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Your tour operator for individual travel

✔ Individual travel planning and advice from Canada specialists

✔ Reliable organization and implementation of your Canada family trip

✔ Varied and special accommodations

✔ Real encounters and extraordinary experiences that will be remembered

They say where to go

With our modular system you can put together your own personal Canada family trip. Based on the travel modules, you decide what you want to do where and how long the trip with your children should last. We want you to be able to make individual and flexible decisions: simple hostel or comfortable hotels? From north to south or from east to west? Design your Canada family trip according to your taste with an emphasis on culture or nature. Decide for yourself whether you want to experience as much as possible with your children in Canada in a short amount of time or plan relaxation and swimming days in your itinerary. So that the choice is not a pain for you, we will be happy to help you with our experience in the perfect compilation of your travel modules.

Canada with children – snow-capped mountain peaks, wild bears and blue lakes

The most famous places in Canada certainly include the modern and culturally diverse metropolis of Vancouver and the varied nature: from snow-capped peaks in the Rocky Mountains to green forests on Vancouver Island. There is a lot to discover for you and your children: bears, whales, moose and not to forget the breathtaking mountains and the turquoise blue lakes that delight everyone who sees them. In the less visited areas, you can meet the local people on a horse ranch and feel like a cowboy or spend the night in the middle of the wilderness and enjoy the unspoilt nature. If you and your family want to relax at the end of the trip, you can do so in the Okangan Valley with a glass of wine from the vineyards of your hosts.

Personal advice, competent travel planning and implementation

✓ erlebe-fernreisen GmbH has more than 10 years of experience in putting together individual trips worldwide.

✓ Our experienced travel specialists will advise you by phone or email and support you in putting together your very own Canada family trip.

✓ We work together with experienced partner agencies on site to ensure that everything runs smoothly course Ensure your Canada family trip and who will be happy to help you if you need assistance during the Canada tour.

✓ Together with your travel documents and the invoice for your country program, you will of course also receive a travel insurance certificate, through which you are insured against bankruptcy and insolvency of our company through our partner, HanseMerkur Versicherung.

Canada with children: individual tours

No time or desire to put together your own Canada trip from individual building blocks? No problem: choose one of our Canada round trips for families, where we have already combined the building blocks into popular and interesting routes. Of course, you can also customize these to suit your personal needs.

Why actually …?

The nicest reward for us is when we get you with their children excited about our way of traveling and happy to return from your tour of Canada. We are happy when our customers enthusiastically report on their experiences and confirm that there is hardly a better way to get to know a country authentically than on a Waltour in a small Zodiac boat or an overnight stay in the wilderness.

Experience long-distance travel, a special tour operator … is one of over 40 travel websites of erlebe-fernreisen GmbH. Founded in 2005 by Mark Lindner and Johannes van Stephaudt with first trips to Thailand and New Zealand, we are now a team of approx. 75 travel-loving colleagues who travel to Krefeld on all 5 continents, from A (Australia) to Z ( ambia), for almost 15,000 satisfied customers every year. As a member of the German Travel Agency Association (DRV), we are committed to fair, sustainable, responsible and ethical principles of action in online travel sales.

Are you looking for other family vacation destinations besides Canada? Then we recommend the family programs for the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, South Africa, Morocco, Indonesia and Costa Rica that can be planned just as individually. Let yourself be inspired by the adventure family travel countries!


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