Camping holidays with children, camping with families

Classic camping holiday or luxury camping?

Would you like to experience a little change from the classic family holiday in the hotel during your next vacation and are you looking for an exciting and cheaper alternative? Then pack your child and cone and spend an exciting camping holiday!

A camping holiday promises a lot of nature and adventure. But is relaxed camping with small children possible at all? Why, surely! It only depends on the right choice of campsite and accommodation. Add a few tips on preparation and luggage – and off you go!

Preparation of the camping vacation

First of all the most important questions: What type of campsite does your family belong to? Are you the classic camping type who values ​​as much outdoor adventure as possible? Or may it be a little more luxury for you and your children, e.g. in fully furnished tents, caravans or caravans? There are campsites almost everywhere in the world – where should you go? Would you prefer to camp at a campsite in a wooded area or directly on the beach? Important: that "wild" Camping is not allowed in some Scandinavian countries, but camping on a campsite is a better choice for a vacation with small children. Many pitches are in a fantastic location, for example in southern countries often directly by the sea.

In addition, most campsites are now fully geared towards families and offer them not only family pools or children’s sanitary facilities, but also pools or indoor pools, supermarkets with baby items, playgrounds, children’s entertainment and care, and a babysitting service.

Classic camping in a tent

You can plan and design the camping holiday according to your personal taste. Do you prefer the classic camping trip with a tent, sleeping bag and gas stove? This is also easily possible with small children – it only depends on the right equipment.

When buying a tent, you should pay attention to the quality, because an inexpensive tent usually does not stand so much and is often not waterproof. And who wants to wake up in a puddle after a rain shower at night? If you are traveling to an area where it can rain, you should make sure that the material is weatherproof but at the same time breathable so that it dries quickly and no condensation forms. Integrated insect protection is also practical.

Even if your family consists of only 3 or 4 people, for example – choose a 6-person tent! Because then it is not so tight (especially in rainy weather) and it also fits in the luggage. A family tent, which is usually so high that adults can comfortably stand in it, is also great. In addition, these mostly have separable areas, so the children have their own area and can fall asleep in the evening without the parents having to leave the tent.

Stow your clothes and your children’s toys instead of in travel bags and suitcases in aluminum or plastic boxes. These are splash-proof – if not waterproof – and can simply be stacked in the tent.

When preparing the camping trip, pay attention to the climate of the travel region. Of course, you and your children need different things in Sweden than in Spain. During a camping holiday by the sea, your children need, for example, bathing suits and a sun hat, but also fleece pullovers for cooler evenings, rainwear and bathing shoes (e.g. for the sanitary facilities).

Also absolutely essential in your luggage:
a size, waterproof tarpaulin. This is a real all-round talent because it is suitable both as sun and privacy protection and as a base for damp floors. Sleeping bags that are adapted to the climate of the holiday region. However, choose a slightly warmer sleeping bag whose zipper can be opened if it gets too warm. Because nothing is worse than waking up cold in the morning. Sleeping mats / air mattresses, a rubber hammer for hammering in the pegs, camping box, cool box, cutlery and cutlery, a torch, for lighting in the tent and in the evening on the way to the washrooms, a first-aid kit with plasters, sunscreen, insect bites, etc. Provide a little more comfort Camping table and chairs. In addition, a baby travel bed can usually be comfortably stored in a family tent.

Camping vacation with toddler

Baby food can be easily prepared in the simplest camping version, because baby glasses (in a water bath) and water can be super heated on the camping stove.

But even if the accommodation is equipped with every comfort – the environment and the background noise are still unusual for the little ones. In order to make it easier to fall asleep in the evening, it is advisable to stick to the usual sleep rituals even while camping. Read a story or play your favorite music box. And very important: the favorite cuddly toy must of course also go to the camping! Many campsites know how important their soft toy is to the little ones, that’s why they offer a teddy-service should it be forgotten when you leave the campsite. Then the cuddly toy will be sent to your home.

You don’t want to do without the campsite atmosphere, but would like more comfort? Then the following accommodations are just right for you!

Luxury camping in caravan & Co.

Camping doesn’t necessarily mean waiver on comfort. Because on the one hand there are campsites that offer many family-friendly extras, and on the other hand the accommodations themselves are so comfortably equipped that you and your children do not have to do without anything during your camping holiday. So you are in the middle of nature and – if you want – you can quickly get in touch with other families, but you do not have to forego your privacy and comfortable furnishings and equipment.

Many campsites offer fully equipped, permanent tents (e.g. bungalow or safari tents) or luxurious caravans and log cabins with air conditioning, separate bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, bed linen and baby equipment with a buggy, potty and baby bed and bath tub are often offered for rent. How about, for example, a camping holiday in a light-flooded Sunlight Caravan with an idyllic veranda in the Eurocamp El Delfin Verde on the Spanish Costa Brava?

Other comfortable camping options for families are in caravans and mobile homes, both of which are particularly suitable for round trips, since you don’t have to pack everything together every time you change campsites.

The practical thing about a caravan is that you have a car with you so you can go on excursions or go shopping while the caravan stays at the campsite.

In a motorhome, depending on the equipment, the driver and front passenger seat can often be turned towards the living area and are thus converted into armchairs. In addition, the mobile homes often have a place to sleep directly above the cab, which is particularly popular with children!

A camping holiday with children is not only possible without problems and depending on the accommodation chosen, it is also very comfortable, but often it is such a great family experience that you can go back to a campsite in the next holiday!


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