxes
  • Low class select in the claims and accident record
  • Annual payment method use for car payments
  • Few driver discount with an annual mileage of less than 10.choose 000 km
  • E-vehicle drive instead of gasoline or diesel

calculate car insurance

It pays to switch: get the low-cost allianz direct car insurance now.

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