Call money account for children, renault bank direct


With the Renault Bank U18 overnight allowance account for minors can the Saved your children from being invested at the same attractive interest rates as your own money. You and your child can access the minor account at any time and thus have the credit freely and at any time.

AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME Total credit available at any time via online banking
INTEREST ON ALL CREDITS Interest on your entire balance from the first to the last cent
SAFETY TÜV-certified online banking with mobile TAN procedures
DEPOSIT PROTECTION Protected up to EUR 100,000.00 in accordance with EU guidelines
FREE Account creation, online banking and bank statements free of charge
FLEXIBLE No contract, no terms, credit 100% flexible
MONTHLY INTEREST PAYMENT Receive interest at the end of each month and benefit from compound interest


In a world that is constantly evolving, there is now also an account for minors so that the savings can be better invested than a savings book: the Renault Bank’s U18 overnight money account directly. Invest your children’s money now at interest-bearing daily allowance conditions and stay flexible. With us, you and your child / he can access the U18 account for minors at any time free of charge – with no advance interest, no fees, simply online!

Piggy bank was yesterday

A piggy bank is synonymous with money, especially for children. At some banks you receive as much interest for your savings as for money in the piggy bank at home – namely none. Your money is direct at Renault Bank and the Your child’s money is even safer than what you saved in the piggy bank.

Our online branch is open for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Save yourself the trip to the bank in the future and stay flexible: customer login, PIN and mobile TAN procedures ensure the security of the U18 overnight deposit account for minors. In addition, with the reference account you have deposited, you have the certainty that your money will always end up in the right account – guaranteed!


With a U18 call money account at Renault Bank, your child’s savings are safe. A call money account is a non-speculative investment and your child can be happy that his money is growing steadily. In addition, of course, the statutory deposit guarantee also applies to the U18 overnight allowance account for minors – your guarantee that the overnight allowance is yours child up to EUR 100,000 is protected for each individual depositor.


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