Camping Fuussekaul Luxembourg

Whether club outing, family celebration or company outing – we organize group stays of any kind!

1. catering

We offer the following comprehensive catering services for groups:

  • breakfast buffets
  • Hot dishes and cold buffets
  • packed lunches
  • Bake pizza
  • welcome drink
  • beverage ordering service

For more information please contact us directly!

2. room rental

For joint breakfasts and dinners, meetings and happy get-togethers, we offer groups special lounges of various sizes in the off-season:

theatre hall

Our largest hall (176m²) offers space for approx. 150 people and is located in our indoor hall directly next to the indoor playground. Podium, mobile bar, storage room, mobile cooking facilities and refrigerator are available on site.

banqueting hall

Our ballroom is 135m² large, offers space for approx. 65 persons and is located directly above our reception. Bar, fully equipped kitchen, freezer, kitchenette, separate toilets and counter with tap are available.


Our clubhouse with 84m² is suitable for small groups up to max. 40 persons and is located directly next to the mobile homes, the pizza oven and a playground. On site there is a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerators, stove, storeroom and separate toilets.

3. program blocks

Around our campsite there are many leisure activities waiting for you! Put together your own personal leisure programme from our programme modules!

High ropes course/Fuussekaul

The somewhat different group experience! Test your limits on our thrilling high ropes course at a height of 8m! There is a special children’s course for children. All climbing tours are accompanied by sufficient safety trainers who have all the necessary qualifications! Take up this challenge together!

min. 8 persons!

Beer Brewery Den Heischter/Heiderscheid

Only a few metres from our campsite you will find the show brewery “Den Heischter”, where the beer will be brought closer to you. Get an exclusive insight into the beer production and find out how much work and love there is in this popular drink. Choose between a short round tour and an extensive beer bridal tour. Beer tasting is of course included!

At least 10 persons

short tour: 10€ p.p. incl. beer tasting

Candle factory/Heiderscheid

During a 1-hour round tour through the candle factory, the production of the candle will be brought a little closer to you. Learn how a candle is made from wax and wick. Children have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a candle. In the shop you will also find a large selection of candles and decorative items. Duration: approx. 1 hour.

Museum of old agricultural machinery/Heiderscheid

Take a journey through time and learn everything about the development of agricultural machinery and marvel at a multitude of great vintage car models. A beautiful experience, not only for tractor enthusiasts!

Solar boat trip on the Obersau reservoir

Discover the flora and fauna around the Obersau Reservoir on a guided solar boat tour! The environmentally friendly trips allow you to get to know the reservoir from a completely new perspective. In addition to various excursions into remote side arms, you can make a detour ashore to the Burfelt forest discovery centre. It is also possible to hike back along the banks of the reservoir. Duration: approx. 2-4 hours, max. 23 persons

Cloth factory/Esch Sauer

The antique wool machines of the cloth factory in Esch/Sauer have been carefully restored in years of work and are now showing the traditional craft of cloth manufacturing at demonstrations. Far beyond the borders of Luxembourg, the Esch/Sauer cloth factory is the only one in which the complete process from wool to the finished cloth (spinning mill, weaving mill and finishing) can be demonstrated. There is also a permanent exhibition on the region’s landscape and monuments. Afterwards you can visit the romantic town of Esch/Sauer with its old castle ruins. Duration: approx. 2h

SEBES plant/Esch-Sauer

Have you always wanted to know how the reservoir water is processed into drinking water? How about a tour of the SEBES plant in Esch-Sauer? SEBES provides 40% of the drinking water supply for about 80% of the Luxembourg population. The SEBES visits consist of 3 parts: Multimedia presentation, tour of the plant with information boards and a final tour of the sewage treatment plant. Duration: approx. 1.5h

min. 10Pers/max. 40 Pers.

Canoe trips on the river Sauer

A beautiful excursion idea for the summer months! Enjoy this idyllic nature experience on the Dillingen/Bollendorf/Wallendorf to Echternach route (12 – 18 km depending on starting point). Experience the Sauer from a completely different perspective! At the end, the beautiful town of Echternach invites you for a coffee or ice cream on one of the many terraces!

Accompanied Müllerthal Hike

Fancy a hiking day? Then the beautiful and somewhat fairytale-like Müllerthal with its small streams, the many rock formations and the waterfall “Schießentümpel” is exactly the right destination. There are several short hikes to the Schießentümpel, the rock formations Predigtstuhl and Perencop and to the cave “Hohlay”. At the end you will go to the beautiful town of Echternach, where you can stroll through the town or drink a coffee on one of the many terraces.

min. 10 persons

Price: 5€ p.P. with own car

No matter if beginner or professional! Archery is a pleasure for everyone and trains concentration at the same time. We offer you archery directly at our campsite under professional supervision and outside in the open air. At least 8 persons! Price: 2,50€ p.P.

from 6 years! Campfire

There’s nothing better than to end the day with the whole group around a campfire, chatting and watching the flames! We are happy to provide wood (against payment). Round trips with our Fuussekaul tractor through the surrounding area

Discover the surroundings of the campsite, the beauty of the Luxembourg Ardennes and sleepy old farming villages on a tour with our Fuussekaul tractor. Price: 2,50 € p.p.

For further information please ask for your individual and non-binding group offer:

Important: We unfortunately only accept group trips for young people under the age of 18 if they are accompanied by an adult. We ask for your understanding!

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