Can i apply for a level of care retrospectively?

Those in need of care have the option of applying for a degree of care and will then also receive care allowance and other grants accordingly. However, some people simply forget to apply for a level of care in good time. Is it then possible to apply for the level of care retrospectively?

It is not so easy to quickly assess whether a person is in need of care (a case of care) or not. Many believe that if you don’t have to be in bed all day, they are not eligible for nursing care. But this opinion is wrong. The view that only people in the nursing home are entitled to a level of care is not correct. You can get a first assessment of whether you may need care via my free care level calculator. However, this calculator is only a guide. Ultimately, the MDK (medical service of the health insurance) decides whether there is a need for care or not.

Apply for nursing care retrospectively

After it is clear that a care level / degree of care should be applied for, many ask: Can one apply for the level of care retrospectively? This question must be answered with a clear “no”. Why is it not possible to apply for a level of care retrospectively? I would like to answer the question using an example:

Imagine that you have been physically disabled for a long time and can no longer take care of yourself. Could you determine the exact point in time from which you are in need of care? Probably not. This is also the case for the MDK expert. He can only evaluate what he sees at the moment. It is therefore not possible for you to apply for a degree of care retrospectively.

You will only receive long-term care insurance benefits from the month of application if you have applied for a level of care and it has been approved.

At the same time, this also means that it is not possible to subsequently apply for nursing care allowance (the care allowance is only paid after approval of the level of care).

icon-info-circle An example of applying for a level of care

  • Suppose you submitted the application for care services on January 25.
  • In February, an employee of the medical service of the nursing care fund (MDK) comes for an assessment.
  • At the beginning of March you will receive a notification that your application for care services has been approved.

In this case, you will receive the full care benefits from the entire month of January.

My advice:

  • Apply for a level of care in good time. It is not only when you are completely dependent on the help of others that you need care.
  • A nursing service or a nursing base can make a first non-binding assessment of the chances of a nursing degree being approved.
  • In the case of a hospital or rehabilitation stay, the social service can also provide a non-binding assessment of the need for care. The social service can then apply immediately. This is usually better than if the application is made without professional help.
  • A level of care is often rejected on the first application. If your claim is justified, you must file an objection. A corresponding sample letter can be found here.
  • If a level of care / care level has been rejected and the condition has deteriorated, an application for care services should be made again immediately.


It is not possible to apply for a degree of care retrospectively. You will only receive benefits from the day of application.

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If the preventive care is increased by short-term care, can I settle the remaining contribution of € 806.00 using the relief contribution?

I am not allowed to advise you for legal reasons. Please clarify this with your pension insurance or a pension advisor. Thank you for your comprehension.

I have been caring for my husband since 2013. He is 5 years old. I am a pensioner and have had Diabetes 1 since 2011, and my pension entitlement could increase?

Anyone applying for short-term care benefits in accordance with Section 39c SGB V should not apply for care benefits in accordance with SGB XI at the same time, but rather wait 4 weeks because otherwise, if a degree of care is approved (retrospectively on receipt of the application), short-term care in accordance with Section 39c SGB V will apply retrospectively would be withdrawn; unfortunately, that’s what happened to me. If you have a level of care, you will not receive short-term care in accordance with Section 39c SGB V. You should only apply for SGB XI once you have already used the services in accordance with Section 39c SGB V..

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