Cancellation insurance – for whom it pays and when it pays

Cancellation insurance – for whom it pays and when it pays

The holiday has been booked for a long time, but shortly before something unpredictable happens like illness or terrorist attacks. There are many reasons why vacationers get one Travel insurance take advantage of. If you do not have one, you usually have to pay the full cost without having any of your vacation. But what reasons are even accepted by travel cancellation insurance and when do they pay?

Holiday must be and represents an important balance to everyday life

The Germans like to go on vacation and sometimes travel the entire world. Particularly in this country, especially in the colder months travel in warm regions such as Spain and Co. But even a ski vacation can be a fine thing in winter, if you do not even have the appropriate options right on your doorstep.

But holidays can fulfill even more functions:

  • Balance to everyday life
  • Cohesion is strengthened
  • Reduction of stress
  • Prevention of burnout
  • Getting to know new cultures

Many people prefer to go on vacation because they would like to spend time together with their family and escape the stress of everyday life. However, a holiday can also help to get to know new cultures and to expand their personal knowledge. Regular vacations, in addition to the relaxed use of weekends, actively prevent the dangerous burnout syndrome and can also help create valuable memories that no one can take anymore. But the fact is: Especially with a family vacation with children, it is really expensive, if you can not start a journey and has not taken out travel cancellation insurance in advance. Therefore, it is worthwhile to research a bit more intensively around the topic cancellation insurance.

Holidays are the best time of the year for many people, but what happens if you still get sick? (# 01)

What a travel cancellation insurance is and how it works exactly

A cancellation insurance is practically an insurance in case you can not start the trip for certain reasons. This must be different from the normal cancellation reasons, which one has at the conclusion of a travel contract:

kind motivations
Normal reasons for withdrawal Danger to body and life
Travel insurance Serious illness or death

In contrast to the travel cancellation insurance you can withdraw from the trip purely legally considered also quite normal, but this is very tight conditions attached. So there must be a danger to the life or limb of the persons or the vacation can not be carried out as planned. The second criterion is regularly met when it comes to natural disasters or terrorist attacks. If the Federal Government warns against traveling to a certain country, this does not justify per se a free resignation. Rather, it is crucial to what level of warning it is. Just in case urgently advised against traveling to a certain country, this is considered as force majeure. It should be noted, however, that the warning may have already existed at the time of booking. In this case, a resignation would be contrary to the principles of good faith and not accepted.

A cancellation insurance entitles you to withdraw from the booked trip in certain cases. (# 02)

Only serious illness or a death entitle you to resign

Travel cancellation insurance, on the other hand, regularly intervenes in cases of serious illness or death in the family. However, it does not mean that you can break away from a travel contract, if the goal is just too dangerous. However, most tour operators are relatively accommodating in this regard, if one expresses the desire to rebook. In connection with the cancellation insurance should be aware that political unrest and the mere fear of terrorist attacks are not valid reasons for withdrawal.

The same also applies to the following reasons:

  1. traffic jam on the highway
  2. Separation from the partner
  3. strikes
  4. civil wars

But if you yourself suffer a serious accident or even become a victim of a serious crime, the travel cancellation insurance pays, of course. It is also the case if you should be pregnant and there are complications. On the other hand, failures on public transport are only partially accepted. For this, the train or the bus must be at least two hours late. It is also accepted if you unexpectedly lost your job or testify as a witness in court.

Even with the conclusion of a cancellation insurance cash money can be saved by a comparison. (# 03)

Costs of cancellation insurance are different and vary

One should be aware of the fact of the cancellation insurance of the fact that the costs can vary greatly from provider to provider. With an average holiday trip, which consists of travel, accommodation and excursions, the conclusion of such insurance is usually not worthwhile. The reason for this is that such trips usually only cost about 1000 euros per person and thus the ratio does not fit. This only looks different if there are backgrounds that increase the risk of potential cancellation. This refers to serious pre-existing conditions or the involvement of many children.

Cheap travel cancellation insurance is already available from 35 euros, but the costs differ:

  • Families pay 50 to 300 euros for a trip
  • 100 to 200 euros are incurred for an annual contract

An annual contract only pays off in this area if you make a corresponding number of holidays within one year. It is noteworthy in this context, however, that each individual trip may only cost a maximum of the insured price, otherwise it will not come to cover. There are also relatively cheap family rates, where travel is covered by all members. A comparison of the individual insurance providers promotes quick and easy the best offer here.

A co-insurance of the trip interruption may be worthwhile in individual cases

Infographic: Illness is the most common reason for canceling a vacation.

At the conclusion of the cancellation insurance you should consider other aspects, such as a co-insurance in the event of trip interruption. This can be necessary for completely different reasons and if one did not think about that in advance, the normal cancellation insurance does not help either. Fares that involve a demolition, however, usually cost only 20 percent more than basic deals, so you should think that over. If one has opted for the termination insurance, also costs for unused travel services are reimbursed, but also for rental cars or already planned excursions.

Once again, there are some indicators that support expanding the base offer accordingly:

  • Chronic diseases
  • sports holidays
  • Other risks

If a traveler already suffers from chronic illnesses that may occur in spurts, you should definitely include the cancellation in the insurance. Sport holidays also usually involve risks, so these should also be covered. For example, if injuries occur due to falls or accidents, a stay in the tourist area more often makes no sense anyway. Important to conclude: A deductible should never be accepted in such insurance, because they run contrary to the actual purpose anyway.

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