Canada road trip from east to west


In newark begin your unforgettable adventure journey through canada. From here, they head north into the wilderness of new england, where they spend their first night under a beautiful canopy of stars. Enjoy in vermont the picturesque landscape as you gaze out over the lush green surroundings. Long, winding country roads and countless hiking trails are sure to whet your appetite to head out and explore the area.

Activities: welcome meeting with your tour guide and tour start at 07:30, drive through the beautiful landscape of new england, free time in vermont
Overnight stay: camping in vermont (or similar accommodation)

2.-3. Day: quebec city

It’s time to bring French culture to quebec city to enjoy while exploring the streets of north america’s only walled city. Improve your french skills and enjoy the european flair. Take a walk with your guide through the historic old town, quebec city founded in 1608. The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features an old colonial core, the place royale and the historic port vieux port. fortified with warm pastries and delicious local cheeses, you can see the basilique cathedral – quebec’s notre dame. With its golden interior and beautiful decorations, this cathedral is a very special place, whose majestic sight is definitely worth seeing. the city as a whole is very compact and can easily be explored in a few days. a tip is to visit the montmorency waterfall just outside of quebec, which is not as big but almost 30 meters higher than the niagara falls.

Activities: city sightseeing tour of quebec city, free time in quebec city with optional activities
Overnight: camping near quebec city (or similar accommodation)

4.-5. Day: montreal

in the city of millions montreal expect a little european flair as it is the second largest city in the world (after paris) where french is spoken as a native language. Museums, galleries, exhibitions, restaurants and clubs make a cocktail of the best of both continents. Here you will find a wonderful cultural mix. Take a sightseeing tour with your tour guide. don’t miss the ‘underground city’, a network of pedestrian tunnels over 30km long, housing a variety of stores and businesses. this ‘underground city’ is located in the ville-marie district, considered the largest in the world with 12 square kilometers of surface area. If you’ve done enough shopping, you could definitely use a thrill. This you get on an optional jetboat trip on the river. Have you ever enjoyed a dinner in complete darkness?? Here you can experience it when you visit O’noir. the restaurant, where the waiters are blind, takes you into a pitch dark world… the focus is on the culinary highlights. it’s best not to wear your best clothes for this: there is a very high risk of spilling your clothes.

Activities: city tour with guide through montreal, free time in montreal with optional activities
Overnight: camping in montreal (or similar accommodation)

6.-7. Day: toronto

Toronto was derived from the word ‘tkaronto’ of the mohawk indians meaning ‘place of meetings. And it still fits today: over 70 nationalities live in this vibrant city. Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Here you will find exclusive fashion stores as well as cozy cafes on college and queen street. Canada’s largest city, with a population of around 3 million, has a wonderful flair. Toronto is a city to fall in love with. Take the time to explore kensington market. Here you will find all kinds of things – but especially souvenirs, for the dearest ones at home. View the city from above on an optional trip to the top of the CN tower, which at 553 meters tall was the world’s tallest television tower until 2009. From the top you have a fantastic view of the beautiful lake ontario. Once you’re up there, you can experience a real thrill with the edgewalk on the CN tower.

Grab a bike and explore toronto on two wheels or take the ferry over to the car free toronto-island. Are you a sports lover? Then you should visit a sports event with the sports crazy Canadians. Watch a toronto blue jays baseball game, a toronto raptors basketball game or the toronto maple leafs playing the popular sport nr. 1: ice hockey. in the evening you should go to the distillery district, an area of about 5 hectares with the finest culinary offerings and great places for a drink.

Activities: visit toronto city, sightseeing tour of toronto, free time in toronto with many optional activities
overnight stay: hostel in toronto (or similar accommodation)

8. Day: niagara falls

It is hard to put into words how great the niagara falls are. listen to the deafening sound of the water as it plunges from almost 60 meters. it is one of the biggest attractions in north america and you will be able to see this natural wonder from the water as well. on an included catamaran ride you can get close to the waterfalls and admire the full extent up close. It’s guaranteed to be a fun-filled experience – you’ll have a front row seat.

Activities: visit niagara falls, catamaran cruise at niagara falls
Overnight: camping near niagara falls (or similar accommodation)

9.-10. day: lake huron

You will cross the calm waters of the lake huron on a georgian bay ferry before cruising along wooded ‘moose alley’, always on the lookout for the four-legged inhabitants. With some of the cleanest waters in the great lakes and beautiful sandy beaches along the lakeshore, you’d better have your swimsuit handy for a dip in one of north america’s wonderful ‘great lakes’! end the day with a spectacular sunset and spend the night under an incredible bed of stars. Pure perfection!

Activities: visit lake huron, scenic ride on the georgian bay ferry across lake huron, free time at lake huron
overnight: camping at lake huron (or similar accommodation)

11.-12. Day: lake superior

From a great lake it’s on to the next, because today you’re going to the lake superior – and it really is! It is the largest freshwater lake on the planet by area. With over 82.000km² it is about the size of austria. The lake even has its own ecosystem. an unforgettable experience awaits you here on a canoe trip through the wilderness of canada on lake superior! This is the ideal way to admire the beauty of the surroundings.

activities: visit lake superior, canoe trip through the wilderness on lake superior, recreation on lake superior
overnight stay: camping at lake superior (or similar accommodation)

13. Day: winnipeg

Welcome to ‘the peg’, the capital of the canadian province of manitoba, which has long since outgrown the canadian prairies and forms the geographic center of canada and north america. It is known for its friendly people and a rich culture. explore the city together with your guide winnipeg. Here, in the cultural crucible, over 100 languages are spoken. There is a lot to discover and learn in this place. Visit z.B. the winnipeg art gallery, which has a lot to offer: from contemporary canadian photography, to the over 10.000 inuit sculptures, tapestries and paintings.

activities: visit winnipeg, city tour of winnipeg, free time in winnipeg
Overnight: camping in winnipeg (or similar accommodation)

14.-15. Day: canadian prairies

The canadian prairies or the prairie provinces of canada is the collective name for the provinces of alberta, saskatchewan and manitoba. You will have your chance to see a sparsely populated landscape with wide open spaces dotted with hay bales and old country roads. The land here is so flat that people describe this region as ‘a place where you can spend days watching your dog run away’.

you will also visit dinosaur provincial park in the stunning badlands and learn all about alberta’s history and one of the richest sites of dinosaur fossils in the world.

in the cozy stores of the small towns you can watch the locals spinning yarn – a sure sign that you are far off the beaten track. Get to know another side of canadian life with a unique overnight stay in a trailer park. sit back, relax and party by the pool – this is truly an experience beyond compare!

Activities: visit the canadian prairies, visit dinosaur provincial park, leisure in canadian prairies with a unique trailer park experience
Overnight: 1x at trailer park (trailer park), 1x camping in canadian prairies (or similar lodging)

16.-17. Day: banff national park

your canada adventure trip will take you from the flatlands of the prairies to the snow-capped peaks and valleys of the banff national parks. lace up your hiking boots and let the fresh mountain air flood your lungs. keep your eyes open and watch the local animals like marmots, bears, porcupines and moose in the wild. banff national park is the oldest national park in canada (third oldest in the world). Banff National Park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984 and is definitely one of the most beautiful in the world. About 1.600km of hiking trails, a town full of history and incredible wildlife await you. you won’t want to leave this mountainous wonderland.

optional gondola ride up to the top of sulfur mountain and enjoy the views. or treat yourself to something really special and fly over the glacier landscape to see the natural beauty from a bird’s eye view. before you leave banff national park, take some time out to recharge your batteries at the sulphur mountain hot springs. Admission is free for you. After all the hiking your feet will thank you for it.

activities: visit banff national park, visit sulphur mountain hot springs, free time in banff national park with optional activities
Overnight: camping in banff national park (or similar accommodation)

18. day: lake louise

It’s hard to find a sight as beautiful as the turquoise waters of the lake louise. Some of the best hiking trails in canada are here, and it would be a shame not to explore them. especially recommended is the hike to the plain of six glaciers, where you can stop on the way at the trail tea house and enjoy the breathtaking view over a cup of tea. If you want to admire lake louise up close, grab a canoe and paddle out onto the water. It is a magical place that you will not forget.

Activities: visit lake louise, recreation at lake louise with great hiking opportunities and optional canoe trip
Overnight: camping in the lake louise area (or similar accommodation)

19. Day: yoho national park

Next you will reach the yoho national park. It’s one of the smallest parks in the rockies, but no reason to underestimate it! yoho’ comes from the cree word (cree is an indian people in north america) and means awe and wonder. Once you set out on a hike through the national park, you will soon realize why this name was chosen. the scenery remains stunning as you hike to takakkaw falls, whose waters cascade from the mountains into the valley. Takakkawa means ‘great’ in the cree language, and that pretty much sums it up! take a look at the fascinating emerald lake with its wonderful glacier colors and forest scenery. A dreamlike view. your guide will take you to wapta falls and onto the emerald loop trail to explore the best of yoho. If you’re feeling adventurous, get in touch with your wild side with an optional whitewater rafting trip on the kicking horse river. this river has some of the best rapids in the world – and probably the coldest too!

activities: visit yoho national park with great hiking opportunities, visit takakkaw falls and emerald lake, free time in yoho national park with optional opportunities
Overnight: camping at yoho national park (or similar lodging)

20.-21. day: icefields parkway – jasper national park

The drive to jasper national park is packed with breathtaking scenery, as you make your way along the icefields parkway. This is one of the most beautiful trails in the world. it runs for 230 kilometers through the stunning mountain scenery of the canadian rocky mountains and offers panoramic views of the seemingly endless valleys, glaciers and spruce forests – it is truly one of the most impressive routes in the world. Here you can take an optional guided glacier hike on athabasca glacier.

experience the mountain world up close in charming jasper national park. this is the perfect place to get close to nature without the crowds. the canadian rocky mountains promise pure nature in canada’s wilderness. lose yourself in one of canada’s largest national parks, where grizzly bears, wolves and caribou roam free. This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and rightly so. The expansive natural environment offers hiking trails through some of the most spectacular scenery the canadian rockies have to offer. if you are looking for adrenaline, rent a mountain bike and ride it through the mountains. for a true canadian experience, go rafting on the athabasca river. optionally, treat yourself to some rest and relaxation in the miette hot springs. This place is breathtaking!

activities: drive along the icefields parkway with optional guided glacier hike on the impressive athabasca glacier, free time in jasper national park with optional activities
Overnight: camping in jasper national park (or similar accommodation)

22. day: wells gray provincial park

The tranquility, silence and isolation reach in the wells gray provincial park a new highlight. Wells gray has something for every outdoor enthusiast, from lush green alpine meadows to excellent bird and wildlife watching opportunities. here you are surrounded by incredible views of mountains, deep canyons, volcanic cones and ancient forests. a road trip through canada is not complete without a visit to this pearl of nature. if you are a fan of waterfalls, then you have come to the right place. helmcken falls is a 141 meter high waterfall, making it the fourth highest in canada. But it is only one of 40 waterfalls around the park. Hike through the beautiful nature and discover the diversity of the wells gray provincial park with all its waterfalls. enjoy this idyllic natural setting during your last night on this adventure trip through canada before heading back to the big city, vancouver, tomorrow.

Activities: visit wells gray provincial park, scenic hikes to waterfalls in wells gray provincial park, recreation in wells gray provincial park
overnight stay: camping at wells gray provincial park (or similar accommodation)

23. day: wells gray provincial park – vancouver

it’s time to leave the wilderness behind and head for vancouver travel to, your final destination on the west coast. visit stanley park where you can see the famous collection of authentic totem poles and try some maple cookies. head to prospect point for the best views of vancouver before saying goodbye to your fellow travelers.

The tour officially ends at about. 17:00 at the hotel. stay a few more days here and explore vancouver in detail. you are welcome to continue your adventure with a tour afterwards. it is worth it. We will be happy to help you plan the overnight stays and of course other tours. if you are planning to continue your trip today, do not book your flight before 9:00 p.m.

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