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Camping kitchen: pasta with broccoli and sausage kebab

What do I cook on camping holidays? This question comes up almost daily at 11.30 clock in my head, because then I get hungry and once again have no plan, what I should do with four hotplates and an oven. Since the kids eat at kindergarten, it usually runs on salad and what‘s out of the pan. Noodles are always welcome too … pasta! Noodles are also in the camper! And noodles also like the kids. Clear. Vegetables must be too. A dish still results from the break time, because broccoli like Anton and Ida very much: potato broccoli tamping. At some point I replaced the potatoes with pasta, probably because they were there ;-) The practical thing about this station wagon is that you can cook both in a pot. Noodles with 8 minutes cooking time and broccoli are very good in salt water. Cook together, pour together. It does not take much for the sauce: 2 tablespoons of pasta water, 2 tablespoons cream, a few drops of lemon, salt, nutmeg. With a few grains of sesame, also like roasted, it gets a fancy topping. On the …

Camping kitchen: potatoes with wasabi cress cottage cheese and avocados

It is official, we have booked! A holiday before my season begins again should be and so we have rented a camper again and are gondolas over the Alps in the direction of South Tyrol, Lake Maggiore and Venice > Word game :-) Next winter we want to make a longer trip, that will be the last winter without school-age children. There is a flag on the world map in Brazil … Therefore this year there will be no fancy trips, but we will be on the road a few times. I have three weddings in the Munich area and will definitely develop a long weekend. Well, I’m really looking forward to the camper, because I find it crazy to pack everything at home and start driving in the early morning hours. The first breakfast on tour is just terrific! We drive off the highway, look for a nice place, cook fresh coffee with the small espresso maker and smear crispy rolls. Ida gets a ‘Sosson’ – Croissant and will crunch everything right away. Cooking in the camper …


Nice that you are here! We are Katja, Ronald, Anton & Ida and we like to travel.

With our first parental leave to New Zealand everything started on this blog 2011. There are now four of us and we still love to travel and be on the road. Will you come with me??

Also in the second parental leave we were on tour again: Florida, the Caribbean and Mexico were on the program.

And now there are all sorts of nice things for mobile families. Are you there??

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