Canada: woman takes selfie while her car sinks in ice cold river

canada woman stands on car and takes selfie – while vehicle sinks into icy water

What happens in the rural canadian community of manotick on a sunday afternoon is usually not even newsworthy on the local news. But last weekend was different – the events made the national news in the continental U.S. Even CNN made a video report of this most curious accident that happened there last sunday.

The first thing you see in the report is a yellow car speeding across the icy surface of the rideau river. The film on CNN was only possible because many people in manotick, a town of 5,000 people south of ottawa, were recording the events with their cell phones. "it was quite a wild day in the quiet village of manotick, that’s for sure", an eyewitness summed up the adventure of the yellow car and its driver. He was involved in the rescue of the woman.

Actually a quiet place in canada

Why she steered her car onto the icy surface of the river, which is very wide at this point and almost appears like a lake, is not clear from the reports. Maybe the driver wanted to take a shortcut. in the north of canada there are areas where frozen waterways can be used as traffic routes in the wintertime. Here, however, it turned out to be a bad idea.

For the ice on the rideau river only looked solid – an impression that proved treacherous. because shortly before the yellow car arrived at the other shore, the trip was over: the vehicle broke in a spot with thin ice, the car started to sink.

The driver immediately rescued herself on the roof of her car. In the meantime a number of observers had seen her plight, help was already on the way. Some residents alerted 911, others grabbed a kayak and ventured out onto the ice to rescue the woman. Because of the cold – it is currently about eleven degrees below zero there – the rescue had to be carried out quickly.

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Despite the life-threatening situation, the driver apparently did not panic. In the video footage from that Sunday afternoon, she can be seen standing on the car making sefies of herself. At the same time, voices of the rescuers rushing to the scene can be heard. "hurry up!".

Woman rescued from frozen river by kayak

Several helpers managed to get to the woman and her car on the ice and push a kayak attached to a rope toward her. The woman was rescued on the kayak and pulled away from the accident site. The car had sunk quite far into the river by this time.


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At the moment they rescued the woman, the car continued to sink, the eyewitness said. Towards the end of the report, only the yellow roof of the vehicle can be seen on the video images.

The rider survived her adventure unharmed, according to reports. her car is still stuck in the river – which also earned her a report. according to the police, she was charged with a traffic offense for causing a dangerous situation with her car.

Local police, who shared photos and reports of the ice adventure on twitter, issued a strong warning to the public against entering the ice surface. And of course before driving. "no ice is safe ice, is the motto of the law enforcers in this part of canada. How good that the woman nevertheless so fast people rushed to the help.

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