Can you simply dispose of the old tires with the garbage??

One thing is certain. A new tire has the best grip. But how fast does a tire degrade? How old can tires be before they are taken for disposal?? ADAC has examined tires that have not been used. the older these tires got the worse they became and that without any external influences. Who buys tires, should therefore not take tires that are older than three years. At least that’s what the ADAC recommends from its study.

Is there a regulation or court decision regarding the age of tires??

Can you simply dispose of the old tires with the garbage??

there are no generally valid regulations regarding tires. There’s also no expiration date on any tire, so you can tell when it’s time to dispose of it. Only the date of production can be seen on the tire and this is also mandatory. For example, if a tire says 0612, then it was produced in june 2013.

Where to buy cheap tires that are not more than three years old?

Buying used tires is a risk, mostly they have been stored in a garage for a long time and are older than the specified three years. The owner avoids the annoying disposal of tires and collects money for his tires. You can buy cheap tires in large supermarkets or in the big online stores. However, you should always make it clear in the contract that you will not accept tires that are older than the specified time limit.

The choice of tires is large and an overview is usually only available through the tests of the major consumer associations or the ADAC.

Where to put the old tires

Once the question of how old tires are allowed to be has been answered, and you have bought the appropriate tires, the next problem arises. Where can you dispose of your old car tires without getting into conflict with the law?. For tire disposal there are very strict legal regulations in germany. To understand the background, you must know that tires are not only made of rubber, as is generally assumed. They are absolute high-tech products and are made of rubber, iron and textiles of various kinds. This is also the reason why tires cannot be more clearly assigned to a waste group. They belong to the group of the composite waste.

When disposing of used tires, the individual components of the tires must therefore first be separated from each other. This is what certain companies specialize in. So it’s easiest to leave the tires with the dealer for disposal when you change to new tires, or take the old tires directly to one of these companies that are able to separate materials from each other. Mostly there is not even a separation, but a division into granules. This can then be used as fuel or for retreading tires. Some tires that still have some tread are sold abroad. There the regulations are not yet so strict.

The companies responsible for the disposal of old tires usually accept the tires free of charge. Unfortunately, such companies are not everywhere and the alternative is then only the tire dealer. again, this is often a free service if the new tires were also purchased from that dealer.

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